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WH-660 - “Outstanding smoke. Smooth burn, excellent construction, balanced flavor. Great cigar!!”
T D of Thompson Station TN on 10/13/2016
WC-554 - “Ordered a Blendlab WC554. Wow. That is one great cigar! Should be put in your regular inventory. One really great smoke!”
S G of Sebring FL on 8/23/2016
PP-650 - “Outstanding. I really liked this cigar. Great construction, even burn, medium draw. The flavor was full without bitterness.”
J A of Rio Rancho NM on 8/5/2016
ME-6052 - “Nice full taste, but with a bit of bitter aftertaste.”
J A of Rio Rancho NM on 8/5/2016
VB-6744 - “Great taste, long burn.”
J H of Stroudsburg PA on 7/23/2016
ZV-654 - “I bought 5 of these (and got 1 free) on my last visit to the superstore. I was very impressed with the construction, appearance, flavor and draw. Held together while I was driving around. A very good cigar for the price.”
W W of Flint Hill VA on 7/8/2016
WH-660 - “This is now my favorite cigar. Asking the wife to get me some more.”
J H of Stroudsburg PA on 6/28/2016
WH-660 - “An exceptional cigar. Perfect size and ring. Smoked while driving a covetable, and had no problem with canoeing or keeping it lit. Medium to strong taste, with an even draw and flavor throughout the burn.”
W W of VA on 6/11/2016
QB-552 - “have tried a couple of these blends before. This one was very good, medium to strong, with nice flavors and good smoke. An even burn, and strong finish.”
W W of on 6/11/2016
ME-6052 - “perfect toothy full bodied and well constructed with a smooth and oily wrapper, draw was medium and smooth using a punch cutter. Highly recommend.”
N C of MD on 6/7/2016
JS-650 - “Nice flavor on this cigar. It's kind of like the village bicycle, everyone should take a ride! ”
M C of Lancaster PA on 5/16/2016
KH-554 - “A Pleasant cigar, it lit well and smoked well. If it was win place or show, I'd give this one a show quality. I would smoke it again, but would not go out of my way to smoke this again.”
M C of Lancaster PA on 5/16/2016
XX-5552 - “I had to suck on this cigar like a hooker earning a benjamin for a BJ. The smoke was pleasant, but it was wrapped too tight (Like my ex wife)! I liked it but better luck next time on the quality.”
M C of Lancaster PA on 5/16/2016
KD-5552 - “This was the most pleasurable cigar I have smoked in recent memory. It had a medium bite, with a smooth finish that did not have even a hint of aftertaste. You can still kiss the girls after smoking this baby!”
M C of Lancaster PA on 5/16/2016
YP-5754 - “Surprisingly good cigar. I buy them exclusively in auctions. So I get them for $1-$2 each. It is one of the best cigar values available. FAN F'INGTASTIC! (IMHO)”
T W of Orange on 5/6/2016
MY-6552 - “Very smooth. Very good.”
K c of fort wayne IN on 4/24/2016
XJ-4554 - “Listed as Medium, but closer to Medium-Full or Full. Good construction though with great draw and ash.”
A B of Mechanicsburg PA on 4/14/2016
KT-6252 - “This was a really nice smoke! I really enjoyed it!”
P L of Sellersville PA on 4/6/2016
YP-5754 - “This was an easy smoke! dark, earthy, unique flavor, I loved it! oh, on the 1-10 chart below, I'm not sure what "strength" means? (strong taste?) so I rated it a "5" which is right in the middle.”
P L of Sellersville PA on 4/6/2016
WC-554 - “Best blendlab cigar I've had, this cigar tastes amazing. (FB-554)!!!!! ”
J R of Whitehall PA on 4/2/2016
TU-7250 - “Draw slightly tight. Good construction.”
J N of Johnson City TX on 2/19/2016
YP-5754 - “Great draw, love how the complexity changes throughout the smoke. Flavor is perfect for the smoke and taste on the lips.”
J N of Johnson City TX on 2/19/2016
PJ-5556 - “At first it started out with a spicy taste then half the way it went away.But it was still a Great cigar, and yes i well buy this cigar again”
r k of YORK PA on 2/8/2016
VB-6744 - “Wonderful smoke, would love to buy more”
H S of Carlisle PA on 2/7/2016
ZK-6754 - “I just finished up with a nice sampler pack of mixed blends and sizes...Many of them also came with excellent yellow cello and thereby gave a preview of what to expect...In most cases there various blends burned well and were enjoyable... I cannot say what the blend # was but my memory recalls a 6x60 Connecticut wrapped gem... Good smokes with aging at a super bargain price...Whats not to love ???”
D C of Beverly MA on 1/26/2016
YP-5754 - “excellent smoke very nice med flavor with manduro wrapper no bite or bad taste in mouth after smoking code would buy again”
b c of coplay PA on 1/8/2016
KD-5552 - “Just smoked kd-5552 in the hot tub. Too strong for me but the construction was super. Smoked evenly and slowly.”
J T of Rogers AR on 12/30/2015
YP-5754 - “Very good cigar great taste with notes of coffee, licorice and toast. Well constructed and easy draw. Would purchase again.”
C I of MI on 12/20/2015
YP-5754 - “I must say this cigar is excellent! Well constructed easy draw with notes of toast & spice. I would purchase again.”
C I of MI on 12/20/2015
JS-650 - “Smoked cigar blend-- Js-650,very mild and good”
j m of GLENMOORE PA on 12/6/2015
KD-5552 - “Very good cigar with the perfect draw throughout.”
G P of Pasadena MD on 11/6/2015
TU-7250 - “Very smooth an excellent construction, one of the best blend lab cigars I have tried.”
S S of Bernville PA on 10/28/2015
JE-4550 - “Great tasting cigar, no lingering after taste. Smooth hints of leather and slight cream. Good draw. Overall Very enjoyable.”
t l of PA on 10/9/2015
YH-456 - “Interesting Cigar, packed tight, good draw and Ashe. Smoked up a storm at the beginning. Not my favorite taste, kind of bitter. Its' a decent $5 cigar”
R S of Castleton NY on 9/30/2015
KH-554 - “Good burn, nice medium strength, good ash, no need to re-light. Taste of earth,leather. went well with Buffalo Trace.”
J N of Durham NC on 9/28/2015
XD-752 - “Just tried the XD-752. Great flavor, lots of smoke, creamy and delish. Some uneven burn issues but can live with that. Would buy again.”
K c of wilmington DE on 9/6/2015
MY-6552 - “Holy cow, I can't find any info on this cigar, but it's THE best cigar I have EVER smoked. I'm a 20+ year cigar smoker. A carmelly salty taste to the lips and smooth draw. Coffee, nutty, molasses flavors I'm tasting. Gotta get my hands on more...”
J N of Johnson City TX on 8/20/2015
MY-6552 - “This cigar had a walnut aroma and taste very good.”
s s of bernville PA on 8/13/2015
KF-5555 - “One of the smoothest cigars I have had.”
M B of Oswego NY on 8/13/2015
WH-554 - “This cigar looked great but it was wrapped to tight. Poor draw effected the burn, though it had a hard spot in it but that was not the case. Too bad, flavor was good but the experience was not. Peppery at the start with a nice chocolate flavor at the middle to end.”
M Z of Canandaigua NY on 8/12/2015
VB-6744 - “Would you like a gin martini? Great smoke. Very sweet up front, then the sweetness mellows a bit giving way for the flavorful herbs and spices. I was only half kidding about the gin martini. This smoke would pair well with gin!”
A K of West Lawn PA on 7/9/2015
QB-552 - “Great flavor full cigar! Chewy, smoky, and pleasant.”
A K of West Lawn PA on 7/8/2015
RT-654 - “Need a medium cigar with great flavor from your lab 7 x 54?? Pete”
P I of Cranston RI on 6/27/2015
VB-6744 - “Perfectly constructed panatela, which is my favorite size of cigar and tough to find here. Burned smooth and even, and was delicious. Maybe not your everyday cigar, but a truly welcome change. Slightly sweet, but with plenty of rich, hearty tobacco flavor. Wife loved it, so maybe a girl-marketing angle?”
C F of Woodbridge VA on 6/12/2015
QC-652 - “Smooth”
P C of North Ridgeville OH on 6/11/2015
WC-554 - “I enjoyed this cigar from the start to finish. A slight sweetness in taste as well as cedar and coffee. However one of the best blendlab cigars that I ever had . YES ... I would buy this again.”
r s of parkerford PA on 6/2/2015
PJ-5556 - “This is a really fine, well-priced cigar. Mild, but not wimpy. A woman at the CI store in Hamburg recommended it--and she was right.”
D B of Kutztown PA on 5/29/2015
G2-6050 - “While it was high in nicotine content, the burn was nice with a medium taste. The nicotine was dripping. The burn was even and steady throughout the smoke.”
P C of Martinsburg WV on 5/26/2015
YH-542 - “Was expecting more dynamic flavor and aroma for a medium to full body. It wasn't very flavorful. The construction and burn were excellent, though.”
B A of Dannebrog NE on 5/17/2015
H2-5546 - “Great flavor and aroma, even my wife liked the smell. Had a hint of nuts or oak? Burned even. Was not "hot" at the end, smoked it to my finger tips. I would buy this cigar by the case!”
B B of Elkin NC on 5/13/2015
KX-648 - “I enjoyed this cigar, but I felt it was a bit harder to keep lit compared to other cigars from the Blend Lab.”
D M of PA on 5/9/2015
WC-554 - “Overall, very nice stick. Burned very hot and cherried. Canoed slightly on the first 1/3 but evened out and burned correctly. Easy o the palate. Would purchase this in a box. Thanks!”
M M of Hazle Township PA on 4/24/2015
WC-554 - “Just as described. Very similar to a Cohiba at a fraction of the price.”
D D of Hamburg PA on 4/24/2015
JS-650 - “Liked the flavor, not harsh at all. Finished well.”
K L of Leesport PA on 4/24/2015
KL-748 - “I smoke Ave Maria cigars and would compare this cigar to them. Nice draw, good construction. Mild to medium in taste. No bitterness. Consistent throughout. Great value, Smokes like a $15 cigar. Repeat buy for sure! GREAT JOB!!!”
B W of Shoemakersville PA on 4/24/2015
JO-6550 - “Enjoyed with as well as without a beer. Very good taste, and very smooth. Draw was amazing. Would give to other people to try. Already bought multiple. Great job CI :-P”
H B of North Arlington NJ on 4/24/2015
YT-650 - “John R, from the CI Hamburg Store, introduced me to this cigar. Don't ever stop making this GREAT cigar.”
D M of Fort Washington MD on 4/24/2015
ZH-6552 - “Lots of smoke, slight oil, mellow and nutty, slight earthy, mostly cool burn, bitter citrus, lots of smoke, milky smooth.”
J G of Reading PA on 4/24/2015
KC-6554 - “Doesn't hold an ash. Drops without notice. Good mile flavor. Best light with a crisp beer.”
J C of Lehighton PA on 4/24/2015
QB-5552 - “Bit harsh on the tongue. Flat on flavor.”
T V of Bernville PA on 4/24/2015
KH-554 - “The JS-650 Is one of my favorite cigars of all. Please continue to produce them. ”
M H of Manville NJ on 4/21/2015
LD-652 - “Very nice, smooth, and aromatic.”
S B of Glendale WI on 4/17/2015
YP-5754 - “Lovely slow burn; sweet aroma; overall gorgeous smoke.”
A M of Goose Bay NL on 4/7/2015
QX-6542 - “A light spice, with woodsy notes. I found the draw a bit terrible though, like a milkshake too thick. It burned evenly, and the flavor was good though.”
J B of Whitehall PA on 3/13/2015
JS-650 - “The JS-650 is a nice, smooth, mild to medium strength cigar, that would be perfect in the morning with a cup of coffee. I would recommend this cigar to anyone!”
J W of Lititz PA on 3/9/2015
KB-656 - “Prefect construction and draw, a full bodied smoke. Nice pepper and cedar flavor. Been in my humidor for about a year aging great. Paired with Barthouse bourbon. Not a beginner cigar. I really enjoyed it.”
M M of Auburn NY on 2/12/2015
KF-5555 - “Keep up the Great Work.”
N P of Philadelphia PA on 2/7/2015
KF-5555 - “A decent smoke with a medium flavor. Has a good construction and burns well. It stars off with a creamy flavor. For a maduro this is like putting cream in my coffee, no need for it. It picks up some heavier flavors mid-way then levels out to a mix of the two. Overall a bit inconsistent on the flavor and not something I'd buy again.”
W K of Fort Worth TX on 2/3/2015
QT-6558 - “Absolutely LOVED IT! I am mad I only bought one when I was in Hamburg. They are backordered on the website. UGHHHH”
N P of Philadelphia PA on 2/3/2015
ZK-6754 - “This was a good med-full/full strength blend. The initial burn was a little rough, but evened itself out nicely throughout the burn.”
J W of Lititz PA on 12/29/2014
JS-650 - “Smooth medium flavored cigar. No after taste. I would recommend this cigar to anyone.”
t m of kearny NJ on 12/24/2014
QE-7744 - “This was a wonderful cigar, I totally enjoy this smoke! and I would recommend this cigar to anyone QJ-7260”
T G of Mount Vernon NY on 12/17/2014
QE-7744 - “Perhaps poorly constructed. I could not keep it lit. The aroma, however, had a delightfully burnt oak scent. The taste impression was of dandelion.”
M B of seattle WA on 12/1/2014
JE-4550 - “Leather! If you have friends who have never tasted heavy leather from a cigar, this is the go-to.”
M B of seattle WA on 12/1/2014
VB-6744 - “Very good cigar, will purchase again!”
J S of Hamburg PA on 11/25/2014
YT-650 - “Very nice mild aromatic smoke! Definitley underpriced!”
A K of Topton PA on 11/25/2014
JO-6550 - “This cigar has great character delivering dense robust flavor while staying medium in body. Rich in notes of cocoa, slight pepper, earth, and cedar. The finish is long and sweet adding notes of espresso and chocolate. The burn is even with a nice smooth draw. The white ash compliments the dark wrapper perfectly. Best part of all is every puff will fill the air with a delightful chocolaty aroma.”
J B of Bethel PA on 11/25/2014
YP-5754 - “Reminds me a lot of the Genesis Project”
L N of Hudson NH on 11/25/2014
LD-554 - “Draw was heavy but not uncomfortable. Toasty flavor right off the light with fruity undertones. Honestly I tasted blueberrys in this cigar. Nice sweet flavor but not overly sweet. Good tobacco flavor. Definitly a medium to full flavor cigar. Very impressed. Very complex stogie.”
R S of Leh NJ on 11/25/2014
YP-5754 - “If you build this, they will buy it!”
B D of Reading PA on 11/25/2014
YP-5754 - “Started peppery. Smoothed out quickly. Very flavorful. Excellent maduro. Would buy again!”
R T of Biglerville PA on 11/25/2014
JH-6748 - “I am new to cigars. It was described as a medium to full. To my taste it was mild to medium. Nice aroma, cool smoke. My favorite cigar so far is a Alec Bradley American Toro.”
A K of Topton PA on 11/25/2014
JE-4550 - “A delicious, consistent great flavorful smoke. To me, a great nutty flavor - really nice! Great cigar!”
W F of Little Egg Harbor NJ on 11/25/2014
TU-7250 - “Great cigar to smoke during a round of golf!”
J H of Scottsdale AZ on 11/25/2014
QB-552 - “Purchased to compare to the Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project. Very nice smoke! Very enjoyable. I love you blends. Will be back!”
H B of Medford NJ on 11/25/2014
PJ-5556 - “Great Cigar!”
J D of Harrisburg PA on 11/25/2014
KF-5555 - “Loved it! Such a great taste and draw throughout the entire cigar!”
C G of Lenhartsville PA on 11/25/2014
KC-6554 - “Good flavor but didn't draw or finish as well as I would have hoped, but definatly worth trying!”
C G of Lenhartsville PA on 11/25/2014
ZF-544 - “Apearance was an expected dark maduro that was very nicely wrapped with a surprising slight toothiness on close inspection. The draw and light were great with the hints of dark chocolate almost right away. The ash was fine despite a few cracks and held up really well. Notes of nice white cedar on the retrohale. I swear there was a note of slight licorice.”
C G of Lenhartsville PA on 11/25/2014
JC-548 - “Wonderful slightly sweet tobacco scent prior to lighting. Near perfect draw and easy light, and yet a slow burn with creamy smoke. A small carbonization ring and tight white ash. Retrohale gave a mild punch that was pleasant and offered notes that I would think were almost caramel. Enjoyed it and would buy again!”
C G of Lenhartsville PA on 11/25/2014
QC-6550 - “Great smoke! Awesome medium to full stick with a smooth finish. Perfect burn and draw. Definitly a new favorite!”
C C of Philadelphia PA on 11/25/2014
ZT-7050 - “When you first light it the flavor was ok. Would drink a nice dark beer. Not without a beer. Midway flavor was a lot better and smooth.”
H B of North Arlington NJ on 11/25/2014
QE-7744 - “Not my cup of tea, weak flavor.”
B D of Reading PA on 11/25/2014
JC-548 - “A very good cigar - but nothing memorable. Noticed some nice sweetness type of flavors.”
W F of Little Egg Harbor NJ on 11/25/2014
QB-552 - “Enjoyable smoke -- Great finish!”
G P of Chambersburg PA on 11/25/2014
KK-5252 - “Kept going out!”
K A of Reading PA on 11/25/2014
JO-6550 - “Enjoyed with & without a beer. Very good taste, smooth. Pull was amazing. Would give to other people to try! Already bought three. Good Job! :-P”
H B of North Arlington NJ on 11/25/2014
XG-5555 - “Loved this smoke! Very smooth & mellow... Would have liked a bit more "chocolate" flavor; but otherwise it was AWESOME!!! :-)”
B J of York PA on 11/25/2014
WC-554 - “Really enjoyed this cigar. Lots of smoke and burned evenly. Had a little trouble with the wrapper cracking near the top but got through it. A cigar I would smoke and offer after a good dinner. Could taste the sweetness throughout the cigar. Well worth the price.”
G E of Kenilworth ON on 10/31/2014
XG-5555 - “A nice medium smoke. Love the cocoa wrapper. Nice spice on the front end. Consistent mellow medium strength through the middle and end. Very enjoyable!”
M K of Reading PA on 10/28/2014
ZT-7050 - “I was in the Dominican in 2006 and smoked a Dominican Cohiba Esplendidos. To this day, I have been trying to find a cigar that matched this enjoyable cigar. I JUST FOUND IT!!! I wish I could discover the notes in a cigar but my palette just can not pick them up. What I can tell is if its a good cigar or not. This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. After all of these years, and I have smoked a lot of cigars, I have found the one. I hope I can get my hands on this for years to come.”
G E of Kenilworth ON on 10/27/2014
KF-5555 - “Had one of your (KF-5555) brands yesterday and found it to be one of the most enjoyable cigars I had ever experienced. Great burn, Excellent flavor, taste and aroma!! ”
D S of Goochland VA on 10/12/2014
G2-6050 - “I smoked this cigar because it was given to me. I wasn't overly impressed with it. The flavor wasn't bad, the burn was a little uneven and it went out twice. I will live by an important rule of mine. That rule is 3 strikes and you're out. So therefore I will smoke it again to see if maybe I just got a bad one, but anyways just smoke and enjoy.”
T F of pottsville PA on 10/3/2014
RH-5554 - “Very good”
T D of Waterbury CT on 9/24/2014
KK-4560 - “Good cigar. Burned a little uneven had to light a couple of times to even it out”
V G of VA on 9/21/2014
JO-6550 - “Tight to start but great burn. Little tough toward the end”
A C of Galveston TX on 9/8/2014
GH-652 - “Bought a Honduras sampler at the CI store in Hamburg a few months ago and just smoked the last one after having it in my humidor since that time. What a pleasant smoke. Good draw and even burn. The blend code is missing below and would not let me proceed. Here is the correct blend code LD 660”
K L of Lewisburg on 9/6/2014
RY-444 - “Great Maduro! Even burn, great "nutty" flavor - aftertaste does not hang on for ever, reminds me of a Fuente Opus X or 8-5-8. Lasted way longer than I expected for a short cigar.”
M D of Mt. Holly PA on 8/23/2014
RY-444 - “Everything Jason ( the C.I. customer service representative)said was awesome,directed me to the ry444 .GREAT CIGAR.”
R T of Collingswood NJ on 8/1/2014
XX-5552 - “Nicely constructed cigar full bodied with good draw and burn. While if was full bodied, there was not a lot of flavor to accompany it's strength. Peppery mainly with a hint of cinnamon. Would probably not buy again.”
C C of Philadelphia PA on 8/1/2014
PH-650 - “We'll build cigar with a nice build and a med-full body. Has a mild flavor. Nothing terribly exciting. Would smoke again if someone offered it but would probably not buy.”
C C of Philadelphia PA on 7/31/2014
VB-6744 - “Great smoke, loved the sweetness on the cap. It was a good alternative since you have your copper label Legends brand on backorder. I hope you put this one into production, because it's nice to have a Maduro as an option to the copper label.”
J S of Macungie PA on 7/20/2014
JO-6550 - “JO-6550 was a harsh start but got better as time went by.”
K L of Lewisburg PA on 7/19/2014
MY-6552 - “This cigar was smooth and an easy smoke. It was enjoyable.”
