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La Aurora Leoninos Corojito Reviews

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First off a box of smoke from La Aurora for under $20 is straight nuts....But I still didn't expect much. I got a box of (La Aurora Leoninos) robustos just before heading for visit back home for Mardi Gras. This smoke was a real trooper it stood up to everything me and my Buddies tossed at it Beer, Whisky, single malts, etc..and not to mention the great meals. Leoninos is a great utility smoke great flavor and value for
received two 5-packs of the robustos from last week's jam, the gars have been sitting at the post office for 3 days through the Labor Day weekend, fired one up today upon receipt; still yummy as evah
Pretty decent for an inexpensive cigar. Had to re-light a couple of times, one of my pet peeves, but the taste and draw is worthwhile.
In the afternoon I had blown through a very meaty Cienfuegos Blazer which had picked me up from the four week constant rain which has plaqued Texas. Believe me, we are not used to this in June. After dinner I figured I should test the newly arrived Leoninos. As advertised, the "ruff hewn" texture was nothing to right home about. Not to mention, I have had some very average experiences with La Aurora entry level products, so I wasn't expecting much. Great light up, even burn, things are looking up. Volumous amounts of pure white smoke... Hey, what a bargain. The ash held true and burned even for over a 1/3 of the smoke. Holding an ash to me is snobby cigar talk but for the record I did bump the ash off. Bottom line, this sucker was one creamy delicious well made product. Not only will I keep it on hand for my lighter moments, but will proudly give it out to my friends who enjoy milder smokes. Well worth the bargain price that CI is asking for.
La Aurora Leoninos torpedo is the best, but regardless of size, let them rest for a couple months...they definitely improve with age
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