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Obsidian White Noise Reviews

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What a great smoke! I have smoked 100s of different cigars over the years and this one ranks right up there with the best of them. Don't let the price tag fool you; this cigar is easily well worth $10-$12 a stick. Nice medium body, perfect burn and draw, gentle spices throughout, flavors & strength pick up a tad towards the foot. Thoroughly enjoyed this cigar (with a cup of coffee after dinner). Wish I would have bought two orders instead of just one! Will be in my steady rotation.
For background, I immediately fell in love with the regular (ie black label) Obsidians and ordered five boxes immediately after wolfing down the sampler pack. I decided to order the 5-cigar pack of White Noise along with my cache (the double perfecto). I have to say that I was extremely disappointed. The White Noise is immature, harsh, and lacking flavor. It is harsh the way burnt coffee is harsh (just an analogy, this cigar does not taste like coffee). Although well constructed and producing a decent amount of smoke and an ash that held together, I could not make it through the stogie, even though I tried to stay with it. With some difficulty I made it to the half-way point with it only getting more acrid and unpleasant to the point that I had to lay it to rest. The two Obsidian lines are truly black and white and completely different. If you didn't like black, you may want to try White. If you like White, you may not like black. It seems they are catering to two different groups of smokers, so as they say, your mileage may vary. I will be interested in seeing more comments on White.
Received a box of Obsidian White Noise mini coronas today & just had to open them to try one before putting away in the humidor. I wondered why 2 out of 3 reviews had negative comments, but was determined to give an impartial review. 1st thing I noticed was the full bodied flavor, with a hint of vanilla & sweet spices. A firm salt & pepper ash develops as the stick is consumed. Also, the smoke seemed to mellow after lighting, ultimately becoming medium/full bodied, with tons of flavor & scads of thick white smoke. I do like the flavor & the hearty dose of spice, that only a full bodied smoke can deliver. Ultimately, I consider this a good short smoke, that will go well with coffee or as a quick alternative to a robusto or larger, longer smoke. I am excited to try the freebie I received with this purchase. 14 toro sized Pinar Del Rio sticks. That made this a great buy at $1.50 per vitola.
I got this cigar for the insane price of 14.99/5pk...and for a 6x60 double perfecto no less...I was anxious to smoke this, because I enjoy the black Obsidian quite a bit...Lit one off the truck and it promised great things...After a week or so in my humidor, I broke out another one...Let me tell you, this cigar is every bit as good as the Black...Great construction... Wonderful smell...and loaded with flavor...This is a great addition to the line...Don't be fooled by the down right cheap every day price on these sticks, they are worth much more...
A tug on an unlit white noise yields a strong grass (the lawn kind) flavor. This is usually the hallmark of a cigar I will not like. However, it wasn't bad once it got going. It was peppery but not in a harsh way. Though not a favorite, it is a good cigar and if someone gave me one, I would not refuse. My biggest complaint is it's like a Graycliff and drops hot ash all over. (I burned a hole in my pants).
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