K L of Lewisburg PA on 7/18/2014
WC-554 - “Good solid cigar. Balanced all around. Good burn. Doesn't stand out in any one particular way but that's a guys thing in this case. A jack of all trades. Smooth enough for the novice yet complex enough for the well heeled. I can tell why y'all sell so many of these. ”
A M of Freemansburg PA on 7/10/2014
ZK-660 - “Lit up nicely off a match. Lots of spice and pepper right away. The draw is effortless. It soon mellowed out to very mild flavor with a velvety and cool feel on the tongue. Lots of smoke. The aftertaste is very soft. The final third starts to pick back up on that spice and the heat starts rising. Burned well but required a small amount of attention albeit without putting a flame to it again. Final third increased strength well. ”
A M of Freemansburg PA on 7/10/2014
RH-5554 - “This smoke was a consistent burn from beginning to end. Generates a very long ash. The wrapper is nice. Somewhat "boring" to me in that the taste was the same from beginning to end - a "dry" and pleasant leather taste was predominant for me. I bought two of these, and when I smoke the second one, I'll come back and compare the two in a review.”
M M of Front Royal VA on 7/6/2014
VB-6744 - “Excellent cigar!!!!! I tried one in the Hamburg store then bought 20 of them.”
J H of Reading PA on 7/6/2014
XD-752 - “wonderfully smooth smoke, excellent taste, not bitter and not overly sweet. this cigar is far better than most "big brand" cigars that i have smoked. smooth even burn smooth draw, each puff better than the last!!”
R T of Kutztown PA on 7/5/2014
QT-6558 - “decent smoke, inconsistent burn (only burned on on side half the time), not my every day smoke but i would try another”
R T of PA on 6/29/2014
XL-6560 - “excellent smoke, will grab a handfull my next visit”
R T of PA on 6/29/2014
KK-4560 - “The cigar started like a dud, but after it settled in it was a good cigar. The only other issue the wrapper came apart, but all in all I liked it.”
J G of Old Bridge NJ on 6/29/2014
WC-554 - “Wc-554 this cigar starts out lite and smooth, develop to a slits leather spice. But mellow to the end. I smoked it to the tip of my fingers.”
B F of Newville PA on 6/17/2014
JS-650 - “Very glad that preferred this like the taste and very good customer service”
L S of Westchester PA on 6/7/2014
ZK-660 - “just got a 50 stick wheel of the zk-660, awsome smoke. smoked one on the way home, then after dinner.amd was highly impressed....will be one of my top picks in my rotation...thanks CI”
m e of washington DC on 6/1/2014
RH-5554 - “Got this as a gift from a Veteran CI guy. I was surprised buy the mild to medium strength. It started peppery and mellowed out. I found it to be pleasant, and fairly mild. I have a second to compare it to and will light it up in a day or so. I have several other blend Labs cigars. I am very interested to see what all I like, and what gets forgotten. right now, I am giving this a solid will retry. We will see how my ratings go on the second one.”
C G of CA on 5/28/2014
JO-6550 - “jo-6550 all 10 and i would buy again great smoke!”
s g of PA on 5/26/2014
YP-5754 - “Overall this was a pretty good cigar. It had a similar taste in my opinion to the BlendLab YD556, but wasn't as sweet.”
J W of Lititz PA on 5/17/2014
QT-6558 - “Good mild cigar with nice draw. No tunneling with a little bitterness toward the end of the smoke.”
C W of Rock Tavern NY on 5/12/2014
QB-552 - “Awesome cigar. Tons of billowing smoke!! Nice and oily.”
A M of Freemansburg PA on 5/10/2014
ZV-654 - “Aged almost a year. Wrapper smooth, a lil bumpy, not too veiny, looks like Maduro wrapper. Initial flavor - Tastes like Esteli/Jalapa Nicaraguan natural tobacco sweetness, hints of pepper, slight caramel, nutmeg, cedar. Very nice and smooth flavor on retrohale, but not much on the finish. Seems mild/med in strength, med in body so far. About 2" in (toro size I'd guess.) Ash is solid so far w/ great draw & smoke...almost done. Flavor stayed solid and finish greatly improved. Great stick!”
E D of Magnolia DE on 5/7/2014
ZV-654 - “Aged almost a year. Wrapper smooth, a lil bumpy, not too veiny, looks like Maduro wrapper. Initial flavor - Tastes like Esteli/Jalapa Nicaraguan natural tobacco sweetness, hints of pepper, slight caramel, nutmeg, cedar. Very nice and smooth flavor on retrohale, but not much on the finish. Seems mild/med in strength, med in body so far. About 2" in (toro size I'd guess.) Ash is solid so far w/ great draw & smoke...almost done. Flavor stayed solid and finish greatly improved. Great stick!”
E D of Magnolia DE on 5/7/2014
JO-6550 - “A very nice stick.”
M P of Lancaster NY on 5/5/2014
YD-556 - “My YD-556 started with a nice amount of spice, but mellowed quickly. The cigar remained complex and silky smooth. This cigar has a some good chocolate flavors creeping in towards the middle. Overall this is a very tasty stick that I'll be purchasing for sure in the near future!”
J W of Lititz PA on 5/4/2014
RH-5554 - “Excellent construction and perfect draw. Burns very well. Nice long ash. Sl peppery upfront but decreases as you smoke it. Slight leathery with a trace of woody character. Smoothed out considerably as I smoked it.”
M M of Aubur NY on 5/2/2014
KB-5254 - “A great smoke. Smooth and tasty. KB-656”
P K of Belchertown MA on 4/26/2014
TU-7250 - “I recently smoked a cigar that a friend purchased at Cigars International in Hamburg, near Cabelas....not pleaseing, it seemed stale and the wrapper was coming apart.”
A K of frackville PA on 4/21/2014
QB-552 - “Good draw but a little harsh.”
R O of NJ on 4/20/2014
WC-554 - “Great cigar!! Smooth and mild to start, finished up a little stronger... Great smoke, lasted over and hour..”
D L of Shrewsbury PA on 4/19/2014
YD-556 - “Good initial lip taste but bitter throt taste that smothed out over time.”
R O of NJ on 4/12/2014
KB-5254 - “Good Medium to bold cigar with even flavor.”
R O of NJ on 4/12/2014
WC-554 - “From the time I lit it till it was just a nub I enjoyed this smoke. Right from the start a nice mellow smoke with a perfect burn ring all the way through. I loved this cigar!!”
S A of Hackettstown NJ on 4/11/2014
YT-752 - “YT-752 I did not enjoy this cigar at all it is bitter and just did not have a good taste. LD-660 this is a very good cigar taste is excelent. I would buy this again and would enjoy it. Thank You for the opportunity to try these cigars.”
L C of Quarryville PA on 4/7/2014
ZT-7050 - “Mine were a bit stale, but tasted like an Ashton. Smoked well, just wasn't soft as a fresh cigar. Not on your Blend Code ZT-750. Would repeat purchase if they were fresher. Note:Selected incorrect code, to complete submittal!”
L L of Greenfield IN on 4/4/2014
SJ-7542 - “Excellent cigar, lasted over 1 hour. Burned uneven several times but evened out on it's own. I don't usually smoke panatelas but I would buy a box of these.”
C P of Allentown PA on 4/3/2014
YP-5754 - “Great smoke! It lit effortlessly, and immediately I had a smooth draw and delicious favors of chocolate and caramel. This remained until half way through, where it became spice notes. It changed again to spice with chocolate and finished that way. The construction itself was very solid. The ash was solid and I kept it going until I had a good 3-4 inch ash, which I knocked off. this should become a regular production cigar, as I would definitely purchase it again.”
B T of Crossville TN on 3/29/2014
RY-444 - “Too strong for me. It looked great though, I liked the shape and size. I gave it to my old man after a few puffs since I didn't want to waste it. To my surprise he loved it! Different tastes I guess...He said it reminded him of the crappy "mahorca" he used to smoke as a kid in the old country. I could see memories rolling behind his eyes. I'll buy again to gift some to him.”
V B of Seattle WA on 3/22/2014
JC-548 - “This one was dry with a cracked wrapper. I kept it in the humi for a while before smoking it. Unfortunately it did not regain its full humidity, but I really wanted to try it. Excellent flavor on the first inch, I liked that the ash stayed on for almost 2.5". Nutty middle and slightly spicy finish. I'll try it again, hopefully I won't get kindling next time as well. I give it a 5 for overall experience because of the cracked wrapper. Otherwise I enjoyed it.”
V B of Seattle WA on 3/22/2014
RQ-444 - “I loved this little bugger. Nice and mild, good construction and nice burn and draw. It came in a little dry when I received it but overall I loved it. I will definitely purchase more of this style in the future.”
V B of Seattle WA on 3/22/2014
PH-650 - “Very smooth smoke, not harsh at all. I smoked this one after a nice steak dinner and it complimented it very well. Flavor had a slight peppery spice note to it and was very mellow from start to finish. Great job guys on a great smoke!”
C C of Baltimore MD on 3/20/2014
JO-6550 - “nice cigar burns very well. Taste was good started to fall apart after half way threw smoking”
e r of north brunswick NJ on 3/16/2014
KB-5254 - “I've been enjoying cigars for over 20 years. The day I bought this blend I bought a Rocky Patel as well. Not only did I enjoy this more than that superb Rocky, I enjoyed it more than ANY cigar. Ever. Super”
K S of Dunellen NJ on 3/16/2014
VB-6744 - “great cigar. burned great smoked just as good and had amazing taste and smell.”
N C of berks PA on 3/15/2014
VB-6744 - “this cigar was amazing”
H B of Reading PA on 3/15/2014
GH-652 - “nice smoke, very good flavor, great draw”
J R of Whitehall PA on 3/11/2014
YD-556 - “nice spice and some sweetness very enjoyable”
h c of hamburg PA on 10/17/2013
JS-650 - “An even and mellow smoke. Very Good.”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 3/12/2013
QT-6558 - “A long smoke but the draw was hard. Good taste in spite of the draw.”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 3/12/2013
KK-5252 - “Good cigar. Even burn throughout with a decent amount of smoke. Medium cigar with a smooth finish. Good flavors, 2nd third was quite good. Beginning of 3rd third got slightly bitter for a moment, then mellowed out again. Great aroma. Worth a try. Lasted about 1:15”
M C of Lancaster PA on 3/11/2013
JS-650 - “I use to go through the store now i head right for the blend lab the JS-650 is beautiful and i will buy it again”
K R of wyomissing PA on 3/6/2013
PJ-5556 - “First of all, this cigar is a bargain. It felt a bit loosly constructed, a little rough around the edges. The wrapper was nice, and the initial 3rd tasted great. About 1/2 in, the flavor became a bit acidic. It is an excellent value.”
J C of Parker CO on 3/6/2013
VB-6744 - “this blenb was given to me ba a friend who knew I like drew estate infused cigars. I was very pleased with the size the taste ,Ring gauge and mild flavor. This is the best ciger I have Had in a long time.”
R K of carencro LA on 3/5/2013
QB-552 - “great cigar need to say any more.”
A R of coaldale PA on 3/5/2013
QB-552 - “i love the blendlab”
A R of coaldale PA on 3/1/2013
KK-4560 - “Starts out A litter peppery but is A very good smoke finishes sweet”
A S of Acworth GA on 2/24/2013
XD-752 - “very 'peppery' at the beginning, almost to the point of being unpleasant. then a few minutes in it calmed down and was a decent cigar, but the wrapper split as the burn reached the halfway mark! this to me is unacceptable as it leaves the rest of the cigar more-or-less unsmokable...”
J W of Ossining NY on 2/16/2013
ZK-660 - “I normally smoke strong double maduro types. This seemd overly woody, a bit to much cedar flavor and bitter. Not one I would pay over 7.00 for.”
D S of waldorf MD on 2/13/2013
WC-554 - “This was a bitter starting and bitter smoking cigar. It ashed poorly and burned unevenly. It tasted acidic with hints of plastic. In fact, it smoked as though it had a plastic tip on it! A definite "do not buy again" in my cigar log. Not worthy of a gift, accept to an enemy. I am most disappointed that this was recommended to me by Joe when I visited last week. You guys are better than to offer this and charge $4 for it. A complete crap cigar.”
E T of Springfield VA on 2/13/2013
ME-6052 - “Smooth and tasty. Well constructed, nice draw.”
A L of Harrisburg PA on 2/7/2013
TU-7250 - “This cigar met every cigar expectation I had. The entire smoking experience was a pleasure. I will purchase this cigar again. When you sell this cigar under a brand name, tell the manufacture not to change the price. 10 out of 10.”
S O of Lancaster PA on 2/5/2013
VB-6744 - “very good flavor, long lasting, flavor remained throughout, very smooth”
S M of Dauberville PA on 2/4/2013
C E of WINDBER PA on 2/3/2013
JS-650 - “First inch to inch and a half isn't very eventful. However, it gets much better as it burns. This smoke is mild to me but that doesn't mean dull or without flavor. near halfway it creates great taste. Leather, toasty, creamy, etc,. I'm not good with defining the flavors but it develops to a great smoke.”
D I of Newton NJ on 1/31/2013
YT-650 - “this cigar was stale...big time it was hard to the touch, and crunched between my teeth”
J K of bethlehem PA on 1/26/2013
YH-542 - “Flavorful. Spicy. Great draw and burn. Medium body.”
D P of Shavertown PA on 1/26/2013
JR-6154 - “Loved it. Very smooth with a slow burn. The cigar left no bitter taste in my mouth neither while or after i was smoking.”
H B of Abingdon MD on 1/21/2013
QE-654 - “Began as a well tasting cigar. First half inch began to have a harsher taste. As the cigar continued to smoke the fkavor and taste became fuller and the harshness disappeared. From the second half inch until the end of the smoke the cigar was full boided and very enjoyable. Will purchase again. I do not want the cost of the cigar to increase. The cost and the cigar are a great match. Stanley Olkowski III”
S O of Lancaster PA on 1/20/2013
JS-650 - “My taste runs from smooth and light to more full. I've been smoking cigars for about 20 years. My pallet has not changed in that time. I do not like a peppary taste but prefer smooth but full tasting cigars. Not strong. I like the taste to be consistent the entire lentgth. This cigar has all that I want in a ciger. I love the ring size and will buy more. Now I hope I havent driven the price higher...”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 1/18/2013
QT-6558 - “This cigar was as smooth as butter. I smoked one in the store and enjoyed it so much I went back for four more. A lot of new cigar smokers come to me for advice on what brands to start out with. This cigar would be perfect for the new smoker. I usually start them off with flavored cigars and something mild. Well this cigar was the mildest cigar I ever smoked. Please let me know if this blend goes into production. I would refer them to all new cigar smokers.”
M H of Patchogue NY on 1/17/2013
ZT-550 - “Nice mild smooth taste. The first one I felt the wrapper was a little fragile and unrolled. It was a long smoke with a nice draw.”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 1/15/2013
RH-5554 - “I loved this smoke. Mild and mouth watering smooth. The hint of taste was not peppary and so good. Smooth burning. I will order more.”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 1/15/2013
OC-4252 - “This is made to look like the famous Short Story. Well it isn't, Its a well made cigar looking like a Short Story. Perhaps a little darker but the taste is not there. I bought 5 and Im still waiting for the taste. I wish it looked like something else and maybe my opinion would change.”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 1/15/2013
JC-548 - “Called a Short's just OK...”
W M of Ft Lauderdale FL on 1/15/2013
SD-5555 - “A nice, dark yet vaguely spicy cigar.”
K A of Atlantic City NJ on 1/13/2013
JY-656 - “very mild smooth cigar i so wish i would have bought more i wish there was a cigar international near me ..hint hint.. the nearest one is 70 minutes away but this cigar was EXCELLENT”
L K of lancaster PA on 1/13/2013
RH-5554 - “The first one of these was VERY peppery; so much that I really didn't enjoy it. This one still was very peppery, but not nearly as much as the first. Both cigars were bought at the same time, so there seems to be quite a bit of variance within the batch.”
J Z of Audubon PA on 1/9/2013
JE-4550 - “Packed very loosely. Ash was blowing all over the place the whole time I smoked it. Would feel bad smoking something like this in a friend's house, getting ash everywhere. Flavor was mediocre. No reason to recommend it.”
J Z of Audubon PA on 1/9/2013
NJ-550 - “Excellent Medium Bodied Smoke. Outstanding Wrapper and smooth start to finish.”
A L of Harrisburg PA on 1/8/2013
JS-650 - “MIld -Medium-right on the money but with great flavors. I enjoyed this one down to the nub. I may have had it out a bit long as my wrapper broke and unraveled in a few places. otherwise, a really good and tasty cigar”
D I of Newton NJ on 1/6/2013
KX-648 - “Fantastic Cigar”
B M of Bethlehem PA on 1/3/2013
XX-5552 - “Not bad, but wrapper was too light and came off. A little bitter near half way.”
J S of Traverse City MI on 1/3/2013
VB-6744 - “Loved it, would buy again. Strong hinst of Cinnamon, Clove, Spice. Sweet hint of citrus in there somewhere too. Towards the end once the nub got even slightly warm it lost all its flavor, leaving the last 2 inches unsmokable, but every inch before that was awesome, just wish it followed through to the end. I am reordering VB-6744 now!”
J W of Ossining NY on 1/1/2013
VB-6744 - “This was my 4th blendlab cigar, and the first one I loved! I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! The complex flavors were great. Sweet but full flavored, strong of Cinnamon, Clove, Sprices and subthle citrus hint, almost like holiday-spice with a hint of orange! Towards the end, once the nub got slightly warm the cigar lost most of its flavor, leaving the last 2" of it unsmokable. For some this is ok as they don't usually smoke them that far down, however I was enjoying it so much I wanted that inch”
J W of Ossining NY on 1/1/2013
JS-650 - “Smooth Not too harsg”
F B of Center Valley PA on 12/31/2012
WH-660 - “Overall a very good cigar, between medium and full body with good flavor the whole way thru. Nice looking wrapper and burned well. I plan to buy more. ”
J B of Burlington NJ on 12/31/2012
NH-650 - “excellent cigar, a very good every day cigar, like a fine wine ,the flavors come out as you smoke it very flavorful i highly recommend it”
A C of West Babylon NY on 12/29/2012
VB-6744 - “Bought 2, enjoyed with a friend... Nothing spectacular but very nice all around. Nice sweet taste on your lips, with a mellow sweetness and a dash of spice on the tongue. If you like the occasional infused stogie snag a few of these.”
J H of Danville PA on 12/26/2012
NH-660 - “The NH-660 was a good cigar. I usually favor a Nicaragua tobacco with a full taste. This cigar was very close. I enjoyed the taste and smooth smoke. Draw and burn was good. It was a good stick.”
B I of Carlisle PA on 12/19/2012
KK-4560 - “This was a good cigar. Paired well with a good scotch. Good full body, was full at the beginning and then began to mild and creamy flavor toward then.”
J C of Lebanon PA on 12/19/2012
VB-6744 - “Great addition to drew estate product line. Superb pairing with a cup of Earl Gray Tea. Freinds of mine enjoyed this stick also. Personaly this one same level as the Java, also a great flavored cigar. H.Q.”
H M of Everett WA on 12/17/2012
ZK-660 - “Good cigar, nice flavor. Draw was great, maybe even a bit to easy. I could have easily paired this up with a nice scotch and it would have been GREAT. Ring is a bit bigger than I like but was manageable.”
L G of Keyport NJ on 12/9/2012
JB-754 - “I had trouble with the burn of this cigar, would not burn straight. I don't know if this was because I did not light it evenly or if it was a construction issue. Very nice with an even better finish. Would probably buy again.”
L G of Keyport NJ on 12/9/2012
KK-5252 - “oily wrapper, even medium draw and burn, i didnt taste the pepper or dark chocolate but the rest was right there-smooth coffee notes, toasted wood , I'd add earthy to the description. nice amount of smoke . what a nice way to enjoy a nice walk in the woods on dec 5th .”
C P of Joliet IL on 12/5/2012
KK-5252 - “This cigar started impressively with heavy notes of pepper and coffee, but seemed to lose flavor and body as it continued. The finish was a bit sweet but lacked any full flavors or body. This cigar is medium bodied at best and other than the initial few puffs fell short in the flavor department. Appearence was dark and oily, construction was fine and overall draw and burn were very good.”
D M of Harrisburg PA on 12/5/2012
JB-754 - “OL4252”
J D of Reading PA on 12/4/2012
WH-660 - “it was a good cigar”
K R of mohnton PA on 12/3/2012
QB-552 - “Fantastic cigar overall. Started with a mild chocalate and earthy tone with a slight crescendo. Burned evenly but the draw was ever so slightly low. Had a very minor split in the wrap after about 1/2 way through. Beginning flavor faded lightly but got a few coffee notes near the end. Great mid body and smoke. Would definitely buy again.”
M M of Birdsboro PA on 12/3/2012
ZK-660 - “The cigar said it was a full bodied cigar. Compared to other darker full bodied cigars I have smoked this cigar was the lowest rated in my book. Additionally, I had nothing but problems with this cigar. When I cut the cigar it cracked the outter leaf half way down the cigar. When I lit the cigar and started to draw it, the outter leaf began to crack and split. It was very difficult to maintain a nice even burn due to problems with the outer leaf.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/3/2012
MY-6552 - “not bad, burns hot in the middle.”
M H of philadelphia PA on 11/30/2012
OC-4252 - “nice quick smoke. great for beginner or morning cigar.”
H S of PA on 11/29/2012
QB-552 - “This cigar was all I want in a Maduro--flavor,burn and not overwhelming. This is an add to for the humidor.”
R R of Pine Grove PA on 11/27/2012
NJ-550 - “This was the best cigar I've smoked in a long time. Only drawback was the wrapper, which cracked at a few spots. Might also have been just a bit light and spongy, but if thats what it takes to acheive such a nice, smooth draw, I'll sacrifice a bit of heft any day. A fantastic cigar. BTW, on my band was written NJ-5050, opposed to NJ 550 as was listed among the options in the drop down on this page under :blend code".”
