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Xikar Ash Can Reviews

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CI. This was a fantastic gift, and has been used ever since it arrived. This can is a great place to pour your ashes from your ashtray, then place your smoked cigar. After you screw the lid on the can, this will assure that they hold no flames that may result in a fire. My next door neighbor had one side of his home burn black, due to a fine ash still retaining fire when placed in the garbage bag. Yes, I agree that no one should put ashes in a bag until they know their out. But this is a clear example of an educated person causing an accident. With this Xikar Ash Can, the finished cigars are kept in there for several hours with no oxygen. When the can is ready to be cleaned, I have no worry about creating a fire in my home. It also hold a cigar pretty good if your just wanting to put one down for a few moments. Worth the money.
Simply stated. A fantastic gift from CI, that I consider one of the best gifts I have ever received. CI I thank you for giving me one of these with an over $99.00 order. Where my small cigar lounge is located, I have to make sure there are no burning ashes left behind when I leave the place. This small can is the best thing I've seen yet and know there are no flames burning. By pouring my ash tray directly into the tin can, I just screw the lid back on, the lack of air does the rest. Thank you CI.
Fantastic for outdoor use on the deck, patio or trail. I use mine when the breezes blow summer or winter. Floating down the Montana streams flyfishing it is a perfect containment system.
Love it, No more ashes on the floor.
Fits right in the cupholder. Great for the car, easy to clean, hides smells and keeps everything tidy.
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