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Jetline DT-101 Quad-Flame Lighter Reviews

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I call this my hand grenade When you light this up you get a lot of WOWs and it throws off major heat from four (4) individual flames. It is not small by any means yet it is powerful and holds a ton of fuel If you get tired of the small lighters running out of fuel invest in this. The first one I had I dropped in a 12ft pool while getting it out to light a friends cigar. The top was open and it sat in the water for 5min before we got it out Of course it did not work so I took it home and turned it upside down and left it in my garage. I ordered a new one the next day and that night I walked by the one in the garage and gave it a try. 2 of the 4 burners work! The next day all 4 burners worked (not as good a before I dropped it in the pool) but still worked and I keep it in my car. The new one stays at my house. I will now always own two (2) of these lighters I never thought the one I dropped in the pool would keep going and going and going… Great lighter
Used my $10 gift card to get this lighter. What a great buy! I've gotten lots of raves from my fellow cigar club members for "Big Mama". Had it for about two months now. It lights up every time. Because it's so big, it holds a lot of fluid. With the four flame design, it lights up a cigar nice and even. It's also a one-step action lighter, meaning you just slide down the button and the top flips open and lights up. I highly recommend this lighter.
Lights your cigar fast and even. This is a awesome lighter and a must have. Plus you feel like a boss lighting your cigar with something that looks like a F-15 fighter jet back burner!
Great lighter. I routinely get the first tee time of the day with my golf group, year round, and this is the first lighter I've found that always works well, regardless of how damp, cold, or windy it is.
So glad I bought this one. Kind of a lighter nut, have many, putting this one on top of the list as the best setting beside my recliner. The price was so low I keep waiting for it to break. I cut a leather pad for the bottom that makes for a soft touch on the side table. Also the edge on the base hurt my 70 year old little finger that holds it up when lighting and the even base cured that. Not a complaint but a single flame torch with separate trigger and adjustment using same fuel supply coming out the side for the toast would make this the greatest table lighter of all time!
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