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ACID Ltd. by Drew Estate Def Sea Reviews

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anything from johanthan drew is excellent but you have to try this one (ACID Ltd Def Sea). great cigar plus you cant beat CIs prices and service.coming from CT i know about tobacco
These are Mild as can be.ACID Ltd. Def Sea. To me the best situation to smoke one of these is on a nice hot day with a nice lemonade or something as it goes well with sweet drinks. This Is not your average Acid as It tastes very mild and although it is infused it seams not to effect the taste but the aroma. So this is a cigar that no one will turn your nose up at you while your smoking one. Some may even ask you about it. I like there is no sweet tip which some Acids have. The sugar tip to be is undesirable due to the aftertaste, It tastes like artificial sweetener and I don't like that. This cigar does not. It is loosely filled but it still holds at least an Inch of ash and has a loose draw also. In all this is a good summer smoke that I said will please the noses around you it would go well with a nice summer ale with a lemon wedge or a lemonade IMO. To me this is the summer cigar mild smoooooooth to the nub and smells great. It has a medium finish that isn't that great but it is a smoke that would be for me out of 10 a 6 purely due to the fact it is infused as an infused cigar I would give it a 8 out of 10 only due to the loose roll and draw if it were made the same way with the same amount of tobacco but with a gauge size of 50 or even 48 would make it perfect.
This is such a well balanced cigar (ACID Ltd. Def Sea), I don't know what took me so long to try it. The blend is excellent, with a medium to full body, buttery character, but that added 'herbal' from Drew Estates makes them simply "exceptional". If you haven't already, try a five pack. You won't be sorry.
My favorite of all the ACID cigars (ACID Ltd. Def Sea). This one taste smooth and doesn't leave a funky flavored aftertaste like some of the others do. The smoke isn't too heavy and I always get people asking me about this cigar due to it's aromatic smell. I'll probably get lectured for this, as I'm not a cigar afficianado, but I like throwing these in the humidor with my CAO Blacks (also a great smoke in my opinion) as it mellows out the smell in the humidor.
These (Acid Ltd. Def Sea) are unusual. I bought a box of five on the recommendation of a pal of mine. They are OK, but for an "old country boy" who enjoys a good cigar while playin' a few holes over at the local club with the boys...It may be a bit "much". Not to say I don't like it...but; it perhaps is a good choice for an after dinner smoke when you've eaten Chinese, Thai, VietNamese or something that leaves an unusual spicy or gingery taste on the palate. Or with a glass of white or blush wine of some sort..But for trying to win a few skins on the back nine or to accompany a draft beer or cup of strong black "joe"...I prefer my Puros Indios 6X60's, Nestor Reserve Maduros, or Padilla Especial Obsidians....But that's just me.
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