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Natural by Drew Estate Egg Reviews

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"Different" is definitly the best way to describe the egg. A group of us ordered a few of these just to say we did it. It was a good casual smoke that us 1-2hrs to finish off...depending on how ambitious the smoker was. Only downside to it was that you have to have a butane right next to you because it does take a lot of TLC to smoke this cigar and needs to be maintained constantly.
Ok, when I first saw this cigar (Egg) I was really curious about it. $11 bucks for one cigar geez that's alot but I took a chance with the maduro and boy what agreat cigar. At first it wasn't hitting me until I got to the point where it starts to hit the "egg" shape and it got more intense and more dark as it burned. A really unusual cigar. By the way make sure you make some time for this one. It took me over an hour to smoke this one.
This was one of the most incredible cigars I have smoked (Natural by Drew Estate). Besides it's very odd shape and weight, it smoked beautifully. The most impressive part of the cigar was actually it's flavor. I assumed the craftsmanship would lack because it was a novelty but I was wrong. It was beautiful. The egg was a bit difficult to hold due to it's shape but it was worth it. It never occured to me how big the ash would become but held on through two inches.
WOW, Drew Estate you have done it again. Me and my buddy went into my Local cigar shop, saw the Java and EGG. I bought the Egg and he had the Java, I don't know who enjoyed which one better, but over all it was the best experience. The EGG is incredible and very enjoyable. Thank you, every Drew Estate cigar goes right to my "Favorite" list from the first puff.
"Different" hardly describes The Egg (Natural by Drew Estate Egg)! First, a few warnings: 1. Be prepared to get stares, and be asked questions about what you are smoking. 2. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy all of the subtleties. If you are an active puffer, like me, allow plenty of time. After an hour and a half, the Egg and I were STILL enjoying each other's company. 3. Have a large ash tray! A wad of tobacco this size puts out about as much ash as Mount St. Helens in its last eruption. If I had named this, it would probably have been the less physically descriptive "Crescendo," as the Egg builds and builds as you smoke it. It starts out (and ends) as about a 24 guage. Then, after the first half inch or so, time to get started and stabilized, the Egg builds toward a good 100 to 120 guage. Tightly made, it never loses its mildness, which surprised me given its size and shape. But, be prepared for a serious rush of flavor as the burn builds toward the center. Then, it tapers back toward the head, getting deeper and more complex the last half of the smoke. I don't think that the Egg will become any one's regular smoke, more of a novelty, but you have to try it at least once just for the experience!
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