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Brocatus Reviews

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I didn’t expect to much when I ordered this cigar (Brocatus), i was just looking for a bargain. I must say the cigars look pretty. A deep brown colored smooth connecticut type wrapper with a nice classic cigarband. The cigars are pretty firm build, the draw is great. I bought the Robusto’s and i am very pleased with the experience, it's difficult for me to decribe cigar flavors but this is very ok, kind of toasty taste and very smooth, I think i found my all day smoke for less then a dollar a stick, thank you guys
I picked up a box of these on a special...they came in today and put all in the humi cept the one I'm smoking now...very tasty and mild with a fragrance my wife cannot complain canoeing or relights on this one...I'm impressed with how well they were not dried up, broken or otherwise in the box...speaking of...the only thing I'm hesitant about is using the Bracatus Box for storing other cigs. I can smell wood glue...possibly airing out will help..closing, just a good cigar!
I've had a box of these aging in the cooler-dor, so I handed them out to the guys at the latest neigborhood bonfire. The guys were blown away that I was handing these out for free, they're so good. Thanks, CI!
Shhh, no more kudos for this cigar. The next thing you know it will have "out of stock" next to the size I buy. Yes it's a nice mild smoke, lasts around 9 holes of golf, and seldom have to relight like some of the dogs that cost 4 times the price. Yes, I have had a couple that draw a little tight. Not enough to give you a hernia, but for the price tag I can live with it. I just chalk the occasional tighty up to a "rookie" roller.
I normally smoke maduros or various corojos cigars, yet was looking for something mild for morning coffee. This Brocatus, as I will not give it a 'wow", it is a very mild, very pleasant cigar. It ain't pretty as it has considerable veins and a blotchy-uneven colored wrapper, but this is a budget cigar. It smokes very smoothly, milldly and has a pleasant sweet nutty finish. Make no mistake, this is a very mild cigar yet has a nice flavor and perfect burn. I enjoyed this mild cigar and will keep some in my humi for mornings and cuttin" the lawn.
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