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Gran Habano #1 Connecticut Reviews

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Connecticut #1 (Gran Habano)is a great, mild cigar. Extremely smooth & mellow, great w/morning coffee.
The #1 robusto is another one of those sticks where you take pause as your enjoying it and say to yourself "wow, what have I been missing all this time?" I can't believe I waited as long as I did to try this cigar. It may have just taken over the throne as my favorite mild/medium cigar. Absolutely delicious!! Cream, nuts, wood, and a touch of citrus. If you enjoy 5 Vegas Gold, CAO gold, or any other delicious connecticut wrapped mild/med cigar you'll love this one. And, to top it off, the construction is top-notch!!
Another CigarFest '07 Cigar (Gran Habano). Nicely made cigar and the 6 x 54 size is a favourite. Excellent draw, even burn but just too mild for my taste even as the first cigar in the morning. For those who prefer a mild, Connecticut Shade cigar, this would be a very good choice
I had a moment to try the #1 Connecticut (Gran Habano) and I was very pleased with the puff on back to the band. Consistent draw... not too terribly complex. But you don't need that with this stick is just a very nice medium bodied cigar. I fragrance that is nice enough to rival sticks of twice the money. Not bad... not bad at all. The pack will sit you down for a good 25-30 minutes. A great after-work-get-through-traffic stick. My Rate, this stick: 86
Every year I play in a very special golf tournament with 16 guys called "The Sleeve". It's 3 days of Golf, Cigars, & Garlic (thanks W.J.). I supply the cigars for the trip (around 350 cigars) and we usually go through over 100. This year I picked up a gran habano sampler to add to my insane collection. My cousin & the Dillman lit up the Green label Connecticut #1 & fell in love. They said it ranks right up there with their favorite Ashton smokes. I was intrigued so I bought a box of the #1's Gran robusto 6x54. I got them in last week & stuffed them in my humidor. Getting excited, I couldn't wait any longer to try one myself. I cracked one open last night and WOW!!!!! what an awesome smoke. It burned perfectly all the way down. Big plumes of smoke, silky smooth, & tasty to the core. This is a cigar you can literally sink your teeth into. I chewed on this thing for over an our & couldn't put it down. I would definitely put this up against any medium cigar out there, Ashton, Perdom Reserve Champagne, ESV 91 etc.... I'd give it a solid 92 ranking. Go buy a box asap.
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