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Gurkha Grand Reserve Reviews

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“(Gurkha Platinum & Gran Reserve) This is one of the best smokes I have ever had. I love this cigar.”
KW of Los Angeles, CA
“All that is said about the "Gurkha Platinum" is true, it's a wonderful smoke, but don't sell the "Grand Reserve", short. I've smoked other cognac cigars and you can tell the difference. "Gurkha", has married the flavor to the tobacco and you don't feel like your sucking on a candy cane. Once again, GURKHA does it better than anyone else in the industry.”
VB of San Francisco, CA
“A friend of mine bought me humidor for my B-Day 2 months ago and it holds 75-100 cigars...In it you will only find Gurkha Cigars and it is full...then I came across the Gurkha Grand Reserve and once I tried one, I imagined what it would have been like to be a king....Louis XIII Cognac infused in the cigar makes it the sweetest smoke I have ever put my lips around...I bought 9 of them and stuffed them in my already full Humidor...It was well worth it and when I am able to make more room in it I will buy some more...”
DA of Miramar, FL
“Gurkha Platinum, First let me say that i had meaning i smoked the crown jewel Gurkha His Majesty‚Äôs Reserve last Christmas best present i ever got and for about 3 minutes i debated weather or not to smoke it, until i thought about it....what if I get hit by a bus tommorrow my wifes new husband is not getting my house,cars etc and my most expensive smoke too boot ;) no question the best infusied cigar i ever smoked. But.... if the Gurkha HMR is worth 750 per cigar then the platinum is like stealing at around 20 bucks a stick get some have on hand for friends who what to try cigar smoking this will hook them for sure. IF every non smoked tryed one the smoking bans would get lifted for sure ;) ”
DJ of Annapolis, MD
“We had an especially good year at the cabinet shop this year. I've recently gotten my boss into fine cigar smoking,and was very suprised to recieve 2 Gurkha Platinum toros as a christmas bonus! I smoked 1 on valentines day and am saving the other for a special occasion. needless to say, the folks at gurkha really know how to produce an exceptionally good cigar.long ashes to ya, j.”
JB of Keizer, OR
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