J G of Fleetwood PA on 11/26/2012
ZD-4554 - “very nice shorty cigar, good light to medium draw , excellent taste slight pepper and spice flavor with a slightly sweet finish, more of a medium than full as described. Construction was an 8 out of a 10 only because of only one caveat... the wrapper split and kept falling off . if this was improved or addressed I'd buy a few more. I have one more left and will see if the wrapper does the same thing.”
C P of Joliet IL on 11/24/2012
RH-5554 - “very nice slow smoke. flavors as described. good solid construction. only had to ash it twice. draw was lighter than expected. smoked it right up to the ring. would buy again.”
C P of Joliet IL on 11/24/2012
JO-6550 - “a really nice cigar overall. the best i've had out of the lab so far. this cigar has a nice, creamy flavor as it's main characteristic - which is nice. perhaps a little one dimentional in terms of flavor complexity, but a nice long, creamy finish is enough to make this a memorable one. good burn. lots of smoke on an easy, but firm draw. i like it!”
M H of Whitehouse Station NJ on 11/19/2012
VB-6744 - “First BlendLab purchase (New Super Store) I have nothing bad to say about this blend I am a maduro fan so this was in my wheelhouse. Will buy again. This is exactly as described and if you are a fan of JD I highly reccomend this cigar. great burn, lots of smoke.”
R R of Pine Grove PA on 11/19/2012
JS-650 - “This one I enjoyed at the wooden match.What a great place!”
M H of Manville NJ on 11/17/2012
RH-5554 - “spicy, very full-flavored, milder toward the end. thick leathery wrapper. very different taste than I'm used to, a little offputting. have another and will see how I like it a second time.”
J Z of Audubon PA on 11/15/2012
XJ-4554 - “Rich flavors. Chocolate and deep earth. Really very nice. 91 rating”
L M of El Paso TX on 11/14/2012
JY-656 - “it was blend JY-656 purchased in Hamburg Pa 11/11/12”
R R of egg harbor NJ on 11/12/2012
JS-650 - “A friend compted me this cigar and I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor. Wrapper was a bit loose and when the label was removed it shredded a bit but I still smoked it to the end!”
B W of Palmyra PA on 11/11/2012
QE-654 - “QE-654: This was an enjoyable, even, and smooth smoke. Look forward to another.”
C C of Orwigsburg PA on 11/7/2012
VB-6744 - “This cigar burns evenly, taste and smells great. This has become my number one cigar in my box. I recommend it to all my friends. I have one humidor dedicated to this very cigar.”
A W of Randallstown MD on 11/3/2012
WC-554 - “Bought on a reccomendation of one of the store assistants. Was very pleased with this cigar. Very nice construction and good burn. Pleasant flavor that is perfect for a nice relaxing end of the day smoke. I could make this my everyday smoke!”
M F of Greensburg PA on 10/27/2012
VB-6744 - “Hands down one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I will definitely be purchasing this cigar again. Just the smell of the cigar was amazing. The taste was great, it was a slow burn and each puff was better than the last. I would highly recommend purchasing this cigar, I know I will be purchasing it again. Also each puff creating a cloud of smoking with was awesome. Thank you for creating this awesome cigar!”
J J of Flanders NJ on 10/26/2012
JS-650 - “First Blend lab cigar. I like a mild or infused smoke and this was great! Very mild, yet the first 5 minutes was plain but had a period of oak. nded light and creamy. Excellant smoke for empty stomach or light smoker. Just right for me!!! Two thumbs up!”
B B of Selinsgrove PA on 10/11/2012
VB-6744 - “This is a great tasting cigar! It had a bold beginning and then it mellowed out. I would definately purchase this cigar again. I like most of the Drew Estate cigars on the Acid, Natural and Java lines. This will be a fine edition to the D.E Family!”
E W of West Babylon NY on 10/8/2012
SD-5555 - “This was a finger burner after a pinot and pork dinner. Hit the porch on a cool night and found myself wishing for another 1-2 inches. THe granular testure of taste was supurb. Perhaps that was peper, but after a meal and two puffs I found it maintaining it's flavor throughout the burn, which was perfect, even and maintained great draw. While full flavor, I found the taste mixture to be smooth. One question - when will these go on a buy 5 get 2 free sale!”
C H of oak hill VA on 10/7/2012
XF-648 - “started out a tad strong and rough but it seemed to 'smooth' out with continued smoking. Good draw and burn, solid construction - almost to the point of 'feeling' dried out. Would buy again - too bad it's being killed.”
T T of Tallahassee FL on 10/6/2012
RH-5554 - “Typically consistent in all aspects. Recently noticing some issues with constrained draw and uneven burn, but those have been limited.”
F L of Annandale NJ on 10/4/2012
ZD-4554 - “Fantastic smoke.. I liek the size, the flavor was clean and body was full.. i will absolutly order more of these.”
J H of Atlantic City NJ on 9/28/2012
ZF-544 - “great tasting cigar but turned off very quickly by outer leaf cracking while i was smoking it and outer leaf was already damaged on the second one that i purchased.”
T M of Valley Cottage NY on 9/27/2012
RT-654 - “Enjoyable smoke, I would try again. Infact I have two more.”
R W of Nazareth PA on 9/13/2012
VB-6744 - “From draw to release, each action trancended smoothly. A mature and subtle body with a mild to medium strength. Easily a new favorite.”
G D of Windsor Castle PA on 9/2/2012
JS-650 - “Flaver was supurb Burn was a outy (wrapper a little faster than fill) for my rate ”
D M of Tannersville PA on 9/1/2012
YH-6544 - “My friend and I were both really impressed with this blend. It reminded me of the Cuban Montecristo I smoked last month: mild yet flavorful with hints of honey, citrus, mild pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The draw and burn were as good as any cigar I've ever encountered (much better than the Cuban Montecristo). In fact, I would really appreciate it if someone from CI would contact me and let me know in what factory this cigar was produced because I am still in awe.”
A F of Bloomington IN on 8/31/2012
ZK-660 - “I really enjoyed this cigar and would but it again.”
J P of Rockledge FL on 8/31/2012
ZK-660 - “A all-around great Cigar! There wasn't anything that was earth-shattering greatness but really nothing to complain about. Good tasting as well - Smoked it at work on a long break but would've enjoyed pairing it!”
C C of Andover NJ on 8/30/2012
ZV-654 - “Exceptional Cigar - My first BlendLab Cigar! The taste was great and medium bodied. The draw and burn was perfect. The construction was excellent - tight, fresh, no flaking - LONG ASHES! Wonderful Cigar.”
C C of Andover NJ on 8/30/2012
RH-5554 - “Very nice smoke with a beautiful burn and ash.Had a very nice flavor and was easy on the palate. I would be a buyer of this cigar at any price below $15.”
J L of Albany NY on 8/19/2012
JS-650 - “I dont have a large stomach anymore, and this cigar is great for the morning with or without breakfast. A great size and will last you sometime. I find it goes great with my morning coffee, and still able to find the flavors for a pallete that is mostly medium-full strength.”
C C of Bethlehem PA on 8/16/2012
VB-6744 - “This is the first time I have rated a blend. I love Drew Estates and Acids in particular. This is right there with my favorites, Blondies and Col dTea Infusion. I will buy this cigar again.”
D C of Shillington PA on 8/1/2012
XF-648 - “This cigar has excellent construction and produces a great amount of smoke. It was a rather complex smoke with a fair amount of spice from the ligeros, but the wrapper evens out the profile and provides you with something to concentrate on. I tasted mild pepper, sweet cedar and earth with slight hints of cocoa.”
C T of Lexington NC on 7/29/2012
VB-6744 - “thanks to Joe,s recommendation I can't get enough of this cigar. Please stock more drove thirty miles and were out .”
J A of Perkasie PA on 7/24/2012
YP-5754 - “Great Smoke! This was my first stick from the blend lab and boy was it delicious. Great coco taste throughout the entire experience. Not overpowering, just a hint. Burned evenly and had an easy pull. I want this one in production! Going to pick up another this weekend.”
R B of Bangor PA on 7/24/2012
YD-556 - “Piney aroma and taste. Excellent draw and smoke. Very good cigar.”
H C of Colorado Springs CO on 7/14/2012
VB-6744 - “Very fine cigar. Excellent taste and aroma. Good old fashioned smoke.”
H C of Colorado Springs CO on 7/14/2012
ZB-652 - “This is a very tasty cigar. The filler seems to take a back seat and allow the double hit of sweet spice from the binder/wrapper combo really shine. For a smoker who enjoys cameroon as well as maduro... this was a great marriage of two of my favorite flavors.”
D R of Coatesville PA on 7/11/2012
XF-648 - “Overall a really good cigar. the Flavors start right as you light so be prepared for coffee and spice right away. burn is a bit on the quick side so count on about 30 to 45 minutes for this journey.”
C L of Auburn CA on 7/4/2012
SJ-7542 - “I'm not usually a fan of long and lean cigars, but this one surprised me with it's draw and burn. Both were excellent! And altho there weren't copious amounts of flavor, it did have more than I'd expected. Nice cigar, in my opinion. Definitely glad i tried it and will re-order.”
S L of Wapakoneta OH on 7/3/2012
ZF-544 - “great little smoke smaller ring 44? dark habano/maduro wrapper slight imperfections in color and small spots,holes ,discolorations.i made a v cut cap tastes great .smoke starts out a little peppery and dry about half way thru the cigar it mellowed out nicely .the last third was delicious i wound up smoking it till it started to burn my fingers 3/8ths " left .It tasted that good i didnt want it to end.I would have scored it higher except for the minor flaws mentioned i believe it cost $4”
J H of Scranton PA on 6/28/2012
YP-5754 - “Tight draw, medium body but, not much in the way of flavor, little bit of pepper but, not much else. dry, dry finish.”
J Z of hellertown PA on 6/19/2012
SD-5555 - “Too much Pepper! Masked any other taste. Burned well, and produced good smoke, but my palate was overwhelmed from the beginning with pepper, and it continued thoughout the entire smoke. Would not buy again.”
E M of Rancho Palos Verdes CA on 6/10/2012
XX-5552 - “Picked up a couple of these in January. Well-constructed. Burn a little uneven at the start but settled down. Lots of pepper and leather/wood. Mocha fades in and out to add a bit of complexity. I give it a 9 out of 10. Worth buying more. I like this one.”
B L of Fremont CA on 6/7/2012
XJ-4554 - “I ordered two, and a friend and I smoked them together. We both agreed that the construction, burn, and draw were nice and even with little to no maintenance. The flavor just seemed a bit too harsh and biting. Of the three blends I ordered this was likely to be my least favorite, so it could just be my personal taste.”
J H of Danville PA on 6/1/2012
PJ-5556 - “This was a fantastic smoke. It had a slight spice to your palet during the inhale. The taste was firm but not over powered. I had no harsh taste during a re-light or the closer to the end of the cigar. The ash stayed on until you chose to discard it. One of the best cigars I've had in quite sometime.”
M E of Oil City PA on 5/31/2012
VB-6744 - “This cigar blends the best of many worlds, its contrcution is nearly flawless (though a few veins did pop out) the burn is smooth, the shape is spot on, and the flavor mixes sweet, earth, and spice. I am looking to picking up many more...”
R H of Quakertown PA on 5/30/2012
JS-650 - “Excellent construction, near perfect draw, long white ash. This is a very light cigar with a slight creamy almost buttery note to it. Body is very light which makes it good as a morning cigar or on an empty stomach. Enjoyed mine with my morning coffee.”
M M of Auburn NY on 5/28/2012
VB-6744 - “The wrapper had a sweet and spicy, vanilla or chai tea smell and it initially tasted slightly bitter but hints of vanilla chai and spice came through. Very aromatic smoke, which smelled like sandlewood and vanilla. Mellowed ½ inch in, and tasted like sweet fine black spiced tea, citrus, vanilla. I have always been skeptical about infused cigars but this changed me. I will be ordering more of these and will wait and hope that Drew Estate brings these out. Way to go! I have always been reserved”
E A of Bel Air MD on 5/22/2012
YP-5754 - “This was an amazing cigar, with a smooth draw. An overall great blend!”
A L of Boyds MD on 5/22/2012
WA-6552 - “Smooth burn throughout the smoke. Tasted a mild earthy flavors in the beginning. Mid Smoke it moved into a more complex nuttier taste. End of the cigar ended without much buzz. Regardless of the underwealming flavors was highly impressed by the build quality and construction which yielded a smooth draw with a consistent burn. Will give it a 2nd try given the chance.”
J H of NJ on 5/15/2012
SJ-7542 - “I trashed this cigar for the construction after the first one I smoked. Thank God I bought plenty more. Every subsequent cigar had been verry well constructed with a good draw, nice burn and a flavor I enjoy. My tastes run towards the full cigar and this one fills the bill just fine. It is the kind of cigar that leaves a nice aftertaste. I will be back to buy more!”
R B of Mechanicsburg PA on 5/15/2012
VB-6744 - “I really enjoyed this smoke, its a smooth full bodied cigar with alot of flavor, its not overwheming but has enough to set itself apart from other sticks. the flavors are complex and hard enough to figure out but it seems to taste like espresso and vanillas but still has a smokey dark flavor that doesnt let sweetness get out of hand, i would recommend this as a good starter infused, i think it could rope people into trying more, i like it alot 7 out of 10 :)”
S H of Whitehall PA on 5/14/2012
ZK-6754 - “This would have been an extremely enjoyable cigar if it hadn't had the firmest draw I've ever had in a cigar. Flavor was ok. Probably would be better with a good draw. The price of this cigar is 8.50 way too expensive of a stick to have to give up on a quarter of the way through because of the draw.”
J A of Gaffney SC on 5/10/2012
ZD-4554 - “A decent smoke with notes of pepper and a sweet finish. It had a good draw and produced a good amount of smoke. It did not feel like a true full bodied cigar, I would place it at a consistant medium. At its 5.50 price point I would definitly be a buye.”
S A of binghamton NY on 5/7/2012
PH-650 - “Recommended by the cigar sales lady at CIF2012. I had a Mexican dinner Saturday night, queso publano, Texas size margaritas, spicy salsa and queso dip with chorizo......I was up for a cigar and I remembered her telling me there where hits of pepper in PH650. It was the best thing I did after my huge dinner. It was the perfect accompaniment to a perfect meal with a perfect cigar! Thank you Blendlab Lady! ”
J L of Chatham VA on 5/7/2012
YT-650 - “Nice mild smooth flavor. No harshness at all, even when first lighting. Pretty even burn throughout the smoke. Overall a decent everyday smoke, but nothing spectacular. The draw was on the airy side. Maybe I just had one rolled a little looser but it lowered my perception of quality which made it seem slightly overpriced. If the quality improved or the price dropped, I would probably buy this cigar again.”
R G of Worcester MA on 5/6/2012
JS-650 - “Draw and burn were perfect. The firt two inches or so left a tingle on the tip of the tongue. After that, the tingle moved to the middle of the tongue. The cigar was fine but lacked any real notable flavors. It ended creamy but never show any signs of flavor like coffee, chocolate, leather, nothing. Nice cigar but rather bland overall.”
E M of Lancaster PA on 4/29/2012
ZK-660 - “My second blendlab cigar was dramatically better than the first. This was a great cigar. Drew easily with plenty of smoke. Taste was full. Burned evenly and needed no relighting. Only concern was that I recall that the blendlab cigars were pricey, so I can't say I would definitely buy again. But if they're affordable- Yep, for sure.”
K H of Columbus OH on 4/29/2012
YD-556 - “Enjoyed the smoke! Was a great cigar to go along with a nice single malt. Smoked it and really enjoyed the complexity and the two blended fillers. Not sure my wrapper started to unravel/crack but it still smoked great even with that misfortune. I have one more to smoke and hope it holds together better. Definitely would recommend it to others.”
S L of Jacksonville FL on 4/28/2012
YP-5754 - “Great, hefty construction in a torpedo shape. I loved the look and aroma of the Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper. This cigar had an easy draw, producing tons of aromatic smoke. I would consider it a medium to full bodied smoke. For me the burn was even and sharp, requiring no touchups. I would definitely consider buying this beauty again. I hope the CI decides to make this cigar a part of their regular lineup.”
D H of Minneapolis MN on 4/26/2012
TO-554 - “This was the first cigar I'd ever smoked down so far that I burned my lips. Excellent pre-light aromas, like a chunk of chocolate wrapped in freshly oiled leather. It lit easily, burned perfectly, and held an ash so pristine that it almost looked like a photographic negative of the cigar itself. It progressed from a medium slightly sweer cocoa/nut to a thick, full leather and earth. Copious thick, creamy, totally opaque smoke, a perfect counterpart to strong black coffee.”
C H of Orange Park FL on 4/20/2012
SJ-7542 - “I purchased 20 of this cigar on the recommendation of salesperson who was thought I would like the flavor. I also like the lancero shape. The flavor, taste and the draw were very good but I was only able to smoke about 2/3 of the cigar because as soon as I cut it the wrapper started to unwind making it difficult to smoke and I finally gave up. I hope the other 19 I bought do not end up like this one. It was not a solid cigar, not sure if that was because of the wrapper issue or not.”
R B of Mechanicsburg PA on 4/17/2012
RT-654 - “When I got this my jaw hit the ground! I couldn't believe how..... beautiful, for lack of a better word, it smelled and how smooth and creamy it was. It just became my new favorite and I'll definetely be getting more ASAP!!! Don't ever get rid of this. Thanks!!!!!!”
C O of Troy NY on 4/6/2012
TO-554 - “Slow burn, very fine ash, ran at first, then evened out. Initial tight draw became very good about half-way through. Pleasantly strong, but the flavor was indistinct- gray, not the brown that I prefer.”
K H of Columbus OH on 4/4/2012
RH-5554 - “This was a very good cigar. It burned good and had plenty of flavor. I would buy this cigar when it becomes available in the future. See you all at Cigarfest on Friday. Looking forward to it.”
M W of Tabernacle NJ on 4/2/2012
XX-5552 - “This was a really good cigar! Construction, burn, draw, flavor; all excellent! Nice, long ash as others have said. It had a slightly tight draw at first, but not for long. Started out mild and I would say by the second third was a medium strength stick with definite hints of cocoa and coffee. This was a nice smooth smoke that I'd definitely buy again; even at seven bucks. You have to figure, at any cigar shop, most cigars will cost more, and most won't be as good! Not a bad value at all.”
D P of Westfield MA on 3/29/2012
TJ-6252 - “It burned well I had no issues with it. It had a nice peppery taste that wasn't over powering. If you like the Cuba Libre #1 you will like this.”
L H of Fort Drum NY on 3/28/2012
YP-5754 - “Enjoyed this smoke. Good price as well. Great flavor.”
S H of harrisburg PA on 3/27/2012
SJ-7542 - “A very tasty lancero blend with smoothness throughout. Notes of subtle sweetness as well as spice. Could be paired with a subtle scotch or cognac. Worth the money”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 3/27/2012
RH-5554 - “Smoked alot like a Perdoma Champagne 10 year Corona. A little ashy flavored for the first half inch. Then it mellowed out and was very smooth and flavorful. Great blend!”
J M of Middletown PA on 3/25/2012
WC-554 - “Possibly the greatest cigar I've ever smoked.”
D T of York PA on 3/19/2012
SD-5555 - “excellent cigar easy draw paired great with an oatmeal stout”
J P of Olyphant PA on 3/18/2012
XL-6560 - “Nice cigar. Would you sell me a Hundred of these at $4.00 per stick?”
M P of Columbia MO on 3/16/2012
RH-5554 - “Excellent cigar. Received this one in a COTM club shipment. Survived being shipped overseas. Smooth draw with creamy after tones. Will purchase this cigar! Thank You!”
K M of Crestview FL on 3/9/2012
XL-6560 - “XL-6560 Awesome cigar, really enjoyed it. If this one goes into production, it's surely to be a big seller. Smoked cool and mild all the way down.”
M P of Columbia MO on 3/8/2012
RH-5554 - “smooth and perfect sweetness for a full bodied ciger ”
T R of Chevy Chase MD on 3/8/2012
RH-5554 - “very good! this is THE cigar that turned me on to blend lab. this is the only blen lab one i have tried to date but if they all are this good i will certainly be buying more of them.”
R E of edmond OK on 3/5/2012
RH-5554 - “Received this blend with my COM. What a pleasant cigar, at first a mild peppery taste mid through evened out to a smooth cigar. Burned uneven for the first inch and corrected itself and kept a great ash. Smooth draw, good construction, and a great burn. Hope to get more to sample!”
P B of Jacksonville NC on 3/4/2012
ZF-544 - “What a great little cigar. Such intense, concentrated flavor. the smaller ring gague really lets the sweet/spicy/rich flavors of this well cared for wrapper leaf shine through. filler and binders add body and substantial strength to the blend in a way that I really enjoyed. I'll never undrestand the marked for the freakishly large cigars that are being produced right now. This cigar is more interesting, better tasting, and easier to smoke than any 6X60 beast on the shelf.”
D R of Coatesville PA on 3/4/2012
L K of COLUMBIA MO on 3/2/2012
RH-5554 - “Only had 2. Smoked my 1st one 2 weeks ago . Looked forward to the 2nd. Had it today. WOW! Hope they are not too spendy. Would order more.”
D S of on 3/1/2012
SD-5555 - “Great Tasting Blend, Big thank you to Beth for introducing me to the blend room and recommending this full body smoke..Taste never quit and consistentcy in the burn... two thumbs up!!”
A L of Pennsburg PA on 2/29/2012
RH-5554 - “This attention-grabber boasts a gorgeous reddish-brown wrapper, well-constructed pigtail cap and novel uncut foot. Smoking started with a powerful kick of thick peppery smoke and followed with a perfect draw, even burn and sturdy ash. The 1st 1/3 had intense pepper flavor with smooth hints of leather and wood. In the 2nd 1/3 the leather and wood picked up in a thick creamy smoke. The last 1/3 got bitter, so I left it unsmoked. If its stays available, this could be a new standby.”
