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Camacho Pre-Embargo Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings
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5 out of 5
Camacho Pp
This was a cigar given to me by a buddy, and I'm shocked to say that it's probably the cigar of the year to me. Perfect draw and construction, and the flavor profile is exquisite. (Coming from a guy whose humidor us widely ranged) I have to say that this is one of my most perfect examples of flavor, balance, power, and taste to date. This is no everyday smoke, but one reserved for those most special occasions . Leather, earth, clove, ... it's all in there on this one!
5 out of 5
definitely something different
I just finished enjoying 3 of these with my father and good friend of mine, absolutely awesome smoke definitely something "different" in there I can't put my finger on it, almost vanilla creme flavor. Either way a wonderful cigar I'm just sad I only have two of them left in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Picked these up when they were on sale for 40% off. WOW, what a steak that was! They are actually worth the regular price, nice relaxing smoke. Nice burn, a little loose on the roll so it burns a little faster than your average toro. Very nice draw so worth the trade off. Its about as close to cuban as you can get and still be 100% legal.
5 out of 5
...been to Opus X
got this 5 pack as a deal add on....WOW. the only one i've ever smoked to the nub or worthy of it. it's a 10/10 all day long any day. I've been to Opus X, and I just found the lost city @ Camacho
Customer Testimonials
The Camacho PE...gimmick or not? IMHO it comes across as a wonderfully balanced and complex med-full bodied cigar. The wood,nut, and pepepper notes are right up my alley. The experience is unique and refreshing. There is even a bit of strength to remind you it's a camacho. The cost is totally justified for such a enjoyable stick. I'll be buying more soon.
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