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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Reviews

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If you smoke three you'll smoke a hundred - and you'll enjoy every one of 'em (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro) !
I think this is one fine smoke. If you like maduro's and large ring sized cigars (6X60, my favorite) this baby really delivers a quality smoking experience. At $4 each that's about half what I pay per puro at the smoke shop. Try it, you will enjoy this beauty.
They're excellent smokes (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro); consistent burn & flavor, curing well in the humidor with no wrapper failure when smoked months later.
You know... my brother-in-law got me turned on to these, and the first couple that I had didn't do anything for me. I was up in Vegas on business and stopped by a cigar warehouse and it just happened to be the distributor for Saint Luis Rey was there. He over heard a commentary I gave on another brand and heard me mention something about the Series G, and well... he could have interrupted me if what I said wasn't true to be experienced. But he didn't and asked to talk to me after I was done speaking. I finished speaking and walked over to him and he asked me to try a few more. He mentioned that they working to keep them aged longer, as my comment was toward inconsistency. He openly acknowledged that fact and winked at me and assured me these were keepers. Well, after trying what he suggested. I am converted... I not only was impressed by the consistent aging in the almost dozen or so that I tried over the next month. I really got to see how really good they taste and smell. This is maduro is a bit ashy... but the oily traits offer a bounty of sensual indulgences not often found in many cigars for the money. The bouquet is absolutely stellar as well is the burn. If lit properly the crown [of ash] will burn like incense and the draw is equally satisfying all the way down to the spicy, leathery finish. This rates high with me, spice notes with a sweet and fragrant draw make this a simple delight to enjoy and has made my cabinet. The Series G is one you buy a box or two and stash for at least a couple years then crack open with a nice 12 year old scotch or cognac. My rate this stick: 91
This cigar is one of the best I have ever smoked (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro). The burn is slow and even with a gray-white ash and the flavor is complex and evolves throughout the smoke. While theses are definitely Full Flavor, they are remarkably smooth with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and some spice.
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