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The Griffin's Reviews

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This is most likely one of the finest cigars(The Griffin's) in the world. Ya, I know, That's a bold statement. If you have never smoked one you can't understand. I really must insist. If you smoke one of these cigars you WILL love it. I have always kept a few in the humidor for those times when nothing but the best will do. I assure you, if you buy this cigar once, you WILL buy it again.
I must strongly disagree. I bought some of these on a whim, knowing that if I am going to enjoy a mild cigar that is must have serious flavor and complexity. This has to be the most boring, uninteresting cigar I have ever had. I assumed that based on price that it would at least be interesting in some sense...WRONG. If you do buy some, keep the quantity down until you have tried one. It reminds me of many of the Connecticut cigars that sell at blowout prices because they won't compete with the good ones being made outside of Cuba nowadays...Just my opinion...5 Vegas Gold blows these out of the humidor!
I can't imagine anybody really paying a lot of money for one of these things. I didn't; it came in the Cigar of the Month Club selection. I hadn't smoked one in quite a few years and this one reminded me why..I didn't enjoy it. Dull and uninteresting, in my opinion. Mild? Yes..along with being the aforementioned dull and uninteresting. Since I got two in the selection, I'll leave the other one in the humidor for a wee while and see if it's any better.
after a long search, I have found my perfect morning cigar. I get up earlier now just to enjoy the griffin.
The Griffin Prestige is one of my favorite cigars. Very mild, nice flavors, great draw with tons of beautiful smoke. I always have a few in my humi.
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