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Delicious Dozen Sampler II Reviews

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One of the BEST deals going! I LOVE the Miamis', my new top of the line smoke. The Aves' were not a disappointment but expected more. For the money cannot be beat.
The Ave Maria and La Herencia Cubana CORE are two of the finer cigars you'll ever have the pleasure of smoking. Absolute winners ... with the Ave Maria being a medium bodied smoke on the order of classic Cubans with a nice sweetness to it, and the La Herencia being a bit bolder and full bodied (which I favor) that really could stand side by side with the best cigars made today. To be honest, I liked the La Herencia better than the terrific Padron 1926 I last smoked. That's how good it is. Now, the bad news ... the Cohiba was another story. Picture a tasteless Dominican budget cigar .... choke down a third, and put the rest in your golf bag. Come back next season and fire it up ... and it will still taste better than that nasty thing called the Cohiba Red Dot Robusto. Worst cigar I have ever tried to smoke. It didn't even resemble tobacco ... like the other reviewer said ... I don't know what it tasted like, but any adequate description could not be rated PG. I'm hoping that the Padilla Miami is consistent with other Padilla Miamis I've smoked in the past which have been very good if less than remarkable. Overall, the deal is still good given the quality of the Ave Maria and La Herencia, but the Cohiba keeps it from being a screaming deal because they are pure throw-aways.
Great Deal.. all around good package for the price. "the Delicious Dozen II"
Great deal on some real nice cigars!!! Just got the box today and was very happy to see how nice the stoggies looked. I was excited to try the cohiba and was very disappointed not a very good cigar at all!!! I hope the others have at least some flavor other then umm well not sure what flavor I was getting with the cohiba.
Great buy. These are great cigars and worth every single penny. Love the value.
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