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5 Vegas Series A Reviews

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"A" homerun, "A" monster of a cigar, "A" pleasure to smoke, I could go on and on. The series A's by 5 Vegas have quickly become one of my favorites. I go through a box of these in days. The "mas gordo" toros are not to be missed. Great look, great construction, great pre-light aroma all lead to one "A"wesome smoking experience. Get your meat hooks around these "A"s.a.p!
After reading the CI guys' reviews of this smoke (5 Vegas Series 'A') I bought a box of Artisans, and was offered 20 Toros at check-out for a decent price. The Artisans are really nice, but the Toros are simply great. Damn nice smoke. Flavorful, not too strong, and fairly complex. At about the one-third point, the flavor is fantastic, unbelievable, and keeps getting better; wave after wave of "taste evolution" throughout the cigar, the Toro is 20-25 minutes of time extremely well-spent.I burnt ny damn fingers, not wanting to put it down at the end. One of the best smokes I have had. This is in the rotation permanently from now on. Nice, nice cigar. SIncere thanks go to Gonz, Steve-o, Brando, and Keith for the excellent, accurate reviews of this cigar. I will try the Anomaly (Steve-o's recommendation) next time. Thanks to CI for the agressive pricing - can't be beat.
After smoking my third Vegas 'A' (5 Vegas Series ''A''), I just purchased a full box! I tend to smoke more than just one cigar of a new brand (for me) before I spend my hard earned bucks on a box. Nothing worse for me than smoking one and then buying a box only to find out that I made a mistake. For those of you who enjoy a medium to full bodied cigar that will not leave you running to brush your teeth (and tongue); you would be doing yourself a dis-service if you do not at the very least try one! I find it to be every thing that my friends at C.I. said that it would be; not that they have ever misled me before, that is why I shop here. This is a very pleasing cigar, full of flavor and a smooth finish. Here again if you are looking to try this Vegas 'A' and you enjoy a medium to full bodied cigar go ahead I do not think that you will be disappointed. Thanks C.I. again for great cigars at prices that we both can live with. Other cigars that I smoke: Monte Christo #2, Monte Christo White's Churhill, Rocky Patel Edge, 1990's, 1992's, CAO Brazilia, Blacks, MX2, Italia, Punch Gran Puro,Aurora Prefedos No. 2 Maduro, La Aroma DeCuba, Don Diego,El Rey Del Mundo,Zino, Fuente,Carlos Torano, Fonseca, Originals Cubans and Cohiba; just to mention a few.As you can see I really enjoy smoking cigars, trust me you need to try this Vegas'A'. THANKS AGAIN C.I.
After years of trying countless brands, styles, and strengths, the 5 Vegas "A" Series are without question my all-time favorites. What is better than that is that CI has the best deal going on them anywhere. They have a nice heft, great draw, burn cool and even, and just thinking about the taste is making my mouth water. I have actually spent a good bit of time and money trying to find a cigar I've liked more than these. For the price, taste, and quality this is where it all ends. So if you have been weary of trying them or haven't gotten around to it now is the time. You will not be disappointed! Nice to see the one day deal on them. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Life is Good!!! =)
Cinco Vegas Series 'A' Apostle (Churchill) - Just spent another gorgeous Western Pacific sunset with some shipmates on our favorite smoking sponson. I received a huge CI order three days ago and have been dying to try one of these babies (I got the Series 'A' sampler), but wanted them to "rest" in the humi. After all, they just survived a trip 2/3 the way around the globe and had to recover from jet lag. Kudos and thanks to CI for another perfect pack and shipping job! How you get my orders out here so quick and in pristine condition; I’ll never know. ;-) Anyway, the anticipation has been killing me. I have read every one of the 70+ reviews over and over again. I could wait no longer, but thought 70+ reviews? Almost every review positive? $3 +/- per stick? Can't be! Well, this smoke taught this noob a lesson. Smoking is believing. These cigars are exquisite. I could throw another 100 adjectives out there, but never due this series justice. Oily, dark, and full of chocolaty/coffee goodness. Listen… STOP READING MY REVIEW AND ORDER A BOX, OR TWO, OR THREE… You will not regret it! I want to go smoke another! Bless America and Cigars International!
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