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Partagas 1845 Reviews

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This latest showing from Partagas as a foray into the world of eclectic boutique cigars is just that, eclectic. This is a robust and punchy stick that you will be a bit disappointed if you try the "Black" series first then try this new 1845... that being said, if you have not, this won't confuse you as not being the Partagas standard bearer. The 1845 smacks of a similarity to the CAO Italia. both are fine cigars in their won right. This is a straight up 2" cut rib-eye and single barrel scotch stick right here... yet there are complexities in the draw and the bouquet. I just ordered from the bid site and picked on up as a promo from my local guy until my shipment came in, and was eager to sample the latest from Partagas. All I can say is wait until you hit the flavor pocket on this one, the 1845 also gives off a copious plume of smoke infused with the carefully selected blends of world-class leaf (mainly), Esteli and Conneticut working together to lend lush nutty yet flavorful hints tot he draw as you bite down on it. This isn't the Black from Partagas, but it is spicy, nutty but yet won't chop block you at the knees - good stick!
opens up with a citrus and sweet tobacco note and just gets better! Is there a bad patagas? Great finish,this is what I smoke cigars for. This one rivals the spanish rosado. Great job fair price too!
These are simply a great smoke, Just buy a box you won't be disappointed.
Just picked up a gigante, dbl corona and a robusto. If the other sizes are as good as the robusto, this is a winner. Burn was right on, no touch ups. Very smooth, lots of flavor from end to end, draw is right on, lots of aromatic smoke, solid white ash. Nice , very nice. Wonder if it would get better after a little rest? We shall see! But A+ right out of the box
I ordered a box of cigars earlier this week from CI and when they arrived there was a nice little surprise inside the shipping box, a partagas 1845 was sent along as a sampler! This is a new line from partagas. This cigar is typical partagas, rock solid construction with alot of weight to it. The flavor profile starts off with strong peppery notes for the first inch. The rest of the cigar has deep earthy tones with hints of spice. The burn is even and nice and slow (again no shock). This is another home run for partagas. Check them out out, they are worth it!
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