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Good Times FSS Cigarillos Reviews

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“Did not like them at all. Difficult to smoke. They are too tight so air does not even go throug.... Had to throw them away rather than waste time.”
M of Pompano Beach, FL
“If you ever watched the show, 'Family Guy' you'll know the character Quagmire, and in an episode he laughs and exclaims, 'Aren't I just the worst!' Well folks IMHO, this cigar is just that, the worst. Construction is pretty scarey, draw is nearly impossible, and taste is weak. Of course, at 16.3 cents a piece ($19.61/120), one should not expect too much. Interestingly there are some positives: 1) The cigarillos actually smell pretty good, they have a nice pipe tobacco fragrance. 2) They last a long time for a 4.2”x27 sized smoke (most likely because of the draw issues). 3) Finally, they come four to a zip-lock plastic/foil bag, which can be used to transport your more preferred stogie once there's room. Cheers”
“....Impossible draw. Wish I had read the reviews on this one.”
MZ of Locust Grove, VA
“The cigars is not bad at all, it smokes fine but I agree it draws a little hard but it's better than others who draws just air, also this cigars will last a good 15 minutes, it smells good and for this price I'm not expecting a cohiba”
“These cigars are, in my opinion, great to smoke when fishing. They are cheap and are not the best, so when a fish bites, I will drop the cigar without a worry. For $20 I wasn't expecting a top notch cigar anyway. Great deal and great for fishing or other activities of that sort.”
DJ of Bayonne, NJ
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