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Perdomo Lot 23 Reviews

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“"Momma there goes that man again" is all I have to say. I had one the puppies for my 18th wedding anniversary and it was Dyn-o-mite all the way down to the nub. Would sombody call Havana and put them boys on notice that Nick is down for Da Crown. Your stock is rising #23........”
MH of Wellesley, MA
“I'm a guy that likes to taste different cigars so I have purchased a number of samplers from CI. In on of the Perdomo samplers I purchased recently came the (Perdomo Lot 23), while I have always enjoyed Perdomo smokes, the Lot 23 seemed rather mundane, no outstanding artwork on the band, rather lackluster I presumed, that is until I fire this rascal up. Hey, I was impressed, this cigar was medium in strength and extreamly flavorful, I don't like to describe what I tasted since I'm a believer in everyone taste something different, but this bugger was excellent. A great smoke. As I said, I buy a lot of Samplers, not this time. Went right to the computer and placed my order for a box of 23's. Never had a regular cigar before, I might have found one though! Nick, another great addition to an already fine line.”
PR of Baton Rouge, LA
“I'm 58 and have been smoking cigars since I was 19. I bought a box of Lot 23 cigars (Toro size) and they are possibly one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. That's saying a lot. I also bought some Pardomo seconds that are very tasty as well. I'm fond of Henry Clay and Cuba Aliatos (no longer made) and Licenciados to give you a sample of my tastes. The Perdomos are excellent!”
PP of San Francisco, CA
“Pound for Pound...this cigar beats out those that have 90+ ratings...why? Beautiful volumes of smoke, great through the nose which reminds me of nutmeg, great white ash and this cigar never runs or canoes due to the great binder and wrapper. I always keep at least 15 in the humidor...I'll smoke one per about aging if you rotate them! Buy a 5-pack and you will be very pleased with your spent mooloah...oh, use a regular guilitone cutter and not a V cutter...I've found that on this particular cigar, it really opens even more so...and I'm one to always use a V Cutter!”
JH of Mena, AR
“The "Perdomo Lot 23", has been on my list for awhile now, so i finally broke down and ordered some. Better late than never. I was very impressed with the entire package. Everything from the burn to the construction. I was blown away by the flavor, quite different than so many cigars, that taste well... like some other stick. It was unique. Leather, coffee with a nutty flavor with some cedar and here's the kicker... a orange zestiness that i've never experienced before. If complexity is what you desire, this medium bodied cigar is for you. I can't say enough about this labor of love. You'll have to try it for yourself. "Perdomo Lot 23", will be a new staple in your humi. No B.S., ENJOY.”
VB of San Francisco, CA
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