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Q & A for Tuscany Cherry Humidor

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Just one question here. After reading all the comments I have to ask, how many days does this humidor in particular take to season? Want to get this right the first time.

04/02/2013by JD of Buffalo, NY
24 hours. If you haven't seen our video on the process check it out by copying the following link into your browser:
by Jeff K
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Can you under fill a humidor with cigars? If it is a 100 count, and you only put 25-50 in it, would there be any negatives? Can you get a humidor that is to large?

04/18/2013by PS of Chippewa Falls, WI
Generally, humidors operate best at 2/3rds capacity. You just need to be sure not to over-humidify. The units that come with your humidor were designed to humidify up to the capacity. If you are using crystals this becomes less of a concern due to thier ability to absorb moisture.
by Jeff K
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Lets say I buy a whole box of cigars and lay them to rest in one of the bottom divided sections in my humidor. Should I at some point in the future rotate the gars on the bottom of the sack to the top? If so how often? Thanks for your time

07/19/2013by GM of Elgin, IL
With a desktop humidor such as this, some people don't even bother with rotating. Merely because smaller humidors are easier to keep more evenly humidified ( it is a much smaller amount of space compared to a large cabinet, where 'pockets' can form). But, I always advise it regardless of size. Every 3-4 weeks I would change things up.
by Greeby
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