T S of Canton CT on 2/27/2012
RH-5554 - “This cigar was included in my COM - thanks. Very nice appearance. Due to shaggy end had problem getting a thorough/complete intial light. For the first few minutes it felt like the filler was not packed tight - like a hole - draw was too easy - then it became "normal" and the cigar was highly enjoyed. I would say it was medium strength. Lasted a nice 80 minutes.”
B B of Willow Grove PA on 2/27/2012
TU-7250 - “Nice cigar. Good constuction, medium flavor, not over beariing on the palate. Cedar and mild caramel. Not a harsh smoke by any means. Like the size in a double corona format. Will try again. If flavor was more complex would be an outstanding cigar however a very good smoke in any case.”
F A of Bellport NY on 2/26/2012
VB-6744 - “I smoked 3 of these now, not the greatest doing reviews but this stick is a must have. Little over 3/4 way through over 2 hours later. Great smoke, nice olily wrapper. Flavor never stops, gets better and better the longer it goes. Great sweet flavor that doesn't overwhelm. If you are looking to try your first infused cigar this is it. Make this cigar into a permnament line and you will have me buying so much Ill prob get threaten with divorce.”
S B of Lubbock TX on 2/26/2012
RH-5554 - “Nice cigar... Good construction, great burn, perfect draw, nice ash. The first inch was peppery and smoothed out to a medium bodied smoke. All in all a nice smoking experience.”
R D of Dracut MA on 2/25/2012
RH-5554 - “I would buy a dump truck load of these cigars if they are ever marketed to the public! This was one of the most delicious, fantastic smelling cigars that I have smoke in quite some time! The draw wasa perfect, however, it had an uneven burn about 1/3 the way through, but corrected itself at the halfway point. It started just a little bit strong for me, but the finish erased that minor squawk, as it was smooth and flavorful with hints of chocolate and spices. Yum-yum! More pls! Smokey Stover”
M S of Everett WA on 2/24/2012
RH-5554 - “It had a great draw and good flavor. I would get this again”
C L of Dallas OR on 2/23/2012
RH-5554 - “Great”
J H of High Bridge NJ on 2/21/2012
RH-5554 - “Just went out to walk around with my new cigar that came a month late. I belong to your "cigar of the month club". This cigar was a fantastic mild - medium that tasted like single malt scotch with a touch of almonds. Can you add two more to club purchases. Since this winter has been so mild here, I don,t have to sit by the fireplace and smoke my stogies. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Joe Bires”
J B of Macedonia OH on 2/20/2012
RH-5554 - “The RH-5554 surprised me at how good it was. Smooth, nice even burn with excellent ash and smoke, nice smooth draw. Made me immediately want another. Would love to have a box.”
R L of Tallahassee FL on 2/20/2012
D S of CORNEIUS NC on 2/19/2012
RH-5554 - “i got 2 of these very very different wrapers and very very different tastes i could not tell you if they got mixed up or if they just pack the band with whatever they have laying around one was not that bad the other was the worst i ever tasted!! would never order these or any other from there blend lab as you would never know what you would get... i did ask about them and they had no clue!”
J C of Ash Grove MO on 2/19/2012
XD-752 - “Not an over-powering cigar. Nice even flavor, smokey, peppery at start however not over-bearing. Good grey ash, holds firmly while smoking. Paired well with Double Black Johnnie. Would buy again for a second and third try. The construction, feel and choice of tobacco blend drew me to this cigar. Full bodied smoke but again at the lower end, not a kick your butt to the chair power and that's a good combo for a cigar. Well done.”
F A of Bellport NY on 2/17/2012
RH-5554 - “New Cigar smoker. RH5554 is a smooth peppery, earthy tasting cigar. Excellent draw and cool smoke. This was part of the cigar of the month club selection and I am very glad it was. Will definitely order this when stock runs low.”
S W of Arnold MO on 2/17/2012
RH-5554 - “smooth, excellant from begining to end”
M T of Lonsdale AR on 2/16/2012
RH-5554 - “Overall very nice cigar. The biggest problem I had was a consistent uneven burn. I would correct it and it would happen again and again.”
K K of Eagleville PA on 2/16/2012
RH-5554 - “Great cigar! Just the right sweetness (slight) to make it a very enjoyable smoke. Tks CI!!!! Jerry”
J N of Hurricane UT on 2/15/2012
RT-654 - “The RT-654 was the perfect mild bodied for a wedding gift. All of us loved them. Best part was that the employees were helpful and I told him what I liked and he recommended this blend lab cigar. I could not be happier. I have most of the box left, but I am happy with the new addition to my humidor. I could smoke it every day.”
P L of San Antonio TX on 2/15/2012
RH-5554 - “Extreamly smooth. Woody taste stays consistant throughout. Not over powering. Hints of pepper at times. Great burn from the start. This is a stand alone quality. Love to taste this after some aging.”
T I of Merom IN on 2/14/2012
RH-5554 - “Got the Blend Lab in my sampler. Nice smoke. A bit light on construction for such a large ring. The draw is perfect and the smoke is thick, but not harsh. Nice ash. Wish they were not quite so "dear". I'd have a bunch of 'em.”
S F of Dallas TX on 2/14/2012
RH-5554 - “my first taste of the blendlab experience, it came with my club order as a bonus, and i must say i am quite pleased. i first noticed the plesant peppery taste when i first bit into it. smoked with a very easy draw, burned fairly evenly with a very thick smoke. i paired it with Highland Park's 12 year single malt. i thuroughly enjoyed it, and i will be passing on the other stick to one of my fellow cigar buddies.”
C R of Oak Grove KY on 2/14/2012
RH-5554 - “Wow what a great cigar”
P W of Gunnison CO on 2/14/2012
RH-5554 - “Very good smoke! Plan to order more. Recommend that CI continue to add their blends to future membership trials each month. Great cigar!!!!”
C M of Inglweood CA on 2/13/2012
YH-6544 - “This was a tasty cigar with good construction and smooth draw. The spice was pleasant and there was no bitter aftertaste. I want to buy some and age them to see if that flavor stays consistent. Absolutely worth a try!”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 2/10/2012
WC-554 - “A surprisingly patient burn given its dimensions. Liesurely and peppery for the full length with a rich smoke. It provides an unexpectedly smooth, mild finish that is a treat all its own. It certainly leaves you wanting a second shot at it.”
W E of Palmerton PA on 2/10/2012
RT-654 - “RT-654 was my first out of the blend lab and I am extremely impressed. Very nice flavor and after taste, burned extrememly well. Draw was a tad tight but for the price of this cigar I am quite satisfied, would definitely purchase again.”
A A of Vineland NJ on 2/3/2012
WC-554 - “I LOVE Cameroon wrapped cigars, so I had high hopes for this one... Unfortunately, even though this stick had been properly humidified, the wrapper cracked and basically fell off after opening the cellophane and cutting. The body of the cigar, apart from the wrapper, did not feel dried out. It did not burn right; canoeing severely. I wish I could have gotten one in perfect condition because it did taste very good, but I can't justify taking a chance buying another one. This was really a shame.”
D P of Westfield MA on 2/1/2012
YH-456 - “I allowed this cigar to sit in the humi for 3 months...Nice white ash, tight cigar that draws well, excellent smoke, paired well with aged rum. Full strenght but not bitey on the palate. I will try this cigar again.”
B F of Grahamsville NY on 1/25/2012
SD-5555 - “The cigar has great potential. The wrap and construction leaves a lot to be desired for. The wrap tends to break apart or become lose about 50through the smoke. This was consistant through the 20 that I smoked.”
M B of Northampton PA on 1/25/2012
VB-6744 - “smooth, creamy, tasty.very aromatic”
B R of Dublin OH on 1/21/2012
ZK-660 - “I really like Greycliffs and Cohiba, but this cigar was the best that i have ever had. It was a full bodied cigar that did not overpower and was perfectly rolled. Amazing. I just ordered more.”
S B of Lemoore CA on 1/21/2012
PJ-5556 - “Great cigar, burned smoothly across on a cold night. Thanks!”
B D of Columbia SC on 1/13/2012
ZK-6754 - “I am not a fan of most maduros and this one tasted like most maduros. It tasted consistanty bitter until just past the middle when the taste impoved. part way toward the finish the bitterness reappeared. I put it down. Not the worst cigar I have ever smoked but not a good one.”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 1/12/2012
YH-6544 - “awesome my favorite cigar”
J R of Carolina PR on 1/7/2012
RT-654 - “This was a very good mild cigar. Construction, draw, burn were all spot on and, though a mild cigar, this had lots of flavor. I did notice a flavor progression for about one quarter of the cigar beginning with the second half of the cigar and the best way I can describe it is that it tasted like a Montecristo White. Which, in my opinion, have a unique flavor. This is worth a try if you like mild cigars.”
D P of Westfield MA on 1/1/2012
ZK-660 - “This cigar was amazing. I absolutely loved it.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
YP-5754 - “This cigar was ok....The draw was nice, however I would rate the taste a 4 out of 10.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
WC-554 - “This cigar was ok. The burn was good, but the flavor was alright.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
SJ-7542 - “This cigar was pretty good. Draw, Burn and Flavor were moderate.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
RH-5554 - “This cigar was one of the best I have ever tried. I absolutely loved it.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
PJ-5556 - “This cigar was pretty good. Not one of the best ones I have ever had...but not one of the worst either.”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 12/31/2011
VB-6744 - “i visited the store today and was told about this blend by a very helpful gentlemen that had noticed the other Drew Estates singles i had in my basket I truly wish i had gotten his name. I must say that this is now my absolute favorite cigar. It is hard to describe due to my inexperience in reviewing a cigar. I purchased 3 of these to share with 2 buddies but they will have to get their own now. I'm going to be selfish with these. I will be ordering a bundle of 20 next week. AWESOME CIGAR !”
L B of Abingdon MD on 12/28/2011
YH-542 - “I was given this cigar as a gift. The size is a favorite, corona. Looking up the description, it was graded medium to full. That was about right. Good even burn and flavor all the way through. Good draw and left a nice cloud of smoke. Strength varid at times through the cigar, but was always satisfying. Price point for a cigar like this was good. Reminded me of Rocky Patel’s Sun . That cigar is one of the better grown, but was a little better ones from his line. I would smoke this cigar again.”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 12/25/2011
SJ-7542 - “This cigar was also a gift. Panatella cigars are not a favorite for me. This one came to me kind of beat up. As a matter of fact it was bent and curved. I think my son said the dog might have stepped on it. I was not expecting much. This one turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Nice even burn and good flavor and was consistent. It was a good cigar but the size is wrong for me. I would not purchase it again. ”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 12/25/2011
TO-554 - “Burn was uneven, required relights. Taste was fantastic, smell was pleasant, smoke was light. More Medium than Full personally. Would buy again if a bundle was offered that provided a bit better price, at $6 a stick it's a little pricey for the experience it delievers.”
M Z of Riverside RI on 12/25/2011
YD-556 - “wish i knew the manufacturer. was a really good stick. started off slow but picked up quickl y about an inch in. stayed solid and didn't get bitter towards the end.”
S G of Wapwallopen PA on 12/24/2011
TO-554 - “Bought as part of the blend sampler. Started out great, though a little too tight to draw on, then half way through it got really nasty. I couldn't finish second half and I rarely waste a cigar. Maybe it needs to be ages a while longer?”
J N of Rockford IL on 12/20/2011
ZD-4554 - “An excellent cigar! I found a lot of sweetness and cream that I reallt enjoy in my cigars. The strength showed some power but was a perfect medium-bodied cigar. I smoked this on Halloween and was blown away by it the flavors complemented the night perfectly”
R B of Hamilton NJ on 12/20/2011
YH-6544 - “I found this cigar to be highly enjoyable! I smoked it slowly and got a lot of enjoyment out of it. It had sweet/spicy flavors from the Ecudoran Habano wrapper and unique nuances. A must try for any aficionado!”
R B of Hamilton NJ on 12/20/2011
YH-456 - “This was a pretty strong cigar with decent flavor. As others noted, it's a little pricey unless you get it in the full sampler. This has a very good construction and burn, with a nice draw to it. It's a good cigar if you like a little nicotine kick (even after eating it gave me that heavy feeling in my gut). For the money, for a shorter, stout smoke, I like the Nub line better, but this was good. Decide for yourself!”
D P of Westfield MA on 12/20/2011
ZF-544 - “Got this on a recommendation by the staff and absolutely loved it!”
E C of Tatamy PA on 12/20/2011
YT-650 - “Wrapper is a bit too fragile, and the wrapper looked like it was applied with far too much water, I know CT's are tough to work with, but this just looked a bit shoddy. Smoke was def. a med. peppery from start to finish, prelight was woody and earthy, cold draw had tobacco, wood and pepper notes. Burn was nice and even, shorter overall smoke time, construction aside from the appearance of the wrapper was good. Wrapper split at the head during cutting, at the foot during lighting.”
M Z of Riverside RI on 12/18/2011
XD-752 - “Pre-light aromas of grass and compost, slightly spicy to the nose, foot aroma was more compost with a slightly sweet note but a bit more spice to the nose. Pre-light draw was smooth, grassy, tiny hints of wood with a spice on finish. Light and burn were smooth and easy, no touch ups needed. Flavor was subtle, and the heft/spice progressed and built as the cigar worked it's way through it's length. Decent burn time, good overall cigar that would fair well for the mild/med crowd.”
M Z of Riverside RI on 12/18/2011
XL-6560 - “Prelight aromas were hints of wood and earth, foot has a slightly sweet aroma bording on nutty, prelight draw was woody with subtle hints of raw vanilla. Very long smoke time, very mild up until the last inch were a slight spicy bite came in, flavor profile was mostly one dimentional sadly. Thick creamy lingering smoke, overall for a mild smoke it was a great "movie" or "golf" smoke, not quite enough to sit down and focus on however.”
M Z of Riverside RI on 12/17/2011
RT-654 - “More towards the medium side of things, but sadly not a memorable smoke. It was fairly one dimentional, no flavor profile progression, decent amounts of smoke. This was the second cigar I smoked from the Mild-Med sampler and I remember the XL-6560 flavors more. Construction and burn were great, draw as a tad tight. Typical flavor notes one would expect from a Mild-Med cigar, nothing special. Overall I was disappointed with the cigar.”
M Z of Riverside RI on 12/17/2011
YH-456 - “Very mild on the palete; but no where else. Smooth easy draw and took about an hour to smoke. Very pleasantly surprised.”
J P of CA on 12/16/2011
YP-5754 - “I enjoyed this stick. It was hearthy all the way through, with a very nice smooth kick. The burn was a little ragged, as was the ash, but it hung on well, to almost two inches. I ran it down to about two inches, it was warm, put still quite smooth. It was hard to put down, you just don't want to stop. I will buy this blend again!”
W W of Mesa AZ on 12/16/2011
XX-5552 - “Great one gang.. Really enjoyed the coffees that came out about the middle of the cigar.. good full bodied leathery velvet taste to begin and got progressively more coffee tasting as it burnt. Draw was a bit tight and burned a little uneven but overall I thought it was wonderful”
C M of Cross Junction VA on 12/15/2011
RT-654 - “loved it! me and my tried some and burned well with delightful aftertaste. i would reccomend one to any one”
A P of Tempe AZ on 12/13/2011
ZF-544 - “The ZF-544 was a nice treat. As a fan of coronas, this once delivered as it went well with my coffee today. The flavors were smooth and toasty with a good draw and great burn. High quality for the price. I will be purchasing more in the near future.”
A A of Bethlehem PA on 12/13/2011
YH-542 - “Well constructed and great burn. No touch-ups needed once lit. Nice aroma and toasty flavor. I'm enjoying my 2nd purchase and will be back for more.”
A A of Bethlehem PA on 12/13/2011
XJ-4554 - “1st try with the XJ-4554 and I'm not disappointed. Well constructed with a great draw. The flavor was complex with hints of chocolate and cedar. Can't wait to purchase more!”
A A of Bethlehem PA on 12/13/2011
RT-654 - “The RT-654 was smooth with hints of cedar and cream. The aroma was nice and the draw was bit tight. Perhaps more time in the humidor would help with the draw. The wrapper began to crack midway through the cigar which may have to do with me smoking it out in the cold weather. Overall a good mild cigar and worth a try.”
A A of Bethlehem PA on 12/13/2011
XL-6560 - “Excellent smoke... all of my fellow cigar smokers love the XL-6560... i have to pick up a supply everytime i stop by!”
S S of Uniontown PA on 12/8/2011
YP-5754 - “I had the pleasure of spending a day in the CI Super Store testing new cigars from the Blend Lab. I liked them all, but this blend really stood out. This small salomon has it all-- a great wrapper (PA Broadleaf), rich full taste and great construction. I smoked two in the store and took 15 home. I'm down to just a few, and every cigar has drawn and burned perfectly. I'm picking up a bundle for myself and some friends next time I visit CI.”
J W of Boyds MD on 12/5/2011
RH-5554 - “Unlike some other reviews, this cigar burned perfect all the way to the end. A little harsh for the first 1/2 inch but a beautiful smoke with very easy draw. Would buy again”
J E of Mount Pocono PA on 12/5/2011
VB-6744 - “Very enjoyable.........super flavor........pleasant.........sweet on the lips. I want to experience some more of these.”
G H of Jackson PA on 12/4/2011
XD-4549 - “An exceptional smoke. Medium body. Very smooth, barely any bite. There is a very calmingflavor to it.”
L H of Newport News VA on 12/3/2011
ZF-544 - “average smoke with consistent flavorrs of spice and pepper”
W B of Bloomfield CT on 12/3/2011
YH-542 - “By far one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Definately a top shelf cigar.”
J H of Parryville PA on 11/30/2011
VB-6744 - “I think this cigar is excellent the only reason I gave it a low rating in a few fields was because I found the cigar difficult to get a solid draw on. I found myself drawing hard on the cigar to get a good puff. Also but more my own preference is that I prefer a slightly larger guage cigar. Other then those things I truely enjoyed the flavor and aroma and everything else. With the draw loosened up I would give it a 10 in all catagories”
A B of Morristown NJ on 11/29/2011
RH-5554 - “I have to say this was a great smoke; it was smooth all the way down, the wrapper look very nice and held together. However it did have an uneven burn 3 quarters of the way down, but will definitely buy this again. As a matter of fact I’m ordering more right now:)”
H B of Apo AE on 11/27/2011
RH-5554 - “The cigar had great flavors, not too complex, but enjoyable. As stated it did pair nicely with with a good bourbon. The only defect I found was the burn was not as straight as I would have liked and required a few touchups along the way. Overall I would enjoy this cigar again. Nice job guys.”
B P of Colorado Springs CO on 11/26/2011
WC-554 - “Very nice cigar. Mild-Medium without sacrificing on flavor. Draw is a bit tough - I needed to skewer it in the 1st 1/3 to get it to draw correctly and produce enough smoke.”
M Y of Omaha NE on 11/21/2011
RH-5554 - “A very well made cigar.I really enjoyed the feel of this cigar in my hand. There is a real solid hefty feeling to this stick. You can also taste that this blend is a dominican puro with its distinctive flavor. Keep up the good work.”
D B of Hallandale FL on 11/21/2011
WC-554 - “I’m new at cigars so it’s kind of hard to convey my exact view, however I thought it was very smooth, a great smoke, I will buy this again.”
H B of Apo AE on 11/19/2011
VB-6744 - “i absolutely loved this cigar im a big fan of ACID cigars . I was pleasently suprised by the draw and taste of this cigar i will definetly purchase again.”
J Y of Balyimore MD on 11/16/2011
VB-6744 - “great taste, tight draw toward last 1/3 of cigar. Had to relight cigar twice. Held ash for about 1/2" at most.”
C C of Harrisburg PA on 11/14/2011
TL-650 - “This is a decent Connecticut Shade cigar; but there's nothing outstanding about its taste. Something like a Rocky Patel Connecticut is much better in my opinion and there are MUCH tastier mild cigars (not Ct. wrapper neccesarily) that I enjoy such as Cusano's offerings. This cigar came a little dry, but that didn't end up being a problem. The burn, draw, and construction in general was excellent. If there was a more distinctive taste, it would be an outstanding cigar; overall it was decent.”
D P of Westfield MA on 11/14/2011
VB-6744 - “After my experience smoking my second VB6744 AND reading other reviews, I've decided that the construction just isn't consistent on these. This one had a very tight draw and burned unevenly as others have noted, but my first one was fantastic in every aspect of construction. Great appearance on both. I am not in any way much of a fan of ACID but I've only had the Kuba Kuba and Toast, but this is basically an ACID cigar and I did really like it a lot (the first one). Not too sweet to my taste.”
D P of Westfield MA on 11/14/2011
WC-554 - “For me, this was a nice smoke. This cigar started off very mild in the first third, however after getting into it a little more it turned into more of a mild-medium. I enjoy these types of smokes, so this was a nice cigar in my opinion. The draw was perfect as well as the burn. I only ashed this cigar three times through the entire smoke. I definitely recommend this cigar to those that enjoy a very mild-medium smoke.”
M M of New Cumberland PA on 11/14/2011
YP-5754 - “nice even smoke throughout, consistent flavor, smooth woody, earthy flavor with touch of sweetness on finish”
W B of Bloomfield CT on 11/14/2011
SJ-7542 - “I usually like a robusto sized cigar and after talking with your associated who suggested the Lancero size I thought I would give it a try. It was very enjoyable with good flavor, good draw, and a lot of smoke; the cigar lasted about 40 minutes with about 2 inches remaining. The last 3 or 4 draws were strong, kind of burny tasting so I stopped smoking. I also noticed that about 5-10 minutes later I was a bit buzzy and a little nauseated. Oh well; I still enjoyed it! Thanks for sugesting!”
