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Pinar del Rio Overruns Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.43 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings
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4 out of 5
Decent Throwdown cigar
A great everyday cigar.
5 out of 5
Solid bargain smokes.
These bargain smokes have a great draw and a tolerable, medium body flavor. Not full of nuances but never harsh or grassy. I'd recommend them for backup smokes to some tasty morsels you order at the same time.
5 out of 5
Haven't had a bad cigar yet.
Every single order I've made of the Pinar del Rio overruns has been good. Some have been good, some have been outstanding, but I've never had a bad bunch of cigars.
4 out of 5
Why I like Pinar Del Rio
I order the overruns because the price is right. And I do enjoy the flavor. This is not a top of the line but it is not at the bottom either. They have a good taste. The overruns sometimes have a different color exterior but always a enjoyable taste and flavor. The Pinar Del Rio overruns are pretty much my favorite. And your service and courteous staff keep me coming back. This is a great every day cigar
5 out of 5
fantastic deals
It's true when CI says you don't know which variety you will receive when ordering the PDR Overruns. I usually buy the Toro size mazos, and the first few times I got cigars that had Habano wrappers and were very good. Two orders ago I bought a mazo of Toros and one of Robustos. Both had very dark Maduro wrappers, and the Toros had a pig-tail twist on the caps. The wrappers were rough looking and to the touch and had some prominent veins. Pretty wrappers don't impress me because you can't taste pretty, you taste the flavors produced by smoking the tobacco. The cigars were on the full side and very enjoyable. I had not seen or smoked this blend, so I wondered which of the PDR lineup were these cigars. I went looking thru the Big List of Brands, and I found the Seleccion 2010 smokes, and bingo, pictured was the Toro size with the dark black wrapper and pig-tail twist. I scrolled thru the reviews and I found other smokers listed the same characteristics like rough looking wrapper and prominent veins. Great cigars for a low price. My last order included a mazo of Torpedo sized cigars. They aren't as dark as the others, but definitely a nice looking Maduro wrapper. As soon as I lit one up and took a puff, I knew right away they were Reserva Limitadas which have been my most liked cigar from PDR. I have two mazos of the robusto size RLs which provide me with a very good 'yard-gar'. They were in the Clearance section and I got them during one of the 20% discount sales. Great cigars at a Great price...keep it up CI!!!
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