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Drew Estate Liga Privada Papas Fritas Reviews

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Nice smoke. A tad on the expensive side but had a nice 45 minute smoke break out of 'em. Produced tons of thick, creamy smoke.
WOW! These are an impressive little stick. I didn't get a ton of complexity, but it's a bold tobacco taste and consistent throughout. I've never seen so much smoke roll off of a cigar, even after letting it rest for a couple of minutes.
I have been hesitant to write a review on these little gems, seeing as I want to keep them a secret. But I feel like a jerk not letting the world know how I feel about these. I must say, these are just fantastic little sticks! One would never know that they are a mixed filler unless they are told. They are the perfect 30-45 minute smoke, with bellowing clouds, and a very oily, rich but smooth tasting smoke. I bought a few tins, and by the time they showed up they were very dry. I let them sit for about a month, but the pig tail on the cap still just snaps off, but the cigar has come back to life very nicely. I actually like how the pigtail just breaks off, I don't even need to cut the cigar if I just snap off the pig tail and start toasting, and enjoying. I will tell you, the tins of 4 are cheaper than buying a box. Anywho, enjoy the little sticks in good health.
I discovered these things in Dalian, China of all places... Let's just say, they're a BIT more expensive over here, but no less tasty. I've run through several tins of them and would echo the comments above about the billowing clouds of flavorful smoke coming out of a small cigar. Truly a case of good things coming in small packages!
What can I say? Ligas are the best! I love these smokes, from the light, right to the end. One of my favorites!
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