L Y of Pittsburgh PA on 11/13/2011
YD-556 - “Good smoke! This stick reminded me of a RP flavor. It had a good thick white ash and a pleasant smell. The only part I did not enjoy was at the end of the smoke, the pull was easy but HOT. I will add that I am ordering more... the flavor was very good so even though it got hot I am ordering more. I bought these at the super store and wanted to say thank you to Joe for showing me the blendlab and taking the time to explain the different blends. I have 5 more to smoke and write reviews.”
L B of Westampton NJ on 11/12/2011
VB-6744 - “Sweet outside wrapper has a clove taste with heavy sweet black tea air to the smoke, is full and meaty in the mouth with nice black pepper inside taste from the sun grown filler . It is an over all good smoke from a Drew Estate. The taste stay about the same from begining to the end without getting to heavy.”
P C of Stewartstown PA on 11/11/2011
WC-554 - “Possibly one of the greatest cigars I've ever had. I plan on sharing and buying more of this cigar. It was recomended to me by and employee because of my interest in Acid cigars.”
D T of Kutztown PA on 11/9/2011
WC-554 - “This cigar is excellent! I really like the Rocky Patel 2003 Vintage Cameroon as well, but I think this is a better smoke. Has great flavor and the price is better than most Cameroon wrapped cigars.”
D B of Phillipsburg NJ on 11/4/2011
RH-5554 - “This stick had a shiny wrapper that smelled great before lighting. I cut the head and 1/2 inch of the wrapper unraveled. The pull was easy and smooth. the tobacco blend was harsh at first were I was forced to cough but I understand how most cigars seem to relax as the smoke continues. I was about half way through the smoke and it started to smooth out. I probably will not smoke this stick again. I have smoked a few other blend lab smokes and I am very pleased! I can't like them all.”
L B of Westampton NJ on 10/31/2011
ZF-544 - “Good quality cigar. Medium flavor with a touch of spice on the palet. I enjoyed the experience! I would purchace this again if more competitive.”
M R of Lafayette IN on 10/25/2011
YH-456 - “Very complex. Predominate flavors of walnut. Very good even burn. Nicely constructed. Became a bit harsher toward the end.”
G D of Marysville OH on 10/23/2011
ZF-544 - “A decent little cigar. The ash was a bit loose but the draw was smooth and the flavor was mostly pleasant. Would try it again and this time maybe with a coffee versus a scotch.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 10/21/2011
XX-5552 - “This was an enjoyable cigar with hints of leather and mild spice. I would consider this maybe a medium bodied cigar versus anything close to the full range. Still worth a try and possibly a re-order depending on the price point”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 10/21/2011
RH-5554 - “better than most o got in my box...really tasty worth the 6.50 no doubt...from opus to dirt...i'm chechen this sight out.”
C H of Plainfield IL on 10/19/2011
ZD-4554 - “First off, the cigar held an even and steady burn for the entirety of the experience. The ash did not fray and the cigar held a great structure and character throughout. Now to the most important part of the cigar, flavor. From the light to the foot, the flavor stayed consistent and true. It was full of different flavors and the great draw allowed you to taste all of them. but all those flavors quickly became a bit confusing for my palate.”
T G of Brigantine NJ on 10/17/2011
YD-556 - “First time in the BlendLab. Decided to try the October pick. YD-556. Joe was very knowledgable on the entire selection and said the YD-556 is a must try. How could I say no. I walked out of the store and lit it up for the long drive home. It was a great long lasting smoke. The flavors mix very well with each other and proved to be a smooth smoke. The value is where it is at with this cigar. At $6.50 it's one of the best bang for your buck cigars I've come across. I'm glad I grabbed a second.”
C G of New Tripoli PA on 10/13/2011
WC-554 - “Started out as a smooth burn, but just went crazy at the end. Great flavor and aroma. I would smoke this one again.”
B L of Birdsboro PA on 10/11/2011
RT-654 - “A mild, smooth, creamy cigar with a nice draw and solid ash.”
M L of Rensselaer NY on 10/9/2011
YD-556 - “Very smoothe smoking cigar with great flavor, comparable to a LFD Grand Maduro #6,, it burnes nice and even with a full draw. A little coffe notes in the flavor. Light to medium strenth. Sampled by Jerom Rau MIneapolis Minnesota”
S T of Minnetonka MN on 10/6/2011
YP-5754 - “very nice cigar; good flavor and lots of smoke. had to adjust uneven burn several times and the wrapper was torn at the foot but really worth doing again”
D K of New Cumberland PA on 10/1/2011
TU-7250 - “Great Cigar! Full and smooth all the way through. I Pulled off a Cohiba while smoking this and though there was a slight difference,, but there were more similarities. i am going to get another one today. just to out in my reserve stock.”
C G of Erie PA on 10/1/2011
WC-554 - “Great Mild cigar. Burned smooth.”
A K of Bethlehem PA on 9/26/2011
ZK-660 - “I smoked this cigar after dinner and this stick's rich flavor and full body was a fine choice. Tasty wrapper, great burn and beautiful ash with this full bodied cigar. Not complex but certainly a decent selection.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 9/18/2011
ZK-6754 - “Great Brazilian maduro! With a little rest, the cigar opens up to nice sweet tobacco with some oak and cedar. The flavors remain fairly consistent thoughout the cigar with hints of mocha and oak.”
G R of Sterling VA on 9/13/2011
RT-654 - “One of the best cigars I've ever had. Very well constructed with an even burn down to the last couple of inches. Medium body with loads of flavor. A real winner. Well done!”
M S of MD on 9/12/2011
RT-654 - “Very good cigar!. Packs a punch for the first 3/4" of burn but smooths out to a medium to full bodied smoke with a nice aftertaste. Will buy again!”
D K of Easton PA on 9/12/2011
XD-4549 - “This is a wonderful and quick smoke. Excellent construction. The experience gives what you'd expect from a full-bodied cigar, but is not overpowering. The semi-sweet taste stays on the lips long after it's been laid to rest. It's sure to find a place in your 'favorites' list!”
F S of DELAND FL on 9/11/2011
UQ-754 - “The ash kinda mushroomed at the end. Not the greatest for the price. I wouldn't say it's bad, but wouldn't say it's $8”
B D of Beaumont TX on 9/11/2011
RT-654 - “Very Nice on the high end of a mild cigar but on a low end of a medium cigar in strength I would recomend this cigar”
G Z of Spring Valley NY on 9/9/2011
ZF-544 - “This cigar has been in my humidor for ten months so I expect is has mellowed a bit. The wraper is a nice maduro, rough in appearance with some veins. Looks like a rugged cigar. Construction is good as is the draw and burn. Initial flavor was slightly peppery with a good tobacco taste. At the half way point the pepper taste disapeared and the sweet maduro flavod became evident. This is a nice medium body cigar. Overall, an enjoyable smoke priced about right. I will buy more.”
D F of Fountain Valley CA on 9/6/2011
XX-5552 - “Excellent smoke from start to finish. Great even burn! Had nearly a 2 inch ash before falling. Nice flavor. Good taste. Could smoke this one every day.”
T F of North Canton OH on 9/6/2011
XX-5552 - “Smooth draw and nice smoke. Ash fell after an inch and a half. Ash on end of cigar becomes yellow after half inch is smoked. Decent flavor with hints of brazilian coffee. Enjoyment right off the light.”
A F of North Canton OH on 9/6/2011
WC-554 - “Nice mild smoke. Price point on all the Blend Lab is too high.”
K M of Brick NJ on 9/5/2011
YH-542 - “Good tasting, good burning cigar... Woody and smoky - actually nice smoke for such a smal cigar. Burned quickly (30 minutes or so). The wrapper of the cigar was loose in the middle causing the ash to drop off about half way in - only true compliant... For $4.50 it is an average value... I would smoke it again!”
M E of Chesterton IN on 9/3/2011
ZB-652 - “Lots of flavor with a beautiful oily wrapper. Mellow and very well rolled. Perfect burn, got better all the way to the end.”
B D of Woodinville WA on 9/2/2011
XD-4549 - “Awful. I could not get the cigar to light as it was wrapped to tight. I even tried to ream it to open it up. I was thoroughly disappointed. The appearance was nice and firm. The price could have been right if it wasnt for the fact that the cigar was entirely unlightable. Extremely disappointed...”
M E of Chesterton IN on 9/1/2011
TJ-6252 - “OK... not great. Started out poor, had to fix the burn. Ash started to fall apart. About half through it became great but took a while”
B D of Beaumont TX on 8/31/2011
SD-5555 - “that was one of the best cigars i ever smoked”
W T of Norwood PA on 8/31/2011
TO-554 - “very uneven burn. more than an inch run. great flavor. would purchase again if it didn't run so bad.”
T F of North Canton OH on 8/29/2011
TO-554 - “Uneven burn, exceptional taste, oily wrapper, sticks to lips.”
A F of North Canton OH on 8/29/2011
YP-5754 - “Loved this cigar...... very smooth, great even burn!”
J L of VA on 8/28/2011
SD-5555 - “A very flavorful cigar. Pepper and earth with hint of cedar. Strong but very smooth. What an excellent smoke! Great after a meal or with a strong-flavored beer. Would have preferred a slightly smaller ring gauge. Despite the large ring gauge, the burn was even. Low scores on appearance and construction due to a 3/4 in. tear in the wrapper near the light end. Overall experience was fantastic, from light to finish. This cigar demands your attention while smoking it.”
E C of Allentown PA on 8/28/2011
SD-5555 - “Very flavorful smoke. Pepper and earth with a hint of cedar. Strong but very smooth. An excellent smoke! Great after a meal or with a full-flavored beer. Low scores on construction due to 3/4" tear near the light end. Never harsh. Spice grabbed my attention right away and the flavors just got richer and more complex through the stick. This cigar demands your attention while smoking it, and one must be in the mood for a full strength cigar. Highly recommend this cigar.”
E C of Allentown PA on 8/28/2011
ZT-550 - “Pre-light aroma: grassy Post light flavor: a blast of spice hit the back of my throat immediately. very pleasant...creamy smoke. Easy draw. Burn is straight. 1st third: Spicy, mellow, consistent burn. no flavors really coming to the forefront. 2nd third: bout midway thru, I'm getting a blast of sweetness and cedar! I'm glad because I was about to give up on this stick. Ash is perfect, not flaky at all. Last third: much better. really opened up. good flavor. Good burn, draw, pretty mild. ”
S L of Wapakoneta OH on 8/27/2011
SD-5555 - “This was my first blend lab cigar, and i am enjoying it as i type. a Fantastic stick! Wonderful complexity with a marvelous finish. Draws are large an consistent with a prominent perppery yet sweet taste. Not over bearing but definetly a handfull. I will definetly continue to enjoy and (obviously) purchase this wonderful cigar!”
A T of Wind Gap PA on 8/23/2011
ZF-544 - “Pre-light aroma and taste: Spicy w/ hints of barnyard First third: Tough draw, but even burn. Spice and mild pepper flavor. Slight hint of coffee. Ash fell off. Second third: Much the same, not much has changed. Maybe noticing some earth and wood. Sweetness too. Draw is much better.. flawless. Burn is even. Last third: Cocoa sweet flavor...still some spice. Very appealing. Woodsy too! Draw is awesome, and burn is perfect. Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this! Will re-order! ”
S L of Wapakoneta OH on 8/21/2011
UL-554 - “One word for this cigar: Clean Clean light, clean draw, clean burn. With one match, I was able to light the entire end of the cigar. Very nice clean, even draw throughout the smoke. The ash was heavy and very white. The resulting smoke was heavy, thick and white. The flavor at the beginning was at the high end of mild but changed to a medium body as the smoke went on. The overall profile may have been mild to medium but the cigar gives off smoe very complex flavors. A very good cigar.”
T D of Massapequa NY on 8/19/2011
UM-750 - “Beautifully constructed, with no noticable soft spots. The strength was towards the lower-end of medium, but the flavors full and rich. The only downside that I experienced was that the heat seemed to wash out all flavor just as the burn reach past the half-way point, and I had to end it there. Other than that, it was a enjoyable smoke, and i would certainly consider buying it again.”
S M of Moosic PA on 8/18/2011
SD-5555 - “Waaaaaay too much pepper in the 1st 1/3, so much so that I seriously thought about throwing the stick away. Settled down nicely into the 2nd 1/3 of the stick, however, and became very enjoyable, with great flavor and strong body. Tone down the massive pepper blast at the start of the stick and you'll have a great blend on your hands. I don't think that I'd purchase it again if the blender leaves it 'as is' - the opening experience was just too unpleasant.”
S M of Moosic PA on 8/18/2011
UM-750 - “Nice light cigar with a balenced blend.”
P M of Alburtis PA on 8/17/2011
VB-6744 - “This is the second stick out of the Blend Lab for me.. This one was my intro into the flavored!!! WOW to SWEET!! it took almost the whole cigar for me to get over the sweetness. it was way overpowering. I was not expecting the very sugary taste.. If that is what you like it would be a great cigar.. just not for me.. Sorry..”
J B of Cranford NJ on 8/15/2011
UL-554 - “This is a discontinued blend so i got it for about $4.00. I would pay this price for this cigar but it would be better at $3.00. I was looking for a mild cigar and this was a tad stronger. Flavor wasn't that good ( maybe because it was near the bottom of the barrel ) but the burn and draw was excellent. This would be a great cigar to sit around with friends and relax.”
D K of Medway MA on 8/13/2011
YP-5754 - “Smoked my last one from Cigarfest 2011. The wrapper is nice and dark, rustic. No prelight draw because it was very plugged. Had to roll it between my fingers and clip a little more of the foot than I liked. 10 minutes after lighting it was drawing okay. Great savory flavors that alternate between nuts and cedar. Love the retrohale on this stick! Dark cocoa comes out about half way through. The ash is pretty flaky but the core is very solid. Tapped off at more than 2". Reordering for sure.”
K M of Burke VA on 8/12/2011
SD-5555 - “Very nice... heavy in my hand. Solid with a good draw and firm ash. Nice full taste and plenty of smoke”
B D of Beaumont TX on 8/12/2011
YT-650 - “I was in the Nazareth store and I was looking for a mild to medium cigar and was directed to this cigar. I was told that it was peppery but was unsure and didn't ask what that meant. I guess I don't like peppery because I didn't like this cigar at all. I think I am too cheap also because I don't like to spend more than $5.00/stick for a smoke!”
D K of Medway MA on 8/8/2011
YP-5754 - “Very pleasurable smoke but the burn was terrible. Flavor was very good.”
E F of Altoona PA on 7/30/2011
YD-556 - “This is the first cigar I got in the Blend Lab.. Very nice taste, just a hint of spice.. only drawback was that it had to be relit a few times.. other then that it was a very good smoke!!! can't wait to buy a few more!!!”
J B of Cranford NJ on 7/29/2011
XD-752 - “I had high hopes for this cigar based on the blend description and some of the reviews but it didnt live up to my expectations. Notes of pleasant flavor but nothing consistent nor exciting. Draw was easy and burn was smooth but for the price there are several other cigars - in and out of CI blend lab - that have been a more fulfilling experience. Might be a better afternoon coffee smoke than an evening smoke (which is how I tried it)”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/28/2011
YH-542 - “This cigar was extremely tasty from beginning to end. It had a pleasant creamy taste from the first puff. I was disappointed when i had to put it down at the end. Definitely worth a reorder. A fablulous 30 minute smoke!”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/24/2011
TU-7250 - “The cigar was fairly smooth, at the start I wasn't entirely impressed but as I progressed the flavor grew and I began to enjoy it more I could just begin to detect the ligero, I tend to prefer cigars with ligero and this was a nice touch, it wasn't overpowering however, I could do for more strength and flavor in that regard. Overall it was pretty good.”
J R of Westfield MA on 7/22/2011
YD-556 - “Best made cigar I have smoked. Tightly rolled and nice torpedo tip. Medium-bold flavor was smooth and woodsy but not robust enough that you'll be tasting it for the next 36 hours.”
M H of Easton PA on 7/22/2011
XX-5552 - “Very well constructed, but lacked the flavor that i've come to enjoy in a nicaraguan cigar. Had a bit of an ashy finish. I wish the construction and draw of this cigar had been used on some of your other blends.”
E K of Great Falls VA on 7/17/2011
SD-5555 - “This was a great cigar with great leather and earth tones. Just the right amount of spice. My only complaint was that the draw with only a punch hole was too tight. When I cut the whole end off it drew perfectly. I smoked this right out of the CI humidor, so the humidity should have been perfect and not too moist hence the tight draw.”
C B of Toledo OH on 7/17/2011
TO-554 - “Not really impressed with this cigar as there wasnt a lot of flavor even though the burn was even and draw was good. Had it in the evening after dinner with a scotch. Maybe more of an early afternoon or coffee smoke. Perhaps something that didnt overwhelm whatever flavor the cigar had. Too many other options in this price point better to buy more”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/17/2011
YD-556 - “excellent blend, milder than expected.”
A U of Walnutport PA on 7/16/2011
UQ-754 - “i made it about 3/4 the way through, decent blend, just not "wowed" by it. definatly worth the money though.”
A U of Walnutport PA on 7/16/2011
XL-6560 - “Great Smoke! Mild yet flavor full. Great burn. long ash, a true delite”
J M of Eagle Point OR on 7/14/2011
YP-5754 - “A great 1hr. 15 min. smoke. Solid 2-2 1/2" ash.”
R W of Wescosville PA on 7/13/2011
ZK-6754 - “Wonderful smoke! Smooth, medium body with a great, slightly sweet flavor. Woods and earthtones abound.”
B W of La Quinta CA on 7/12/2011
YP-5754 - “so tight i couldnt get a draw at first, rolled it on my fingers for a bit, loosened up, and ended up being one of the best cigars i've had for the price, lasted for one and a half hours too!”
A U of Walnutport PA on 7/12/2011
YP-5754 - “i give this one a 7 on experience mainly becouse for the first 3/4 inch after lighting i could not get a draw at all, however after sqeezing and rolling for about 2 min. it loosend up to where i could get a decent drag. after about 1/4 the way through it became perfect, i would definatly purchase again, flukes happen. burned slow and smooth, exellent construcion, flavor was a bit milder than expected, however exellent notes of oak and cedar, with plumes of rich smoke. nice aroma also.”
A U of Walnutport PA on 7/11/2011
SJ-7542 - “Beautiful aroma when lighting the foot and the cigar starts well with a creamy flavor. It loses some body and flavor in the middle despite the easy draw and even burn. It makes a comeback in the last inch. Might work better with a beverage that brings out its flavor throughout. At $6.50 I am on the fence about a repeat purchase.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/8/2011
SD-5555 - “This is a very full-bodied smoke. The burn was smooth and even and the taste of pepper and spices lasted through the entire cigar. I will definitely buy this cigar again.”
J M of Royersford PA on 7/8/2011
YT-650 - “Very mild from first light to finish..”
C C of Florence NJ on 7/8/2011
XD-4549 - “Really nice construction. Initially a firm draw when lighting and lacked any noticeable flavor until an inch into smoke. Definite flavors of earth and trees with a pleasant flavor throughout sweet spot and down to the nub. It was a full flavor and extremely even burn. Thought it would be a 30 min smoke and came close to 60 mins with a nice finish.”
B K of New York NY on 7/8/2011
TU-7250 - “This blend started out with a bitter after taste. However, within about 5 minutes or so the flavor evened out to a mild coffee/earthy one. The draw was smooth. The wrapper was nicely constructed and the cigar burned evenly. Overall it was a nice smoke.”
F G of Lake Hopatcong NJ on 7/7/2011
SD-5555 - “Certainly a full bodied cigar but I found it to be a touch harsh at spots. Burn was even, draw was smooth and it certainly packed some punch. This might be one of those you tuck in the humidor for 6-12 months and try again.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/7/2011
ZD-4554 - “I found this cigar to have consistent flavor and taste throughout. No re-light necessary and draw was smooth. Not much complexity but still a very good value.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/4/2011
YD-556 - “Good flavor, easy draw and perfect ash. Priced well at $6.50 although I wish it lasted a little longer. Definitely will put in the cart for future purchase.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/3/2011
YD-556 - “Very good cigar with easy draw, nice ash and pleasant flavor throughout. Priced fairly at $6.50 and will certainly purchase a few more when I do my second round of tastings.”
A R of Coconut Creek FL on 7/3/2011
WC-554 - “It was a decent flavor, burn was terrible. But overall it was a 7 out of 10. Decent bodied cigar, good variant flavors.”
K C of Wernersville PA on 7/2/2011
VB-6744 - “I hope this is the right blend code as I have VB-6477 on my tag. In any case, you can tell this is a Drew Estate cigar. I absolutely love this cigar, it was an incredible smoke, so much so I bought 20 of them. I recommend making this part of the ACID collection and using this to replace the ACID Nasty. LM!”
L M of Saylorsburg PA on 7/2/2011
WC-554 - “Great Cigar, asked for something smooth and thats exactly what I got”
K C of Wernersville PA on 6/30/2011
YP-5754 - “This is a GREAT smoke! Even though I am more of a mild/mild-medium smoker, I ejoyed this one thorougly. I am a big fan of Torpedos, so I like the construction. As with any of the blend lab cigars, they are a bit pricy, but not unexpected with a "micro" blend. I would definitely get this cigar again, and highly recommend it to any smoker.”
R K of Severn MD on 6/27/2011
YT-650 - “I love this smoke! Mild, but not weak. A bit tough to light/draw at first, but after that, pure smoking pleasure. I would enjoy many more of these for sure.”
