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Good Times Country Man Reviews

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35 years of smoking cigars, I smoke 2 to 4 daily, I have purchased in my life as low as 50 cents a Cigar to as high as $15.00 a cigar the Countryman cigars have shocked me, it's better than some of my high ends sitting in my humidor. I'm not sure for this great tasting cigar why it's selling so cheap. I hope it's not an introductory price only. with this great price I can smoke and hand over to my friends without breaking the bank.
There is no doubt this cigar can be classified as a cheapie. There's a secret, though, to enjoying it more than you might a cheapie. Simply close your eyes! The damned thing isn't as pretty as some, but it really is a nice smoke. I bought fifty of the maduro Churchills on a whim and I'll do it again. A big more than mild and quite flavourful, an even burn and excellent draw. I've had much more expensive cigars that I don't enjoy as much as this one. I don't believe a cigar is 'good for the money.' It's either good or it isn't, though I'll admit some are better than others, price notwithstanding. Try this thing; I don't think you'll be sorry.
I wanted to spend less on my everyday smokes, so when a good sale came along I could stock up. I tried most of the machine mades, but after smoking Pinar Del Rio or Padilla, I couldn't even put most of them to my lips. So, I bought a box of Country Man naturals, hoping for more, and I got it. The construction was not bad and the slight touch of sweet was pretty good. Sometimes a little more flavor is better, so, I got a box of the maduro. I was very surprised. Best domestic grown and wrapped, all natural cigar I have ever had! Don't get me wrong, you don't want to chew them for long, because they are short filler. But, $35 for 50 and a normal size smoke and real tobacco! I will be buying them for a long while.
On my second box of the maduro robusto, what a great smoke! This has become a everyday cigar. Rustic, easy draw and great flavor.
I bought the box of 50 Churchill Maduros. For about $35 I am pretty happy with what I got. They Do look incredibly rough, and they are very soft and loosely rolled, BUT they are VERY smokable. They are, (unlike many cheap hand-mades) unoffensive in their flavor; being mild, and with more than a hint of sweetness. I use them as a guilt free extra smoke to pad out a day off, or extend my evening.
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