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Q & A for Il Duomo Display Dome Humidor

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First let me begin by saying that I never owed a humidor before. My question is do I put the cigar juice in the pucks it comes with? Also, do I need to purchase any of the gel products? Thanks! Mike G

03/24/2013by MG of EAST NORTHPORT, NY
Yes, juice or distilled water can go in the pucks, normally I fill with distilled water twice for every one time I use the juice. This keeps the cost down. As far as crystal gel goes, those are meant to replace the foam pucks and work a heck of a lot better. I highly recommend ditching the pucks and buying a crystal gel jar. They are easier to maintain and also resist mold and over humidification. Copy the following link to visit our Cigar 101 section: You'll find a lot of info on humidors that will get you informed and free from any future humidor headaches.
by Jeff K
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I am ordering an Oasis XL for this humidor. Will it be able to stand up in it, and will the electronic connection allow the top to seal?

07/24/2013by WO of El Paso, TX
Yes, it will fit. And yes, the electronic ribbon is designed to allow the top to seal.
by Greeby
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So I know that I should probably get some of that glycol gel for this humidor instead of the humidification that comes with it. When I order it, should I order it based off of the size of the humidor or the number of cigars that will be in it?

07/27/2013by BH of Allen, TX
Base your decision on the size of the humidor.
by Greeby
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