R K of Severn MD on 6/26/2011
WC-554 - “Liked it and would buy again.”
M T of Easton PA on 6/25/2011
YH-456 - “a very good cigar, but too strong for me, sorry. for those who like a full body, it's probably awesome for them, I prefer a mild cigar”
R K of Severn MD on 6/25/2011
SD-5555 - “pre lit aroma was earthy with hint of pepper. Initial light was smooth. Lots of smooth smoke. Flavor started mild and seemed to move toward medium as it progressed. About two thirds of the way through, a strong pepper taste emerged, then setteld back. Overall a cigar I would smoke again.”
M S of Big Rapids MI on 6/23/2011
SD-5555 - “Beautiful cigar. Well rolled. Good draw. Stayed lit... easy to handle and enjoy. A little too soft and mushy at the mouth. Flavor was too bold (hot-spicy) for my taste. I enjoy a medium cigar.”
A K of Fresno CA on 6/22/2011
ZV-654 - “Reminded of the Alec Bradley Prensado but not nearly as flavorful”
S A of Colmar PA on 6/22/2011
XF-648 - “A very average cigar. A bit of spice and medium to full bodied. Lacked anything enticing me to buy another”
S A of Colmar PA on 6/22/2011
YP-5754 - “Great flovor ! Spice and earthy with a great flavor from begining to end without a bite.”
N R of Hackettstown NJ on 6/22/2011
ZT-550 - “This cigar was a good price point. Mild smoke with some definite grassy/earthy nose to it pre-lit. Once lit it had an overall pleasant taste and aroma. Draw was good. Nice long gray ash. Pretty straight forward tast of tobacco and leather. With roughly 3 inches left it became quite bitter. But that's the story with most cigars.”
J Z of Fishkill NY on 6/21/2011
SD-5555 - “Im puffing on a SD-555 and its a nice woodsy/earthy full flavored smoke with a nice pull and even burn that gets better the closer you get to the end.”
T C of Fort Wayne IN on 6/19/2011
VB-6744 - “Found this cigar to be very enjoyable, however saw too many similarities between it and the Del Sol coffee infused to justify the additional cost (strictly in flavor). The burn temp was fantastic and the flavor and aroma were great. If the ring gauge was slightly larger I would probably purchase these in large quantity over the Del Sol.”
M V of Forest Hill MD on 6/18/2011
VB-6744 - “A good cigar that has a great draw, but is not something that stands out over others that I have had. The burn got uneven a couple times, but for that most part was well constructed. I think the price was a little high for a "test cigar". On to some others now....”
M V of Forest Hill MD on 6/18/2011
VB-6744 - “First time trying this infused blend.I have to say it was great.Good flavor,burn and draw.Will be getting more for sure.Very good cigar.Thanks CI!!!!”
D D of Waynesboro VA on 6/16/2011
YT-752 - “One of the better cigars I've tasted, will buy again.”
R Z of Hershey PA on 6/16/2011
XD-752 - “This cigar was very enjoyable. Grassy pre-lit aroma, but once lit, there was a unique flavor that was quite enjoyable. $6.50 paid for blend, and I think it was priced right. I am trying to think of a similar flavor, and I am leaning towards the Brickhouse sticks. Nice almost graham cracker taste. I would buy again and is perfect for the golf course if you are so inclined.”
J Z of Fishkill NY on 6/14/2011
TU-7250 - “Was a very nice smoke and I enjoyed theway it stayed cool without a hot draw.”
N R of Hackettstown NJ on 6/11/2011
ZK-660 - “I love a good Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. I was skeptical of the 6 x 60 big ring, but decided to give it a try. Prelight aroma was of typical tobacco/hay. Upon lighting there was a little oak and natural tobacco. In fact, this is all the cigar was for flavor. Burn was very wavy and spotty at best. I did not get any richness or sweetness from the wrapper. This is one cigar that needs to be a smaller ring, the 60 just doesn't do it for this cigar. Was "meh" at best. Not impressed.”
G R of Sterling VA on 6/10/2011
TU-7250 - “I turly enjoyed this cigar and will be purchasing it again . I would recommend it to anyone looking to try these cigars . Troy”
M W of Belleville NJ on 6/10/2011
UQ-754 - “This review was tough for me. I enjoyed the smoke. The taste was familiar, comfortable, and pleasant. A consistent tobacco flavor throughout. The construction was good. The wrapper was nice. I guess where I start loosing it on this cigar is the $8 price. For an all too familiar flavor, $8 is a bit pricey. I know I can duplicate the same experience for $4 or so. One item of contention is what appears to be a somewhat fragile wrapper that developed some cracks which didn't hinder the experience.”
J Z of Fishkill NY on 6/7/2011
VB-6744 - “Code on wrapper was VB-6477, so I suspect sonce there isn't a code to choose from matching this that someone transposed numbers. Smell and taste close to Drew Estate Opulence 3 but sweeter and milder. This cigar would be best served as a bug deterrent! Excessive smoke and burned like a cheap "backwoods." Ash peeled back like a bananna. This cigar probably would be enjoyed by a person just experiencing cigars. Thumbs down!”
K R of East Greenville PA on 6/7/2011
YH-542 - “very tasty....excellent draw and ash.”
R R of Lenoir City TN on 6/6/2011
XJ-4554 - “This cigar looked great but was poorly constructed. IT did have a superb flavor. A bit harsh at the end.”
S H of Davidsonville MD on 6/6/2011
YD-556 - “A pleasant smoke, it started with notes of pepper and spice, mellowed in the middle, and finished with a hint pepper. The cigar had a nice draw and even burn.”
H A of White Haven PA on 6/5/2011
WH-660 - “Wow, the wrapper is beautiful with small veins and teeth. It looks like a perfect piece of suede leather. The size; 6x60 is now my favorite size of cigar. It feels great in the hand, burns really well, and the draw was nice and easy. Before lighting, I thought it looked a lot like a My Father. At first light, the flavor was grassy and vegetative. However, the 2nd third of the cigar brought some nice tobacco flavors and was a nice smoke. Looking at it, I forgot this was a full flavored cigar.”
J Z of Fishkill NY on 6/4/2011
TO-554 - “The start to the cigar was actually really good. Nice flavors, good smoke. Then, the burn started to wander. It was like the wrapper was fireproof compared to the filler. Good flavor and taste throughout. It was just that by the way it burned, I smoked half of the cigar at a time. Paid $6. Would rather pay $5 like a Brickhouse Robusto. Brickhouse also has overall better flavor and burn.”
J Z of Fishkill NY on 6/4/2011
UM-750 - “Well never done this review thing before but give it a shot. At first light it had a very nice creamy taste to it Mild. The burn was consistate all the way to the nub and so was the taste. Flavor of cream, nuts and earth tones through out the whole stick. Constructoin was well made no problems there. Nice color and some viens. 7x50 I'm usally a Robusto fan but smoked all the way down. Overall I would say great cigar and I would buy again.”
M S of North Haven CT on 6/4/2011
XD-4549 - “So I loved the look of the snall double perfecto. Nice appearance and firm construction. Nice cedar smell and taste prelight. Had to cut it 4 times to get any sort of draw. nice toast taste once i finally got any smoke. About an inch in it got harsh and bright, but the draw finally opened up enough to smoke. Not very nice tasting.”
E A of Holland MI on 6/1/2011
VB-6744 - “The moment I took it out of the wrapper the arroma of the cigar was fantastic. The sweet taste of the leaf in my mouth was a very pleasent surprise. The draw and burn were tremendous compared to other cigars I have had. Top rate cigar in which I will be purchasing again. Thank you CI!”
R D of Pen Argyl PA on 5/31/2011
YH-456 - “a so-so smoke it is definiitely overpriced. it is also misrepresented dimensionally: it's listed as 4x56. in reality it's 4x52 at best. i'd smoke it again . . . if someone gave it too me. but this is the first blend lab i've had anything negative to say about. all the others have been in the decent to great range. and this is just my opinion regarding this particular blend. you might have a totally different perspective. so have at it - or don't. your call”
M D of Arlington VA on 5/31/2011
XJ-4554 - “Very floral...almost perfumy. Good burn and draw with an appealing size and ring.”
C C of Florence NJ on 5/31/2011
XL-6560 - “The XL-6560 was a great, long smoke with a slow creamy draw. Well worth its price.”
D H of Houston TX on 5/25/2011
WA-6552 - “Solid contstruction for this cigar, very nice dark and oily wrapper. Prelight is of barnyard aromas. Upon lighting, I got some sweet maduro tobacco and very rich leather. At 1/3rd the flavors remained consistent and some nice spice began to appear. The 1/2 way and 2/3rds mark remained consistent in flavor and profile. Once I just passed the 2/3rd mark, it began to tunnel and was just way too hot to smoke, there was 100draw at this point and no smoke. Oh well. Not bad but not good.”
G R of Sterling VA on 5/24/2011
VB-6744 - “this was my first infused cigar and i found it, surprisingly, enjoyable. i say "surprisingly" because it had a funky, almost chemical smell pre-light, but i enjoyed it and will try it again. i'm not saying i'm going to make it a part of my regular rotation, or that i'm going to try other drew estate infuseds, but it definitely warrants further research”
M D of Arlington VA on 5/23/2011
SJ-7542 - “this is a really nice smoke i will buy again. i'm not usually one for lancero or panatera sizes, but no denying this is a hit. great, even burn, smooth flavor, medium to full body, blend lab should make this a regular release. one suggestion: make it in robusto, toro, churchill and, perhaps, double corona sizes.”
M D of Arlington VA on 5/23/2011
XD-752 - “Bouquet of flavors Above averagel construction, even leaf color med-brown with some small veins- no soft spots- unlit the leafs were segragated and not intertwined. At first light - full flavor, just above medium strength, wood, leather, and spice. The first third- mellow to cream, nut- then floral steals the front of the flavor profile throughout most of the cigar. The cigar then switchs and adds flavors - toast, coffee, mocha, and even hints of vanella. Yet floral impact overdone. AGE?”
D B of PA on 5/22/2011
ZB-652 - “This stick was tasty, well built, lit well and burned somewhat even. The draw was good. Did not produce much smoke, but the aroma was heavenly! The ash was long and tight. Flavors of espresso, pepper, spice, some leather, and a nice kinda sweet cedar finish - all very tasty. HOWEVER, the cigar arrived OTT dried out and the wrapper although oily, was split six directions from Sunday. That said, the dried out wrapper was the only disappointment. I will try one more and recommend you do too.”
P D of Palmer AK on 5/21/2011
XJ-4554 - “A bit of a hard draw to start with but much better as the smoke went on. Slow even burn thruout the smoke. A bit on the heavy side - I would say it is on the high end of a medium body smoke. No after-taste at the end and a very clean finish. For me, this would not be an every day smoke but for special times it would be fine. This was a longer smoke then would be normal for this size. All in all, this is a very good quality smoke.”
T D of Massapequa NY on 5/20/2011
XX-5552 - “This cigar's draw was perfect and the taste was amazing. I agree with the coffee, leather, and slight spices, with a hint of cocoa. It was very cool on the tongue throughout without bitterness. It did not burn even, but the ash remained dense. Smoke was thick and smooth with a wonder aroma. I give this cigar a solid 90 and was quite enjoyable.”
P D of Palmer AK on 5/19/2011
UL-554 - “Wonderful cigar from start to finish!”
S H of Davidsonville MD on 5/18/2011
TU-7250 - “The way this stick started, I expected it to finish fuller than it did. That being said, it was consistent through out the burn.....notes of leather, caramel and coffee.....nice construction. A very even burn.....while body can be a bit subjective, I found this stick to me a solid medium in that respect. Moderate spice that maintains thoughout the burn....Like it? Yes. Buy it again....maybe, if the price was right.....”
D G of Lawrenceburg IN on 5/18/2011
XJ-4554 - “Forgot to mention, this cigar had to be the best draw I've enjoyed in any cigar I have smoked.......and there have been many in my life. A true winner!”
P D of Palmer AK on 5/18/2011
XJ-4554 - “Please Please Please put this cigar into production! This cigar is perfect from the light to the nub. PERFECT construction, PERFECT appearence, PERFECT woody flavor with some spice, a hint of sweet, and a slight cedar finish. The sweet spot kicked in at less than an inch and remained consistant down to the nub. The smoke was thick and verrrrrrry creamy throughout the entire cigar. The burn was even and the ash was tight and long almost to the nub. This jem is a KEEPER! Five gold stars.”
P D of Palmer AK on 5/18/2011
YP-5754 - “Nice and heavy in the hand. This thing turns pleasantly into a raging beast! The nub was a powerhouse!”
P J of Columbia SC on 5/17/2011
XJ-4554 - “Lots of nice creamy smoke and a slight peppery finish on the back of the tongue and pallete the first few puffs then the flavor goes away. Extreamly mild; not enjoyable at all”
A B of Enid OK on 5/16/2011
WC-554 - “Nice smoke! Good even burn and flavor. Cameroon wrapper very attractive with memorable flavor. Definitely a 'must try' for mild cigar lovers!”
S H of MD on 5/15/2011
TO-554 - “Poor construction with uneven burn. Good flavor until end. Very leathery taste. Not a particularly good looking cigar.”
S H of Davidsonville MD on 5/15/2011
YD-556 - “How good was this cigar? I bought what remained in the tray. There are more on the upper shelf which in due time will be in my humindor. One of the best cigars in the BlendLab!”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 5/15/2011
YD-556 - “A nice well constructed example....the first third starts with some pepper and baked bread....the pepper and bread carriers through out the cigar....some slight floral hints pick up in the second third.....the pepper builds and the bread continues through the final third of the cigar....the burn line was flawless through out the smoke.....overall, a nice a lot of this is subjective, I may not choose it if it were sitting next to a V belicoso which is about the same price point...”
D G of Lawrenceburg IN on 5/15/2011
XX-5552 - “Prelight reminded me of the smell of hay and cured tobacco. This stick starts out nice with leather and some sweet spice. In the first inch, the burn line is a little wavy but no major concern. The ash is hanging on for the first third of the stick. The second third continues with leather and a touch of coffee. Starting to pick up some peppercorn as well. The last third of the cigar continues with leather and earth. Would I buy this cigar again? Oh, yes....”
D G of Lawrenceburg IN on 5/15/2011
UL-554 - “This blend is showing up in my rotation more often, particularly as a morning smoke. The light colored wrapper is slighty veiny and a touch fragile. Prelight aroma is sweet. Post-light the draw was free and easy. The initial flavors were cedar and wood, but after 1/3 transitioned to a delicious nutty taste, A walnut flavor shows up with a smooth retrohale. Adding a few more of these to my next order.”
K M of Burke VA on 5/14/2011
TO-554 - “The comments about the burn problems from other reviewers is spot on... This cigar went out twice and needs constant attention to stay lit. The flavor profile is one dimentional, consisting of a sour tobacco flavor. The appearance and construction were good. I wouldn't buy this one again.”
R D of Dracut MA on 5/13/2011
WC-554 - “This was an excellent burning cigar with a smooth taste and an even burn -- a very enjoyable cigar with very little harsh after taste. Overall an excellent value stick for the smoke it provided and well recommended by the staff!. Paired it with a 2003 Rutherford Hill Merlot and the flavor was outstanding. I would buy this stick again. Lived up to the prediction of good smoke after a full meal. Nice cigar for the price.”
D R of Bethlehem PA on 5/13/2011
YP-5754 - “Had my 1st last year as a gift from a friend . Had my 2nd at CigarFest, and brought 3rd,4th ,5th,ect home to enjoy .To see this cigar on Backorder is no surprise to me........”
J W of Temple Hills MD on 5/12/2011
YP-5754 - “This was a great cigar, good paired with your morning coffee. It was medium bodied with cocoa notes. It was rolled nicely and looked very inviting. The draw was excellent, I had a small burn issue that I corrected at the beginning and never had a problem after that. The ash was light grey and held for over 1 and a half inches. It is a good value and I will definitely buy them again. All in all a great smoking experience.”
R D of Dracut MA on 5/12/2011
TU-7250 - “This was my first time smoking this blend. It was smooth all the way to the finish, not too spicy at the end like most cigars this size, and the raw was very easy as wee. As a new person to smoking cigars, I really enjoyed this one and plan on buying more soon!”
J E of on 5/12/2011
TU-7250 - “Hard draw initially, unraveled at the end, not a lot of taste”
L G of Naples FL on 5/11/2011
ZV-654 - “Do you sell The "ACID" Cigar ? Please let me know your best price . Email me : Thank you , John Burse”
J B of Greensburg KY on 5/11/2011
UL-554 - “The wrapper color is almost a light blond. This example had a few small nicks. The wrapper leaf is very fragile. Prelight draw was easy, with sweet tobacco flavors. The initial puff had a hint of spice but was dominated by a cedar flavor. Smoke is light grey and rises quickly. After each puff this stick seemed to continue smoking on its own, producing a nice room aroma. After several puffs a smooth, creamy toffee flavor emerged particularly in retrohale. This stick ended too soon.”
K M of Burke VA on 5/11/2011
XX-5552 - “A nice looking torpedo, well rolled, the wrapper is a little veiny. The pre light draw was a little tight, but got much better after lighting. The ash was light grey with bits of black, stayed together thru the first inch. The burn was a little off in that it wasn't straight and took a little creative turning to fix. It started out burning hot, but cooled down after the first inch. Light notes of pepper, but it's only medium body at best.”
R D of Dracut MA on 5/11/2011
VB-6744 - “Excellent infused cigar. Definitely hope to partake of moe.”
R E of Green Brook NJ on 5/9/2011
ZK-6754 - “A solid cigar, well constructed, with an even burn. The draw was tough as it seemed to be too tightly wrapped. It also was not a unique or exceptional taste and probably not worth the cost versus similarly tasting cigars.”
K G of Wernersville PA on 5/8/2011
YT-752 - “Good cigar, very nice construction, good burn and draw.”
D H of Newport News VA on 5/8/2011
YT-650 - “Harsher than exected. Bitting from first draw. Hot finish. Very nice roll. Even burning.”
S H of Davidsonville MD on 5/7/2011
UL-554 - “My first smoke from the lab - nice wrapper and appearance (with one priminent vein). Mild - Medium with pepper to start but smoothed out 1/2 way thru. Very steady and nice burn. Good dense smoke with very strong ash. Started out a little spicy but mellowed out for the back half. No other flavor dominated, very evenly balanced once it got going. Overall, a very enjoyable smoke. Would like to see this available in the future. And can't wait for my next experiment.”
H V of West Amwell NJ on 5/7/2011
ZK-660 - “Great, strong smoke. The burn was even and the draw was easy and full of smoke. The only drawback was the ash was very fragile and fell offf on me more than once. I would definitely buy again, although it is certainly not an inexpensive smoke.”
K G of Wernersville PA on 5/7/2011
YP-5754 - “THis was a fabulous cigar, easily ranks above many of the "labeled" cigars that I have. I cant wait to buy a few more, wished I had bought more at cigarfest. Cigar burns and draws perfectly with a dense ash that doesnt want to fall off. Flavor is consistent throughout. I love this cigar and will be purchasing more shortly!!!”
R O of Lexington Park MD on 5/7/2011
TO-554 - “This cigar wasn't half bad! Pre-light aromas of light barnyard, it's light in the hand but firmly packed. Wrapper is very veiny and has a triple cap. Upon lighting, woodsy with lots of leather. Effortless draw, almost too loose. First third is woodsy, leather, light white pepper, burn a little uneven but corrects at half way. T he rest of the cigar remains consistent with the first third. Was looking for some sweetness of the PA filler but found none.”
G R of Sterling VA on 5/6/2011
YP-5754 - “Had this cicgar at Cigar Fest 2011 and it was great. Rich in flavor with a nice medium to full body. Spice and some pepper were present as wel.”
T B of Chillicothe OH on 5/6/2011
ZK-660 - “Nice smoke Used a punch Broke apart at the end”
A B of Audubon PA on 5/6/2011
TU-7250 - “This cigar began with very little flavor and strength. It had a papery taste at the beginning and became harsh and ashy less than halfway through it. On the bright side, the burn was even and the draw was very good for a churchill/double corona. Overall, however, I was very disappointed. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should relate that I prefer very strong and flavorful cigars. So, someone with far more sensitive taste buds than I, might enjoy the first half of this cigar.”
W R of Martinsburg WV on 5/4/2011
YP-5754 - “AWESOME smoke! Bought some at Cigarfest and wished I would have bought more. Great burn, great taste, great wrapper. Definitely one of my favorite smokes. PLEASE add this to your permanent stock! ”
R B of Burnsville MN on 5/4/2011
SD-5555 - “This was a great cigar. It started off smooth and stayed that way all the way through. I smoked it close to the nub and it started to get a little hot and gave off a little aftertaste but overall I thought it was a great smoke. If it was available as a retail stick I would definitely buy it.”
D G of Lambertville NJ on 5/4/2011
WC-554 - “I was lead to this blend because of my appreciation for Cusano 59 and Punch Rare Corojo as well as many other Cameroon treats. I have to admit it, it's wonderful! The first half inch hits you with a burst of white pepper and mellows to that creamy cognac profile that all great cameroons exhibit. If it goes into production I would insist on a Lonsdale or Toro size because I just need more! Pair it with a Glenlivet 12yr old scotch and you will board the freight train to flavor town, my friend”
B C of Northampton PA on 5/4/2011
YH-456 - “This cigar was a winner on every front. On the mechanical side-- draw, burn and construction-- all first rate. No relights, no flaws in the burn, medium draw. Tons of smoke. The flavor was rich and full, without being overdone. Great balance, stayed consistent from start to finish. Burned it to the nub. I also loved the size (I would guess it was 4" x 56), a nice change from the routine. I would definitely buy it again, particularly if the price came down a bit w/ larger production.”
