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Q & A for Pinar del Rio Overruns

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04/11/2013 What size is a Gordo? Is there a size description on the website?

A: Majority of the inventory on the shelf is 6x60 but they do vary from 54 ring to 60 ring and different lengths. We keep our cost down by taking them all from the factory regardless of size then grouping them. What we do guarantee is the blends and sizes will be the same in each bundle. If you order more than one it's possible you'll get more that one size and blend.
by Jeff K
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04/28/2013 Are these a long filler as well?

by ET of Joplin, MO
A: Yes, all the cigars PDR makes are long filler these are overruns from all that production.
by Steve R
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05/15/2013 Are these truly overruns or are they 2nds and being called overruns?

A: Throughout our offerings, we carry seconds and overruns in select brands. Those that are called Overruns, are in fact true overruns from the factory. Over-production or aged inventory the factory needs to move, and we buy them at a discount. Those that are called Seconds, and true factory seconds, due to aesthetic reasons no factory will ship out a second with quality flaws. These Pinar del Rio Overruns are in fact true Overruns from the PdR family, taken from their wide buy enjoyable selection of premium handmades.
by Steve R
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