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C'est La Vie Reviews

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These are a mild to slightly medium cigar that burn evenly and will hold an ash for about an inch and a half. The outter wrappers are somewhat thin but perfect with a nice cap. They smoke cool and stay enjoyable to the end. The only real drawback so far has been you will find 2-3 really loosely rolled ones in your bundle that practically smoke themselves and a few that could have been rolled a tad tighter. But for the most part (14+ in the bundle) your in for some really nice smokes that even my friends that smoke the higher end cigars find agreeable. I don't like to talk abut cigars in terms of price, either you like them or you don't - and I like these and will continue to order more. I always order the sweet version but I have yet to taste any sweetness on the cap like a Baccarat. Unless, you like the fuller bodied cigars - or like those cigars that are rock hard, you really can't go wrong with these.
Best, cheap, hand-made cigar Ive ever had. Better than any $1 smoke or even $2 cigar. My usual yard cigar is the Perdomo Fresco, not anymore, Ill be ordering at least 2 more bundles soon. CI, please don't run out of these!!!!
I'm smoking one as I write, I find them very enjoyable for being such an inexpensive cigar. The first thing you will notice after lighting up is the billows of smoke, very impressive. They have a nice mild to a sum what medium flavor, everyone that I have smoked has had a nice even burn and a soft easy flavor rite to the very end. You can't go wrong with this one, it's no wonder they are out of stock. Mine have been in the humidor for a month or so which may have been a plus. I can't wait to order more. Enjoy.
These are great garage smokes when your tinkering or watching the game. They smell like a cigar and taste great, nothing complex mind you, they do burn quickly but for the price you can't go wrong.
First things first, I bought these for when I want a quick smoke while I am outside either going for a walk or working around the house. I did not expect much, in fact I was very nervous about ordering these. So, after receiving my order of 40 Sweet Robusto's and lighting up the first (right out of the package), my first impression was "Wow, not bad!" I was expecting something that would fall apart mid way through the smoke or have such a revolting taste that I would make it half way in. They are soft, which had me a little worried when I lit it that it wouldn't hold together at all, but it did surprisingly well. They are marked as "Sweet" but I don't taste it. I'm used to the CI Legend Copper Label or a Drew Estate Big Dirt Torpedo when I think sweet. They're not bitter, but I wouldn't go as far as calling them sweet. If you're looking for a nice inexpensive (I will not call these cheap because their quality is better than that) smoke that is great for a shorter walk, working in the garage, or just sitting out on the deck, these are well suited. I will DEFINITELY be ordering these again once my stock gets low.
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