J W of Boyds MD on 5/4/2011
XD-4549 - “This cigar is light to medium bodied with a medium, woody flavor. I prefer full bodied cigars with a lot of flavor, but this cigar is a nice choice for the first cigar of the day. There is not much complexity to the flavor, but overall it is a very enjoyable smoke.”
W R of Martinsburg WV on 5/3/2011
ZK-6754 - “Absolutely amazing cigar! Great feel, perfect size, amazing taste. This was an exceptional value and an amazing cigar. The draw, and rate of burn were amazing.”
M F of Annville PA on 5/2/2011
ZF-544 - “Nice dark leaf, good construction, smells like hay and bittersweet cocoa. the cigar lights up easy and brings barnyard and bittersweet chocolate and black coffee notes. Medium body and medium to full strength. this cigar reminds me of 5 Vegas Serie A. A good cigar, not very complex, the burn was even and needed one touch up. smoked 3 of these.”
V S of Ithaca NY on 4/28/2011
SJ-7542 - “Construction seems good and the cigar is visually appealing with a nice wrapper leaf and pig-tail cap. The light-up brings some pepper and sweet tobacco notes. The burn goes astray a few times down this 7.5 inch lonsdale. About halfway down the body builds from mild to medium and stays medium. Sweet cedar and tobacco with light pepper and a touch of coffee w/cream. Decent cigar - for the flavor and the burn I would like it a dollar cheaper.”
V S of Ithaca NY on 4/28/2011
TO-554 - “well constructed cigar not very tasefull”
C C of Lake Grove NY on 4/26/2011
XL-6560 - “I purchased three from the blend lab and found this one to be the best. I very much like the taste, ease of draw and the look. I am going to buy more. Good smoke all around.”
J B of Fairfield OH on 4/26/2011
UL-554 - “Smooth and mld taste! issue with the wrapper cracking. Will continue to smoke them as it has become my cigar of choice!”
L A of Secaucus NJ on 4/14/2011
ZF-544 - “overall a fantastic smoke. great even burn. good depth of flavor, body, and structure”
J P of Easton PA on 4/13/2011
XD-4549 - “difficult to adequately review. a very ight draw initially, lead to a somewhat looser draw. however, the wrapper developed several cracks and came undone just as the draw loosened up and the flavor became appreciable. overall, i am disappointed. i have two more to smoke. hoping that they show no flaws in construction as this one did.”
J P of Easton PA on 4/13/2011
YH-542 - “At $4.50 a pop these are a decent value. Construction is tops, burn was even and the draw was on the tight side of free. The cigar looks great and smells like hay and pepper. The light brings pepper and spice with notes of cedar and toast. There is a slightly sweet tobacco flavor that sits in the background the entire time. I only had to fix the burn twice - these were minor touch-ups. Overall this is a good Pepin-esque smoke though somewhat one dimensional in flavor. Not remarkable but good.”
V S of Ithaca NY on 4/11/2011
SJ-7542 - “What a great cigar. Tons of nutty flavors. Mild at the beginning but builds steadily as you go. It's a great first of the day cigar. Or, as your last one of the day if you've been smoking ligero laced bombs all day. A very refined smoke. Great burn even in windy conditions. Bill from Springfield Illinois”
W L of Springfield IL on 4/10/2011
YP-5754 - “Awesome little smoke. Love the flavor and wished that I had bought more of them.”
B M of Saint Louis MO on 4/7/2011
ZF-544 - “An impressive looking cigar, although these very dark shades always look obszene to me. A good smoking experience. Bold sweetness of molasses and choclate, accompanied by meaty tastes and pepper. Reminds me a lot of Mata Fina wrapped cigars. Although I enjoy this style, I can only smoke this style once or twice a year for a change and would prefer something more refined, less sweet every other day.”
C H of Davis CA on 4/1/2011
YH-542 - “Nice cigar, impeccable construction and presentation. Great, bold texture of creamy sweetness and spices. Leather, roasted nuts, cedar, a little chocolate. Medium plus strength. I had just smoked an Opus X and Tatuaje of comparable sizes - and this test blend would fit right in between them. Definitely a cigar I would buy again!”
C H of Davis CA on 4/1/2011
XX-5552 - “The XX-5552 is a decent cigar. Prelight aroma consists of some dry grass and tobacco aromas. Upon lighting, I got a nice light white pepper spice along with some rich leather. 1/3rd of the way though, the spice picks up, almost black pepper like. 2/3rds of the way though spice settles down again and I noted some earth and slight coffee. The last 1/3rd finished with leather and earth. Indeed tasty.”
G R of Sterling VA on 4/1/2011
XF-648 - “The roll is very solid with a tight draw. It burns slowly and evenly with very little smoke. I did not pick up the coffee notes. First third saw an initial burst of mocha with strong pepper. During the second third, the pepper receded leaving a strong mocha with hints of cherry? The last third saw constant mocha. Pepper grew stronger with a definite kick at the end. This is an okay cigar. Not a whole lot of variation. Mocha is constant all the way through with pepper coming and going.”
B L of Fremont CA on 3/28/2011
UQ-754 - “Nice toothy Criollo wrapper, light hay aroma. From start to finish I tasted a nice leather-pepper spice combination. Burn was a bit uneven 2/3rds into the cigar due to two very small soft spots, had to touch up a little bit. Nice cigar, a bit one dimensional.”
G R of Sterling VA on 3/27/2011
YT-752 - “A great cigar albeit one that lacked a real definitive taste. No complaints about its construction, draw, appearance, or mildness. It just seemed to have a rather nondescript taste to it.”
D P of Sandwich MA on 3/22/2011
ZD-4554 - “Started out weakly, with notes of chocolate and just a hint of spice on the tongue. The burn was uneven, and the taste, instead of building, decreased in intensity and complexity. Aftertaste was something reminiscent of gargling bath water. Just awful. Decent draw, however. I would only recommend to the undiscerning. Although, to be fair, the sweetness and lightness might be appealing for people who prefer milder cigars. This is definitely not a full bodied smoke, nor worth a second glance.”
J M of Hastings NE on 3/22/2011
WA-6552 - “Draw was too tight. Very toothy, beautiful composition, excellent presentation. However, draw and flavor were major turn-offs. Their description of the flavor is curious: they say chewy, and all I can think is they meant like a granola bar. Salty, nutty, off-putting: those are the words I'd use to describe the flavor. Not worth $9.”
J M of Hastings NE on 3/22/2011
SD-5555 - “Roll is solid but not firm with a nice barnyard smell. Has an even burn. First third saw an initial burst of pepper. Strong mocha and leather emerged. During the second third, the mocha continues while leather notes grew. Towards the end, a mild pepper kicked in. The last third saw pepper and earth. The pepper grew stronger with a definite kick at the end. Not a bad smoke (8 out of 10), very much what I expected. The only downside is the quick burn. It goes great with a strong cup of coffee.”
B L of Fremont CA on 3/22/2011
SD-5555 - “Good cigar, burned evenly and pulled easily. Probably needed to have it sit in my humidor longer. But overall a decent smoke.”
K D of Dracut MA on 3/22/2011
XD-4549 - “Ratings based 1-5 (1 Bad 5 Great) First Third: 4 Second Third: 3.5 Last Third: 3 Overall: 3 The flavor profile is full of dry cedar, coffee red spice and oak. There are points where it has a spicy chocolate flavor. The draw is pretty tough, but mellows out towards the last third. Well balanced, but at the end hints of tar come out strong. Pair this with a Islay Scotch and some Eric Clapton and the night should be outstanding.”
R S of Los Angeles CA on 3/20/2011
VB-6744 - “Wow what a great smoke (VB-6744). At first I was somewhat taken aback by the sweetened tip. But just a few puffs later and the spicy, peppery back notes started to blend with the initial sweetness to give it that classic contrast in flavors. I believe I’ve found my new cigar of choice. I hope these become available on a regular basis, because they will be my "go-to" cigar for after dinner and evening relaxing.”
T F of Houston PA on 3/20/2011
ZB-652 - “I found this toothy maduro to be a very enjoyable cigar. The draw is excellent and the burn quite even. It's not cheap, but not staggeringly expensive, either. Worth trying.”
M M of Leesburg VA on 3/18/2011
ZF-544 - “One of my very favourite wrapper tobaccos is the Costa Rican maduro and this wee cigar doesn't change my opinion. I don't often buy cigars of thiss ring size and would very much like to have one of these in a toro size. From the pleasant pre-light aroma to the nub this is a worthwhile cigar.”
M M of Leesburg VA on 3/18/2011
ZD-4554 - “Great cigar. Starting smoking at 7:30 am while drinking a Guinness. Flavor did not ruin my taste buds for the other 3 cigars I smoked while Tailgating for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This would replace my normal short cigar if I were a local.”
J R of Pittsburgh PA on 3/17/2011
SD-5555 - “Prelight is typical hay/barnyard aromas, very pleasent. Upon lighting, I got a red pepper spice with some soft leather flavors. The spice lingers on the tongue for quite some time. 1/3rd point, pepper tones down and leather is more prominent. Slight mocha flavor. Ash held on strong. At 2/3rds, pepper picks up again and leather becomes very noticable, there is a touch of earth. Last 1/3rd, the flavors remain consistent with an excellent burn. This is indeed a very tasty cigar.”
G R of Sterling VA on 3/16/2011
WA-6552 - “Well made, attractive cigar. Bold in strength and not for the faint at heart. Easy draw, nice burn, spicy finish.”
R G of Valley Stream NY on 3/13/2011
YP-5754 - “excellent full flavor great burn and draw”
D P of Newmanstown PA on 3/13/2011
ZF-544 - “So far the best of the blend lab that Ive tried. Although I concur that the initial flavor does give way to straight tobacco about an inch in. All in all though godd balance and strength”
C W of tokyo o on 3/11/2011
YP-5754 - “I found this cigar quite pleasant with a very nice pre-light aroma. The burn was almost perfectly even which I find a bit unusual for a large ring. It has a good 'cigar' taste and seemed to get somewhat stronger near the end.”
M M of Leesburg VA on 3/9/2011
WC-554 - “I looked forward to this cigar and wasn't disapointed. The cap was a bit rough and there was a single water spot on the wrapper. The flavour and aroma were both pleasing and the cigar is mild enough as a 'morning' smoke. The ash was firm with no messy flaking and the burn required very little attention.”
M M of Leesburg VA on 3/9/2011
ZF-544 - “Exellent Cigar. One of the best cigars I have ever experienced. I will stock my humidor with this one.”
B B of Corbin KY on 3/8/2011
UM-750 - “very nice mild cigar that puts out TONS! of bluish smoke!! maybe the most smoke i've ever had from a cigar, which i really like. i would buy this again just for that! burn was fairly even, a little spice on the palate. nice morning cigar, good golf 'gar.”
T K of Kutztown PA on 3/6/2011
XX-5552 - “This was an excellent cigar. It burned evenly and well and was consistant all the way down. The flavor started before I even had it fully lit. after the first few draws, I felt that if this stays this way all the way through, we have a winner and we did. Similar to one ofmy favorite cigars, The Liga Privada #9, after it had aged a few months. It had a similar strength as an aged Liga Privada, more medium to full. Definitely would purchase again. A little pricy at $7.00 but acceptable.”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 3/5/2011
XX-5552 - “A powerhouse -- very strong, very peppery. Fantastic construction. Gorgeous wrapper, excellent draw and burn.”
J D of Hoffman Estates IL on 3/3/2011
YP-5754 - “Fantastic cigar - very tasty wrapper. Big bold flavor profile with a bit of spice on the finish. There's a bit of a bite as well - this could jump up a rating with about 6 additional months of aging in my humidor. Overall, very satisfying smoke. - Paul F.”
P F of Aurora IL on 2/28/2011
YH-456 - “The description of the cigar was very accurate. The cigar started strong and was consistent all the way till the end. Full flavor. A short ower smoke, spicy, ican still taste it. Well constructed, Inever tapped the ash untik the end, I would buy it again. Mellowed me out at the end of the day, Not an every day smoke. More for a special occasion. I quit drinking years ago, but felt it would be great with s good scotch, Powerful”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 2/28/2011
TO-554 - “The cigar started out a little harsh and not to my liking but but progressed into a nice nutty and creamy smoke once I passed the 1/3 of it. This is one smoke I think everyone should try just to see if they like the hybrid wrapper. I found it quite complex!”
R C of Apo AE on 2/27/2011
WC-554 - “excellent smoke with a perfect burn I think I need more of these”
D P of Newmanstown PA on 2/27/2011
TO-554 - “Inspecting the cigar, it was a size I like. I inspected the wrapper it looked good, medium dark, could not see any flaws in it, it looked well constructed. I cut it and drew through it unlit. The draw this way seemed good. I lit it with a match, and did not get it fully lit so I took a second match to it and drew on it, nice. I continued smoking and saw that it was burning a little unevenly, but straightened out shortly. I like that in a cigar, a sign of good construction for me, the flavor in t”
A B of PA on 2/26/2011
WC-554 - “Cutting the cigar, it started to unravel at the top. In need to be more careful with this cigar. Drawing through it unlit, it seemed to draw too easily, making me wonder if it was under filled. Lighting the cigar and drawing on it, it drew well. The cigar burned evenly all the way to the end, Good volume of smoke. The flavor was spicy, had a pepper like flavor hat tingled on my tongue, The cigar tasted a little harsh but acceptable. Overall it was good enough to smoke again which is good sin”
A B of Philadelphia PA on 2/25/2011
VB-6744 - “I loved this cigar. When I lit it up, all my buddies stoped puffing on theirs and asked what the heck it was. They said I quote "that smells frick'n awesome". I happily responed, "it tastes as good as it smells". When I heard it was a drew estate I did not doubt it would be enjoyable. It was better than enjoyable and wish I could purchase a box of them monthly. C.I., would be dumb not to put this puppy into production. This was an experience any Drew Estate lover should have.”
A G of Oceanside CA on 2/21/2011
ZF-544 - “Was on back-order but finally received it yesterday, and am smoking it as I write this ... this is truly an excellent cigar, an instant classic! Mellow on the palatte but the flavor profile is robust and clean ... lots of tasty coffee'ish/espresso/toasty notes all throughout the burn. If this cigar remains constant from start to finish, I have no complains. If your a fan of the Graycliff Double Espresso, this is a MUST TRY! I hope this cigar stays, and is produced in a robusto/toro size! A”
N D of Greensburg PA on 2/19/2011
WC-554 - “smooth, consistent, even burning, mild, surprised by cameroon wrapper-not as flavorful as I imagined”
J B of Allentown PA on 2/19/2011
WC-554 - “A good smoke on the edge of great. Nice complex blending, only slightly harsh at the start, develops incredibly nice with complex flavors that aren't overwhelming. I'd call it mild to medium and consistent after the opening. It smokes kind of fast. This stick reminds me of Perdomo's Champagne robusto but with more earthy flavors and slightly less body.”
M P of Oak Hill VA on 2/18/2011
XD-752 - “I bought the cigar as a test item based on size, color and strength. I was disappointed in the taste. It was a flat taste that made we wonder when the cigar would end or would it get better near the end. It did not.”
W R of Coopersburg PA on 2/17/2011
WH-660 - “A decent smoke, but nowhere near as full as I had hoped. The draw okay and the burn was fairly even. Not my favorite, but not bad.”
H A of White Haven PA on 2/15/2011
XD-4549 - “Great smoke. Lots of smoke. Easy draw. I will be buying more. There was one soft spot in the construction.”
J B of Sarasota FL on 2/15/2011
XD-752 - “Rich and nutty, with a creamy texture and some mild spice. The construction is impeccable. It's a slow burn, ring straight, with nice 1-inch ashes. The spice mellows out around mid-way, and the cigar develops a toasted quality, and adds some depth. It smokes to a 2-inch nub in 90 minutes, building in depth and darkening gradually towards the finish.”
C S of SoCal CA on 2/11/2011
WC-554 - “The coffee, cedar and earth notes described were definately there from start to finish, and the finish is short, leaving a nice, rich tobacco taste in the back of the throat. This cigar reminds me of blends from the Padilla Signature series, and would fit perfectly there as an addition. I think Padilla made this blend! I found it to be on the med-mild strength range and would be a nice rotation in my humi ... great job!”
N D of Greensburg PA on 2/9/2011
YD-556 - “very nice smoke”
M P of Victor NY on 2/9/2011
VB-6744 - “stored at home @ 72for a coulpe of days, v cut and pulled a draw. not bad. V cut and lighted up. Found the flovered tip alittle to sweet, wore ok after. 1st 1/3 draw was tight nutmeg and very dry cedar, 2/3 better draw wallnut skins, slight vanilla undertones last 3rd vanilla, and pepper. full body, not bad along the acid line rate it an 85-88”
M B of Montgomery NY on 2/5/2011
XL-6560 - “One of the best cigars I think I have had. The burn was perfect and slow.”
J C of Youngstown OH on 2/3/2011
VB-6744 - “When I saw it was made by Drew Estate, I knew I would get something worth the $6 price tag. Seeing that I also knew the infused flavor would be a litte much. Overall it was a good smoke, 89.”
T T of Eugene OR on 1/31/2011
ZF-544 - “Put it this way, If I didn't have a way to light it- I would eat it .”
T G of Salem NH on 1/27/2011
VB-6744 - “This is a Drew Estate in the Acid tradition and has a sweetened tip. The blend in taste and smell is exceptional and very enjoyable. However, the cigar burned too fast and produced far too much smoke. For the first half, it burned inconsistant and the ash was loose and peeled outward like a banana. About just under half way, there was a bit of cracking with the wrapper. The cigar did not crack past that and started to burn consistantly with a tight ash. Great taste, terrible construction.”
T S of Pasadena CA on 1/26/2011
ZT-550 - “Good smoke, with notes of pepper and spice. The draw was nice and the cigar held the ash well. The burn was even and the aroma was pleasing. The only issues were a split at the foot and then the cap/head split upon cutting. Otherwise a pleasant experience.”
H A of White Haven PA on 1/24/2011
WC-554 - “I really enjoyed this one. It was recommended to me by a sales associate as being medium to full with peppery notes and it lived up to its billing. As it burned it gave a bit of a woodsy oak flavor also and i hated the fact that finished. Its a brand I'd like to smoke again.”
J I of Carbondale PA on 1/23/2011
UL-554 - “Very nice cigar all around nice clean tobacco flavor , sweet spice , and toast”
S W of Easton PA on 1/22/2011
SD-5555 - “The XJ-654 was a great summer cigar. It had a great pre-light aroma. The flavor started out with a strong citrus orange peel flavor with nutty notes. About a third of the way in the flavor became a fruity melon taste while still maintaining the citrus flavor. It had a good draw and burn. I would imagine the cigar would be good with a blue moon or summer ale.”
C D of Milltown NJ on 1/22/2011
XF-648 - “The cigar had toothy wrapper with a hint of coco and expresso. Flavor remained constant through out. Did not pick up the pepper and licorice flavors. It was not a complex cigar and would try other blends before buying it again.”
C D of Milltown NJ on 1/22/2011
WC-554 - “Great Morning stick with your coffee. A very nutty cameroon wrapper with notes of coffee, earth and sweet spices. Great cigar for a novice smoker.”
V B of San Francisco ca. . on 1/21/2011
XD-4549 - “Bottom line? Lots of bite - but not in usual full body way. Instead, blend is simply too young or not fermented enough. Might be very good at an 8 or a 9 after some aging en cetro.”
S K of Springfield NJ on 1/18/2011
TO-554 - “Looks much stronger/nicer than it tastes. Simply doesn't taste like it looks. Still, overall a very fine cigar. Feels good in hand, looks good, smells good, burns evenly, good ash, well constructed...”
S K of Springfield NJ on 1/18/2011
ZK-660 - “Cigar looks better than it is, not as full as expected. Get yourself a Cain Double Toro and save a few bucks”
J R of Pittsburgh on 1/13/2011
XJ-4554 - “enjoyable flavors and a nice appearance. Tougher draw than I hoped for. Need to try another one to verify that issue.”
T M of Cranberry Twp. PA on 1/13/2011
YT-650 - “The draw on this was easy with a good ash and moderate amount of smoke. I felt that the flavor was a bit harsher as it went along. But overall the appearance was great and the draw and burn perfect. The price point at $8.00 was a bit steep, which lowered my overall experience but the construction was perfect. The smoke was my only real contention with this.....there just wasn't a lot of it, however, what was there had a nice flavor. I would purchase this again.”
T C of Dover DE on 1/12/2011
SD-5555 - “The appearance was very nice with a triple cap. The construction was a bit sub-par with some soft spots. The draw was a bit loose but the ash was nice and white and hung on well. It burned fast, but evenly, so it ended up being a shorter smoke than most this length. The flavor was very nice but nothing special. I felt that this was average and for the price gave it an overall value of "8". I don't think I would buy it again, but it was nice for what it was.”
T C of Dover DE on 1/12/2011
UL-554 - “A very typical mild cigar, nothing specail. Just like the description says it has a very "tobacco" taste. Mild-Medium. ”
K M of Blackburn Dr. IL on 1/11/2011
TL-650 - “Enjoyable flavor changes as the cigar progressed. Good value for the $.”
T M of Cranberry Twp. PA on 1/7/2011
XL-6560 - “it started out woody and full of leather, but mellowed out about 1/4 of way in. Solid built and great draw. This was a great smoking experience”
R H of Quakertown PA on 1/2/2011
YT-650 - “This was a descent smoke, but a bit on the pricey side. The draw was easy with good smoke and tight ash. It got a bit harsh on the way down but smoothed out toward the end. This was an OK cigar. Not the best of the lot, but on the better end of the Blend Lab. The price gives me a bit of a pause as there are better cigars in the lab for less money.”
