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Pinar del Rio Overruns Reviews

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“Ordered a bundle of the robustos, think they are Reserva Limitada that I got, crazy excellent! first one right of the truck was perfect, creamy smooth and tons of smoke, not a second to be sure! top notch held its ash past the half way mark. Smoked the RL before and loved it and this one is no exception! keep the over runs coming, gonna go for the Ghurka's next, thanks CI!!”
MA of Gap, PA
“These reminded me of the Habanos. I loved every puff! I hope you stock plenty more of these in the future, especially the Toros. These do not deserve to be called seconds but I love the price.”
“I ordered two bundles on Sunday, got them in the mail box Wednesday. Paying for priority mail really helps keep the cigars from having to sit in the humidor for a few weeks to mellow out after being in the mail. The two bundles were the same blend, and right away I believed they were the Sun Grown Habanos. On the bottom of the bundles it listed them as Robustos, 52 x 5, Habano This seems to confirm they were the Sun Growns. As usual, I had to fire one up just as soon as I got home and they are just a fantastic smoke for the price. Read the profile, I won't repeat it here but it was right on the mark. A really good smoke for less than $1.50 I am glad to have even if it would be number four on my order list. I will keep ordering these overruns as long as they are in stock, maybe I will get lucky next time and get one or more of the other fantastic blends. If I get too many of the same blend I will gladly send them over to some of the troops serving in Afghanistan who can really use a quality smoke to relax with after a long, tough week.”
“I ordered two mazos because I like everything from PDR, so knew I would be getting something good no matter what blend I received. These are the Sun Grown Habanos...just read their description so I don't have to repeat it here. A very excellent smoke for the price. Will keep ordering these overruns, who knows which blend I will get next time!Ordering two packages lets me put one away for aging, and one pack goes in my desktop humidor to be included in my daily rotation. You can't go wrong with any of the blends at this fantastic price.”
“Got a mazo of these just yesterday and lit one up over lunch city...hello pepperville...but there's also some cedar and a little hint of vanilla in the robusto length for 29 a case and it's worth it...had gotten a PDR sampler case or two a couple weeks back and love them, so figured why not go for these little nuggets to enjoy...glad I did...I am a fairly recent fan of PDR, but if they keep making them this good, I'll be making them a solid favorite brand...”
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