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Java Mint by Drew Estate Reviews

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“I ordered a 5 pack of the Petite Corona's. I thought they were pretty good. The ones I got weren't too heavy on the Mint flavor. They smoked very nicely. This went well with a cup of van Houtt white chocolate mint Coffee. I ended up buying a whole box of the petite corona's which was a bit pricey compared to the other options. If you wanna try these I would suggest trying the Petite corona first!”
ML of Deridder, LA
“To say this is a bad cigar would be very wrong, due to the construction quality and billows of smoke. However, after purchasing a 5 pack just to satisfy my curiosity. This is not a cigar that I would pay the high dollar amount to secure a box. For me, money spent for a box of AVO's, Camacho, Corazone, and a few others, is a far better investment than the Java. Then again, I'm probably in the minority when it comes to my review...”
DM of Taylor, MI
“Hey, normally I'm a huge fan of anything that comes from Drew Estate, but "Java Mint" was a disapointment. Bottom line: the smoke was okay, it smelled nice, but when I finished it tasted like I'd smoked an entire pack of Newport cigarettes.”
EP of Jefferson, NY
“These are by far my favorite flavored cigar! Drew Estate always makes a quality product, and this is no different. The balance of flavor was perfect, sweet and strong to start, then mellow with rich tobacco flavor by the end - not like most other flavored cigars where all you taste is the sweetness. The other reviews were not as favorable, but I stand my ground on these. If you want a flavored cigar and you like creamy minty-ness, then these are great. Pricier than other flavored cigars, but a very well put-together one!”
KL of Gilbert, AZ
“Java mint.... I do not like flavored cigars but had to try them. The mint taste finally left my mouth after 15-20 minutes and then it was more enjoyable. The smoke taste was very similar to pipe tobacco smoke. They were not wrapped too tight and ended up fairly mushy. Smoke was very heavy, ash was nice salt and pepper and hung on good. Lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Overall, OK but I will probably not order any more, glad they were sold in 5 packs. T.S. Pennsylvania”
TS of Rockwood, PA
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