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#5: Macanudo and Man O' War Virtue Reviews

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“This is one of the best combo deals around. Both Cigars offerings are superb. Great taste. I bought this combo initially for the Macanudos...but after trying the Virtues...I am back for more of these. They are awesome.”
“I have smoked many cigars over the years, but I have just started smoking regularly since being deployed, maybe one cigar per week. I finished this batch a few days ago. The Macanudo is a really good cigar; smooth with a nice draw. The MOW is similar, except its draw is an easier one and has tons of white smoke. Both of these smokes are great smokes for almost any occasion, except maybe big occasions like winning the lottery or making that huge sale. Then you might want to go upscale. But this is a decent sampler for anyone. I will purchase the Macanudo Hyde Park in the future, but I probably won't buy the MOW Virtue because it is a pricey cigar, and I don't think it's worth the price (except in this sampler). I am pleased overall. And CI had great shipping. Cigars made it all the way to Afghanistan in 8 days. Nicely done, CI.”
“great em on my lanai relaxing..”
“WINNER! One of my favorites at a price that can't be beat. Heck, the Macanudos alone are a bargain at this price!”
“Excellent combination. There should be a second one featuring the same brands in a medium-full selection”
JJ of Clovis, NM
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