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Puros Indios & Cuba Aliados Reviews

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“Commenting on the Cuba Aliados Toro Extra Maduro. I've gone through two mazos of these and they're turning into a favorite. (For reference, when I can afford them, my favorites include 5 Vegas Series A and Man O' War Runination.) Smoking these is like smoking an unsweetened chocolate brownie, for lack of a better explanation. Sole issue with these is that you have to watch the burn; even with careful lighting it can get uneven and even canoe.”
DR of Hamilton, MT
“Both the Puros Indios and the Cuba Aliados Toros are extrordinary cigars'”
CM of Hillsboro, OH
“These are wonderful cigars. The fact that you are not going to order any more bundles of the Puros Indios and the Cubaliodos makes me sad.”
CM of Hillsboro, OH
“Always impressed by numbers (93 & 90 ratings) and equally impressed by good deals ($40 smackers a bundle), but born in Missouri, so I live by the mantra, 'SHOW ME'. Well, they did ... in spades. Both the Puros Indios and the Aliado delivered as promised. They ain't the prettiest lookin' gals at the dance, but they sho do know how to treat the fella what brung 'em. Much better than what you'd expect at a couple bucks a stick. These are not only good, they're company good. Do overs for sure. Oh, and a note to management ... if you remove these from your inventory and/or raise the price .. I will find out where each of you lives and on some dark and sultry night, just when you're turnin' the lights out, I'm droppin' a flamin' bag of dog doo on your front porch, ringin' the door bell and runnin'.....”
RR of North Port, FL
“I offer these words to warn my cigar smoking brethren to avoid these cigars at all cost. You see, if you find out just how good these sticks are at 2 bucks a pop, you'll buy 'em. And quite frankly I don't want you too. If you buy 'em and then tell your friends to buy 'em, there simply won't be enough for me. Yes, in this case I'm selfish. I found 'em first so just move on and we'll all be able to live in harmony. Seriously boys and girls, these are great cigars for the money.”
RR of North Port, FL
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