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Natural by Drew Estate Egg Reviews

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This would have been a "decent" smoke if it was a toro. Mild taste, but nothing special its not up to Drew Estates standards. The novelty of it is not worth a second purchase. But had to try it just once. My buddies burned great, mine went a little off course. I'd rather spend the money and get more cigars to enjoy.
I wasn't really impressed with this cigar as a smoke than I was with the shape and size. It's definitely an attention getter and conversation starter as I had like 4 people ask me about it. I felt like the cigar burned quicker than any other cigars I've smoked
Had to try it at least once. Lit a bonfire, poured some scotch and lit it up. As other fan mail has stated, have your lighter by your side. Impossible to keep a consistent burn. Flavor didn't impress me. Does put out some serious smoke when you have the whole thing going evenly. Instant shipping and great service like only CI can provide but I had to put down my scotch to grab a lighter too often. If you're still curious give it a shot, just charge up your lighter.
First off i don't know if me and a buddy was unlucky or what? We started smoking it and had lots of smoke, tasted great and then i took off down one side and we couldn't save it, was bummed out. hopefully the next will burn right.
It has a sweet smooth mild flavor that goes great with Bailey's or any other kind of sweet liquor. My bartender and I were amazed when I smoked it about 4/5 of it without having the ash fall off, i was then able to make the cigar stand on its own ash in the ashtray. Its an entertaining cigar to bring to a party, with both its looks and nice aroma.
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