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Q & A for AJ Fernandez Overruns

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Question & Answer....

03/17/2013 Are these 2nds or are some of them 2nds? Straight answer,please.

A: Straight Answer: No. Long Answer: These are true, factory overruns from Tabacalera Fernandez. AJ is making a ton of cigars right now, as his brands are extremely popular. In order to keep up, the factory often tries to get ahead and over-produce on select sizes, blends, etc. In doing this, more cigars are made than needed and, over time, the inventory of overruns accumulates. Once it hits a certain level, the factory opens its aging vaults and allows us to buy them at a nice price in order to make room for regular or new production.
by Steve R
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04/24/2013 one of these are mild and with a hint of vanilla. Could you tell what one to buy?

A: Man O' War Virtue is one of the only mild cigars from AJ Fernandez. My guess is that is what you are looking for. As far as Overruns go, we cannot guarantee what blend you will get, only that they are rolled in the AJ Fernandez factory and will be one of his current production lines.
by Jeff K
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04/17/2013 you don't mention the strength of these cigars?

A: Since these are overruns of many different brands, we can't promise a specific strength. Some are mild, some are medium, and some are full.
by Jeff K
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05/28/2013 Looking to try out these AJ overruns (large figurado)...Can you give a round about size that i can expect, i.e. 5.7-7.1X50-60? It'd be nice see the examples of sizes a consumer can expect for each cigar shape, this is just a suggestion not a complaint. Keep doin' what your doin' CI. C U next fest!

A: Most will be 7.1"x58 Salomon and 6"x60 Perfecto. There's a ton of different stuff but that is most of what AJ rolls in that catagory of size. Overruns are a bit of a gamble, but the odds are way better than the casino. Even the worst blend in the worst size is well worth the money.
by Jeff K
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