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Drew Estate Copper Label Reviews

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I am a novice cigar smoker and like the flavored and sweet cigars. My favorites are the Ion cigars, but I have found this copper label to be excellent!!
I keep a spreadsheet of all the cigars that I've tried, giving them all a rating out of 100. I'm not a flavored or infused cigar smoker, although I do have a number of those on my spreadsheet. I prefer full bodied, full strength cigars, and wasn't expecting much out of the Drew Estate Legend. I'd smoked a Kuba Kuba, and an Isla De La Sol, both of which scored in the 70's on my rating chart. I gave this sucker a is the highest rated cigar on my spreadsheet, beating out my personal favorites such as the Cubao No 3, No 8, CAO MX2, Alec Bradley Prensado, Family Blend, Tempus, and SCR, and Cain F among others. It is the only Cigar I've ever scored 25/25 on flavor, and I'm not a fan of sweet smokes. Burn was great, 23/25, 15/15 construction and 32/35 overall for a 95/100. Maybe it was a fluke, but I bought myself a box, including a separate humidor to keep these in.
The CI Legends Copper Label by Drew Estates is currently my favorite cigar. I'm a sweet/infused guy but I don't care for the floral/fruity infusions you find in most of the Acid line. The amaretto and hazlenut are subtle but present and the sweetness is mild but lasting. The construction is top-notch and the burn is true. The 5.7" x 54 size is a near perfect 75-80 minute smoke that I can sit down and savor without coming away light headed or smelling like an ashtray. While these aren't all that expensive, I still can't afford to smoke them daily... until I can these will continue to be my Saturday Morning treat.
How much do I enjoy the Copper Label? Presently in my humidor I have Don Carlos, Oliva Serie V, Camacho Triple Maduro, Alec Bradley Family Blend T11, Rocky Patel Vintage 1992, Nub Cameroon, Avo Domaine, a cuban RomeoyJulieta short churchill, Nat Sherman Host Hobart, along with a handful of Tabak Especial Cafe con Leches, Macanudos, Perdomos, and Ghurkas thrown in. Most of these smokes have been aged for 1-5 years. I can literally slip my hand in my humidor blindfolded and pull out something I know I can enjoy. However, for some reason, my hand always gravitates to these Copper Label sticks. Being a Pacific Northwest out-on-the-patio-when-the-family-is-gone smoker, my cigar time is rather limited so you would think I would want to fire up one of those premiums I've been so patiently aging. I've literally had one of those cigars in my hand, clipped, and ready to light with my sports section and coffee waiting for me when I would change my mind, run upstairs and grab a Copper Label. I guess I'll have wait another few years before I light up one of those other cigars I have in my humidor. Will I enjoy them as much as I do these Copper Labels? I don't know, but it'll be delicious finding out!
I picked these up a couple times as "Joe's Daily Deal", and they've totally turned me on to Drew Estate. This is a really great mild-to-medium smoke with plenty of flavors and a lot of thick aromatic smoke; the notes of coffee and the sweetness of the wrapper make it my hands-down favorite after-breakfast smoke; its size/shape just happens to be my favorite, too. But, a word of warning: if you're anything like me, once you've had a couple of these treats you'll be scarfin' up all the Dirt, Blondies, Kuba Kubas, Cafe Con Leches and Redeyes that you can afford............
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