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Graycliff Platinum Series Reviews

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I got this in a Brown Bag sampler. Looked it up and saw it was fairly expensive cigar. Upon smoking it I was left unimpressed. It does not look or taste like a $15 cigar. I had 2 of these and did not care for either. You don't always get what you pay for.
Been smoking these for over a year now. I have bought 100 or so of the platinum cigars. The first one I ever smoked had a pepper bomb at the foot of the cigar and tasted kind of harsh/dry. It did mellow out eventually. They have improved dramatically with humi time. I cannot say this cigar is bursting with flavor. I can say it is very smooth and does taste great. In fact the best thing to point out about this cigar is the way it pairs with a micro brew. It is my go to micro brew cigar and will pair with pretty much any craft brew out there.
I just got one of these today in my brown bag sampler. I am so excited to have gotten one. I will let this puppy roast in my humidor for a little while before trying it.
I got this in a sampler pack. After putting it in my mouth dry prior to lighting, I thought, Oh no, this one's going to be harsh...smoked it down till it burnt my fingers with nothing left, WOW, I enjoyed every puff. I tend to like medium smokes with smooth and mild tones packed full of a lot of flavor...this was all that and it surprised me from what I experienced when I just sucked on it before lighting. I had left it in my humidor probably for a week in a half prior to smoking it around 71-72.
Got my torpedo in a pic your own sampler and have to say that this is a mighty fine cigar. Complex flavors and just the right enough pepper to keep it interesting. Is it worth $14 if one to buy a bundle? I guess that depends if you can afford that kind of a cigar. For me I would never purchase at $210 for a bundle of 15 (what no fancy box at this price?) but I would order again with a sampler, if it is still there when it comes time to order again. I will say that I have had some other +$10 cigars that left me saying, "Really?!?! I wouldn't pay $5 for this thing." But the Graycliff is certainly a cigar worthy of attention. Good thing I have had other cigars that are a quarter of its price that are just as satisfying. But it is unique enough to get again. AT THE RIGHT PRICE.
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