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Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler Reviews

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Just got this sampler in today! I've not tried the Genesis Cigar yet but the ashtray is pretty sweet; I love the drawer to hold my lighter and cutter while I'm smoking. Only thing is the tray insert comes above the cigar holders. It needs to be lowered about an 1/4 inch to not be in the way of the cigar.
just sayin', this is one delicious stick. I got it in the pre black friday sizzler deal and I would definitely buy a box in the future. I've heard it said that the proof is in the ash, I had 2/3 of the cigar ash before I knocked it off myself, and it didn't come off without some convincing. Very satisfied.
I've had this for a couple months now. I smoked one of the 'gars after letting it rest for awhile, it was pretty good. I'm not sophisticated enough to pick up on specific flavors or aromas but the overall taste was ok, nothing to write home about really. Still have 3 sticks left, letting them rest some more and hoping that maybe some aging will develop some flavors. As for the ashtray itself. It's still going strong after 2.5 months, but I noticed about a month ago that it's off center now. It no longer sits flat on the table, it has this annoying wobble, like when a table leg is slightly shorter then it's opposite leg. Dunno why this happened, it was fine when I received it.
Just like the last dude, just got my ashtray combo today. I haven't sparked up the cigar yet, they arrived kinda cold from the outside temps and wanna give 'em a chance to warm up for a few days and stabilize. The ashtray is awesome though; really sharp and a lot bigger than the pics make it look. It's well constructed, drawer opens/closes without a problem and it's perfect to store my new cutter and lighter. Not to mention, got it in 2 days from order. All in all, perfect purchase...thanks CI.
Originally ordered for the cool ashtray but after smoking one of the cigars its the other way around and the tray was just a bonus. The construction was excellent and had tight roll but amazingly the draw was on point the while way through. The burn was a hair off most likely because I smoked it as soon as I opened the box from CI and the flavor was earthy with hints of coffee and cream, and a flavor I cant describe because I have never experienced it before but it was great. Like I said the draw was perfect and a lot of smoke. This cigar quickly moved up to my top 5 brands list and I can see an order for a box in my future.
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