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Rocky Patel The Edge Reviews

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A few nights ago I went out on the patio with a few fingers of apres dinner brandy and an Edge (Edge by Rocky Patel). It was clear and crisp and the stars were putting on a show. A beautiful Louisiana evening. Man, that cigar was good! Nubbed it for sure. Great draw and clouds of delicious smoke all the way down to the end. Right place, right time... Man life is good.
Here's one of those cigars that I get in samplers, and it sits there for a while before I say 'alright, let's do this!' If I tried it sooner, there'd already be a lot more of these in my humidor. I don't know about all the warning hype it gets - 'may manifest a third testicle,' and so on - but it is full on flavor, and rich in smoke. On the other hand, it has some of the smoother characteristics that I really enjoy in a medium cigar. I think, contrary to people saying 'this is not for rookies,' that this is actually a GREAT full cigar for rookies, because you can enjoy some real cigar flavors without feeling as though you ate an ashtray sandwich.
Been smoking these for years (Rocky Patel The Edge), they will NOT weaken the knees with power but will sure make your taste buds dance the jig..without a doubt the best bang for your buck on the market, Rocky's been a great guy at any event Ive been to and you can see why he cherishes the Edge line so much.....his passion for the industry is all placed in this one cigar,,,if you try the corojo and find that its not for you please forward the rest of your stogies to Westford Mass,,,they will surely not go to waste P.S. I have pictures to prove that I have smoked an entire toro without ashing one time,,,a challenge to all,,,to be honest it not that difficult with this cigar........~long ashes, Mike~
I tried both the regular and light versions(Edge by Rocky Patel) and loved them both. I prefer the light so I can still drive or operate heavy machinery while smoking it but they are both spectacular. The light was extremely smooth and tasty and surprisingly did not leave an after taste. The smoke bellowed to the point where I had a hard time seeing anything in front of me. Truly awesome....
Just finished my second RP Edge, great cigar!!!! The burn was even and required no touch ups. The draw was perfect, and CI has great prices I just put the RP Edge on auto order every month. Overall, great full body cigar, and has good aroma, down to the nub.
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