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Renaissance Humidor Reviews

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I'm not entirely sure why the previous reviewer is making noise about this humidor being manufactured in the Orient. Most mass produced humidors, even the quality Savoy line by Ashton, are manufactured China. If you want a custom/U.S.A made humidor, then expect to shell out a HELL of a lot more dough than a simple $160. There is a big difference between being patriotic and being ignorant, my friend. It's not like it's being advertised to be on par with an Elie Bleu humidor, which can cost THOUSANDS of dollars. That being said, this is a beautiful humidor! The weathered, tarnished look is very masculine and it does a great job at being noticed. The Spanish cedar interior is thick, and no obvious shortcuts in quality are apparent. The seal is nice and tight, and it does its intended job of safely storing/aging my cigars. I would definitely recommend this model to anyone that is looking for something a little different than most traditional humidors, but doesn't want to bruise the credit card doing so. It's a winner in my book.
If I had known this product was "made in China" I probably would not have purchased it. It is not 1st rate construction - you can either close the box with the latches in place or lock the box - you cannot do both as it is not properly aligned. It's an interesting look - "weathered" wood with "battered" metal is just the contrived appearance - the wood is made to look weathered and the battered metal is nothing more than strips of metal that have been painted and tacked on to the box. The guts of the humidor appear fine however - nice cedar lining, trays, and dividers - humidifier & hygrometer work fine - it seems to do the job that a humidor was meant to do, so rather than go thru the hassle of returning it for some other "made in China" model, I'll just keep it. But, I don't believe it was worth $160. When I'm ready for a larger humidor, you can be certain I won't be buying it online.
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