T C of Dover DE on 1/1/2011
SJ-7542 - “had it at the guild last night. Nice cigar.”
J S of Whitehouse Station NJ on 12/28/2010
SJ-7542 - “I do not have a refined pallet as some do. with me it is once I am smoking it, if I experience any particular node or flavor it must smack me in the face, other than that, if my pallet says this is a good smoke to be enjoyed again, then thats how I feel. This current blend is an excellent cigar. The job you folks are doing is great, keep up the excellent work and keep producing these great blends.”
C B of Sinking Spring PA on 12/28/2010
SD-5555 - “nice smoke, flavors of coco,leather smooth would buy again”
C L of Stormville NY on 12/27/2010
ZK-6754 - “Very good construction, but a slightly fragile wrapper. Nice medium-to-full bodied strength throughout. A pleasant woody, sweetness noticable with a subtle pepper too. More complex and smoother than a lot of other Brazilian maduros on the market today!”
J B of Easton PA on 12/24/2010
ZK-660 - “I thought this cigar was well constructed and would go well with a nice strong cup of coffee (cuban or an expresso). Nice nut cocoa taste.”
D J of Ossining NY on 12/23/2010
TO-554 - “I should say at the outset that after smoking two of these at the CI store, I promptly bought a bundle of 50. I also purchased one of every cigar in the Blend Lab, 32 of them, to test them over the next month. This cigar is clearly the winner of the 6 that I have done so far. The only problem I have with it has been the slightly uneven burn at the beginning. I rotated the cigar and was able to straighten out the burn without the use of a lighter. This is a definite winner. Great Cigar.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/22/2010
TO-554 - “I smoked two of these and found them verry different.The first was bitter at the start with spice overall a nasty start. On the plus side the spice was there through the hole smoke. At the half way point there was a strong flavor of nutmeg or clove thas was fantatic. I am sorry to say this did not hapen in the second smoke. A year or two in the humidor may improve these smokes. The second smoke was less bitter at the start and had less spice through out. This cigar still needs some age.”
P K of newton MA on 12/17/2010
TJ-6252 - “I gave this one solid "8"s all around except for the construction. The burn was loose and I had to straighten out the cigar about a third of the way down. The wrapper was a bit veiny and rough and I felt some really soft spots down the stick. I like full body cigars, but felt this was about a medium to full. The flavor was average, not bad, just not outstanding. At $7.50 a stick I just don't feel it lives up to that price tag. Overall I would not purchase this one again.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/12/2010
YH-456 - “One can't help but look at this and think of the NUB series. I think the manufacturer is going for that look and feel. The draw, appearance, and construction were perfect in my opinion. I held the ash on for 2 inches and opted to tap out. But it could have held on longer. I felt it was medium to full strength. Good flavor of pepper and oak, although not overwhelming. At $8.50 a stick, it is a bit on the pricey side, but I would get it again. Overall a great experience.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/11/2010
TU-7250 - “This is one of the longer cigars I have smoked in a while. There is a nice amount of smoke and pretty flavorable. It is true that it got more body as it went along. Nice flavor...a bit earthy. Overall this was an excellent experience and I would purchase this again.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/9/2010
ZB-652 - “You can't help but think that the manufacturer is trying to compete with the RP Edge Maduro. This cigar looks like a beast but smokes like a baby. The wrapper is veiny and spotty although thick looking and oily. It appears to be extremely well constructed and held together well all the way to the nub. The problem with this cigar is that there just isn't that much flavor or body. It has a great amount of smoke, but there's not much there. I'm afraid, I would not purchase this again.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/7/2010
ZD-4554 - “There was a tremendous amount of smoke with this one. Great flavor. While not a completely full bodied cigar, certainly on the fuller side. The draw and burn were perfect, even, tight, great color ash. A good looking cigar as you smoke it. One problem is the wrapper broke apart toward the end. I keep my cigars at 68in a large cabinet humidor. At $5.50 this cigar is well worth another look.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/6/2010
YH-6544 - “I found this to be an average cigar. Even at $5.50 the value would be average. The wrapper was a bit thin and had to look hard in the box to get one that had a wrapper completely intact. I found it to be harsh with not much flavor. The draw was a bit loose. This made for a hotter smoke half way down. The flavor was oaky when there was some. I would not purchase this again at the price point offered.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/6/2010
XX-5552 - “This cigar was beautiful. Great torpedo maduro. An incredible amount of smoke. The flavor was good and had a near perfect draw and burn. Notes of coffee and spice. I would purchase this one again, although it is on the high side of the scale for the other Blend Lab products.”
T C of Dover DE on 12/6/2010
TL-650 - “Wow! Another well crafted cigar. While a little more mild than I would usually smoke, it IS a cigar I would smoke early in the day. I smoked it all the way down and from start to finish the flavor was consistent. It never got hot, and was great with a light, Highlands single malt scotch. Kudos CI!”
R W of Stamford CT on 11/22/2010
XJ-654 - “After 5 minutes of smoking I got a bitter taste on my tongue, and it stay on also a long time after having smoke the cigar.”
K F of Fredensborg/ Denmark k on 11/21/2010
TL-650 - “This blend started out nice and mild and continued that way through to the finish. I was hoping for a bit more flavor, but overall a good smoke and one I would purchase again.”
J B of Ashburn VA on 11/20/2010
ZF-544 - “initially i thought the draw was going to be making my inner cheeks touch, but it happened to be the opposite. Pretty perfect draw allowing for flavorful milky clouds. somewhat mild intially, rolling into complexity 1/3 in. burn was flawless, and took its time. I'm also a fan of the gauge. easy on the lips. Also there was definately a slight spice througout. not enough to deter me from puffin down. overall lots of complexiy, slightly heddy and a definate future purchase. Good work.”
J G of Milltown NJ on 11/17/2010
XL-6560 - “Smoked UL-554 & XL-6560. Enjoyed the XL-6560 more than UL-554, but XL-6560 wrapper broke into many small pieces about 10 min. after lighting. Most breakage at the draw end. Cigar did not break apart, only the wrapper. Not sure what I would pay, but both cigars were very good. I have purchased cigars for many years from CI.”
G R of Fleetwood PA on 11/17/2010
TO-554 - “This was my first cigar from the blend lab. What an outstanding cigar. I smoked this until my fingers got hot. Had a nice peppery flavor and smooth finish. Was a little disappointed about how it burned. Had to relight it a few times. However I was warned prior to buying this cigar that it may burn uneven.”
M D of Cornwall PA on 11/17/2010
YT-650 - “Okay smoke. Had to relite a few times.”
S K of great falls VA on 11/15/2010
XD-4549 - “Very disappointed with this stick. The horrible draw made this cigar basically unsmokable.”
D S of NJ on 11/14/2010
UL-554 - “although it was somewhat mild...the spicy after taste killed the moment..Not the worst but definately room for improvement.”
G R of rock hill NY on 11/14/2010
XD-752 - “Great favor for a medium bodied cigar with a great aftertaste, burns a little fast, but is head and shoulders above many of the manufacturers cigars. Would definetly buy again!!”
J V of washington NJ on 11/14/2010
YP-5754 - “please put this bad boy into production. one of the best cigars i've ever had, without qualification”
J H of PA on 11/12/2010
WH-660 - “Overall good cigar, nice even burn, full body all way through. Not mild, not strong, somewhere in between. An overall good cigar, and smoke.”
J Z of Dushore PA on 11/10/2010
ZT-550 - “The last time I had a cigar this good it cost me $25.00.”
P M of Jonas PA on 11/8/2010
WH-660 - “Expected a little stronger. Nice flavor, great burn for a 60 ring gauge.”
J M of blue ball PA on 11/8/2010
XF-648 - “Great cigar somewhat close to the Partagas Benji, burns clean but a little too fast. A good medium body some that is somewhat creamy. Would certainly buy again.”
J V of Washington NJ on 11/7/2010
YT-752 - “Smooth from start to finish. Good flavor, good burn. Nice!”
S K of great falls VA on 11/6/2010
XF-648 - “overall decent cigar. it had hints of cinnamon”
J J of tobyhanna PA on 10/31/2010
ZB-652 - “Was slightly peppery at light up and mellowed out about 1" into smoke. Sensation was at front and sides of tongue. Pleasure to smoke, held a real tight whitesh gray ash, nice even burn, I place it up there with blend code xx 5552. Keep up the good work”
C B of Sinking Spring PA on 10/28/2010
ZB-652 - “this one seemed dry wrapper feel apart as soon as I lit it causing it to burn crooked but the wrapper was tight enough to keep it going so it did not explode will have to try another we got this one at the cigar guild meeting”
G E of hampton NJ on 10/27/2010
XJ-4554 - “Wonderful cigar! Flavor consistent throughout. Very well made. This is a keeper!”
R W of Stamford CT on 10/27/2010
XX-5552 - “I smoked this at th cigar guild meeting. It was flavorful, and burned well. I enjoyed the slightly exotic taste of the filler tobacco mixture. It was a nice, complex smoke. Keep 'em coming!”
J G of Annandale NJ on 10/26/2010
XF-648 - “terrible draw; could probably enjoy the spices if any smoke would pull through. construction was one of the worst imaginable. these should be sold as "seconds" for a buck at best.”
G T of Bath PA on 10/26/2010
XJ-654 - “just like an RP Vintage series at a better price for singles. Highly Recommended!!!”
G T of Bath PA on 10/23/2010
XJ-4554 - “This was a great cigar that changed flavor throughout finishing with a smooth nutty taste and smoked down till my fingers were burnt.”
B Q of BETHLEHEM PA on 10/18/2010
ZD-4554 - “Good size (4.5" x 54), heavy in the hand with a firm, dense feel. Wrapper was attractive, red-brown and smooth with a few veins. Construction and draw were excellent: it burned slow and evenly, medium draw, no relights. Lots of smoke and a firm salt and pepper ash. Flavor was medium bodied, smooth without too much spice or pepper. Good, clean tobacco taste with some toasted oak.”
J W of Boyds MD on 10/17/2010
ZB-652 - “This torpedo had a dark brown, veiny wrapper with dark filler. Construction was solid, medium weight and firm in the hand. An even burn and light draw made for an easy smoke that stayed lit to the nub. The flavor was full and rich, dominated by chocolate and strong expresso flavors. To me, the flavor was nearly identical to a Rocky Patel Edge Maduro.”
J W of Boyds MD on 10/17/2010
XD-752 - “This cigar is a flavor bomb!! Another great recommendation by the CI staff.”
M A of Nazareth PA on 10/14/2010
UN-654 - “Blend was well constructed, cigar started out tight, burned well after 1st inch. Flavor was good but not boastable.”
J R of pittsburgh PA on 10/11/2010
XJ-4554 - “This cigar is a very good smoke. I had it after lunch it was great.”
R A of Blandon PA on 10/10/2010
UQ-754 - “Burn was perfect. Even and a easy draw. A little milder than I expected from a Nicaraguan blend but close enough for a flavorful and pleasant smoke. Would buy again if the price was about 20% less. Again a very nice cigar but for $8 + there are many better”
D B of Milford PA on 10/10/2010
YP-5754 - “when can i buy a box”
S H of jim thorpe PA on 10/3/2010
UN-654 - “Nice color, looked good. Burn was uneven, draw was a little tight. Good flavor at the beginning, turned into a competent medium-full bodied smoke.”
J W of Boyds MD on 10/2/2010
TO-554 - “Nice dark wrapper, construction looked solid. Smooth, rich flavor, medium to full, with a firm ash and even burn. The flavor stayed consistent to the end.”
J W of Boyds MD on 10/2/2010
UL-554 - “Smooth, easy draw and nice smoke with consistency right through to the end.”
D W of Bangor PA on 9/26/2010
TU-7250 - “Great cigar. Nice draw, smooth, good taste all the way until the end.”
D W of Bangor PA on 9/26/2010
TJ-6252 - “really liked this cigar, started off immediately with a lot of spice (is pepper the right verbiage) the aroma draws you right in. Nice solid as ash. I thought it was going to get bold on me, but it seemed to stay consistent, if anything seemed too ease up a bit before kicking in about 2/3 of the way through. The shade was a little inconsistent on the wrapper, but not much, the draw and firmness was excellent. I would buy this cigar. Did I say how much I liked the”
E G of Fort Worth TX on 9/24/2010
XL-6560 - “average cigar, not going to be in my humidor”
S M of Allentown PA on 9/19/2010
YH-456 - “A good mix of strong toung tickling flavors at the onset then settles into a mild to more medium smoke. The burn was perfect and ash white as snow. Finished strong and many peppery notes throughout.”
P S of kernersville NC on 9/16/2010
ZK-6754 - “Good construction, reasonable draw and burn. Milder than my usual smoke but very pleasant.”
D B of Austin TX on 9/13/2010
ZK-6754 - “Good construction, even burn, flavorful but not overpowering.”
M W of Ancram NY on 9/12/2010
ZK-6754 - “It was a very cool smoke. It stayed lit but burned extremely cool and wasn't harsh or distasteful. That contributed to an extremely pleasant and flavorful smoke.”
A D of Stevens PA on 9/8/2010
XJ-654 - “Excellent burn and the full bodied taste was exceptional.”
M S of Bethlehem PA on 9/7/2010
YP-5754 - “Very mellow, smooth flavor, consistent burn from light to finish, sweet aftertaste, would buy a box of these.”
R E of Topton PA on 9/3/2010
WC-554 - “Outer layer of wrapper started to fall apart immediately upon cutting, but stayed together enough to finish. burned evenly and had good earthy flavor. Flavor stayed the same throughout, without any harshness. Was fairly mild. Would buy again at the right price ($4-$5)”
M F of Lansdowne PA on 9/3/2010
XD-4549 - “Overall very good. The taste was very complex and very nice - the smoke billowed and the burn was excellent. The body was not for the faint of heart - very satisfying. The only problem that I experienced was the draw - I had to have a straited out papper clip to loosen the tobacco at the head.”
K K of Eagleville PA on 9/2/2010
YH-456 - “slightly bitter as it got short. otherwise an all around good cigar for a relaxing float around the pool after supper with a cold beer chaser.”
N H of lower macungie PA on 9/1/2010
XL-6560 - “This may be just about the best tasting milder cigar ever. It rivals the Beauty for best ever and it is a third of the price!!!”
F U of Surprize AZ on 9/1/2010
YP-5754 - “Awesome smoke. Well done!”
A R of Fleetwood PA on 8/30/2010
YH-456 - “This cigar was designed in the same veign as a Nub. It fell well short of being a Nub. It looked flawless, the only reason I didn't give it 10 on appearance is it seemed a little drier that it should have been. There was no oily sheen. It was packed tight with tobacco, cubanesque in firmness. It drew horribly however, and it started out with an almost mentholy flavor. It worsened from there to become soggy newspapery. I would not buy them again at any price. I think the test lab is a great idea.”
D V of Middle Village NY on 8/29/2010
ZK-6754 - “great cigar i would recommend to anyone. purchased an extra to take along home and one for my son in law. the draw and burn were excellent and the aroma was pleasing.”
N H of lower macungie PA on 8/26/2010
ZT-550 - “I must first start off by saying this review is coming from not only a new cigar smoker but also a huge Drew Estate fan. Nevertheless I surprisgly enjoyed the cigar. Construction was very good, as well as the draw. Started off very strong and peppery but chilled out and still kept the peppery essence. Connecticut wrapper gave nice release of slight sweetness. Would defiantly recommend this cigar out for the tradional cigar smoker.”
P E of Allentown PA on 8/26/2010
YH-542 - “Really nice, quick cigar. It started off pretty peppery but mellowed into a nice, leathery smoke after the first quarter inch.”
S G of PA on 8/26/2010
UL-554 - “This cigar has a smooth draw and is very enjoyable. Also has a hint of spicyness pepper to it. I tasted some pepper in it as well. I enjoyed this blend I would like to purchase this again and relax and enjoy.”
M M of Bethlehem PA on 8/26/2010
TL-650 - “for my second mild cigar it wasnt bad at all.. very mild. drew and burned very well. went great with coffee and would definitly try it again would recommend to anyone who is a mild cigar smoker. loved it..”
R H of Bethlehem PA on 8/26/2010
YH-456 - “very good smoke. I find myself looking forward to visiting the blend lab every time I come in.”
J M of allentown n on 8/24/2010
YH-456 - “Smooth, medium blend from start to finish. Slow, constant burn with an easy draw, producung a velvety plume of smoke. Great cigar and would love to see this in CI's store's on a regular basis.”
D N of Catasauqua PW on 8/21/2010
XD-4549 - “The cigar was surprisingly good. It looked like it would be a quicker smoke, but lasted almost an hour. The flavor was full and complex with a wonderful long lasting palate coating taste. I still could enjoy the flavor hours later. Overall this was an excellent blend. It compared very favorably to a Man O' War Ruination.”
K K of Eagleville PA on 8/14/2010
ZK-660 - “Great cigar, good flavor”
J P of Pen Argyl PA on 8/9/2010
YT-650 - “Not bad - but overpriced. At best I would compare to a Rocky Patel Edge Lite. Draw a bit tight, but nice even burn. Construction was good and held a nice firm greyish black ash. Taste was a bit papery with a sourish aftertaste.”
S W of Lansdale e on 8/9/2010
XD-4549 - “Charred oak, paper, and white pepper. Some sweetness towards the end. The wrapper was split which affected the draw and burn.”
R Z of Portage MI on 8/8/2010
ZB-652 - “Good, Satisfying cigar. Worth a try!”
L G of Bushkill PA on 8/6/2010
TJ-6252 - “Cigar Guild Review: Some burn issues, but average construction overall. Subtle flavors, some spice, some sweetness, overall medium-bodied. The first half was relatively uneventful. But as it burned, it developed somewhat. Overall, a decent tasting cigar that's a little rough around the edges.”
C G of Bethlehem PA on 8/6/2010
ZK-660 - “Cigar was underfilled, and dry. cored, burned hot. really lame experience from what looked like tasty stick.”
A M of drexel hill l on 8/2/2010
ZK-660 - “Rich in taste, dark wrapper had a brazilian sweetness to it. The burn "canoed" a bit but easy mended & the cigar split just before the label which is common with big ring cigars. Great tasting smoke.”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 8/1/2010
YH-6544 - “This has to be one of the best drawing cigars I have ever had in my life, it was smooth and provided ample smoke with no struggle or without feeling like I was drawing in nothing. The flavor was harsh to start but around 1/2 through its flavor came to life providing a rich taste that didnt overwhelm but kept my tastebuds wanting more. This lasted all the way down to where I almost burnt my fingers. Its look was very clean and its construction supurb. For the price I would highly reccommend it”
T F of Kutztown PA on 7/30/2010
TJ-6252 - “Cigar Guild: this smoke was weak at best. It was very papery, almost like burning newsprint, with very little flavor. Some slight hints of sweetness at times, but nothing satisfying. Would not buy this again.”
J G of Annandale NJ on 7/29/2010
UM-750 - “Spices, creamy, easy draw, burnt well, nice ring gage & lenght. Never burnt out even when left to burn on it's own. I love spice cigars and the descriptions in the book in the room influenced me to smoke it. Excellent choice.”
J M of High Bridge NJ on 7/28/2010
TJ-6252 - “(Cigar Guild) Multiple flavor profile changes. Interesting intial flavor with notes of caramel? Would like to try this in a larger ring, with a traditional cap (not a fan of the torpedo); the cap on this one unravelled a bit right after I clipped it, but it didn't really effect the experience. The ash on this was a little odd at first: after burning the ash flared out like the bell of a trumpet.”
A F of Staten Island NY on 7/27/2010
WA-6552 - “a so so cigar, would not buy it again, not enough flavor”
M B of READING PA on 7/26/2010
TJ-6252 - “cigar guild”
J H of middlesex NJ on 7/26/2010
TJ-6252 - “Very easy draw, bordered on loose. First light was pretty harsh, very strong nicotine flavor for the first inch or two. Mellowed out as it smoked, but the aftertaste from the beginning was too much to be overcome.”
J B of Sinking Spring PA on 7/26/2010
ZK-660 - “VERY NICE”
M B of READING PA on 7/25/2010
XJ-4554 - “A great cigar, full of flavor that started from the beginning. I believe the wrapper is corojo which was exceptional.”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 7/25/2010
WC-554 - “pepper taste was a little overbearing, but a good smoke”
M B of rockville centre NY on 7/24/2010
WC-554 - “This was a great smoke! The only issue I have is finding another smoke as good!!! A little more robust wouldn't hurt either. Being as this was given to me by a friend who got it from a friend of thiers, I don't know where to get another.”
S A of Wayne PA on 7/23/2010
TL-650 - “For the second time to your bldg in PA you have a great selection. thank you”
J J of Belcamp MD on 7/21/2010
TO-554 - “Good, smooth cigar. Could tell there was good production quality.”
M S of Pittsburgh PA on 7/21/2010
XD-4549 - “superb smoke,would definately buy that one again and again.Wrapper had a few flaws in it ,but otherwise superb !!!”
C C of lehighton PA on 7/19/2010
XL-6560 - “Wonderful aroma, with a creamy nutty taste. Great draw and even burn. Mellow, for the mild smokers, but a rich flavor enough for the medium to full smokers such as myself. I would recommend to everyone, at least once. I would purchase many times over.”
E R of Easton PA on 7/18/2010
XD-4549 - “I am by no means an afficianado but here it is. For me there was a light woodsy flavor that intensified x3 as I smoked. It had excellent draw and burnt pretty even. Lengh of smoke was great for a quick smoke(45min) its not the prettiest looking but the flavor offset that. When I was done smoking it I didnt have any after taste and for me thats big. I hate tasting my last cigar when Im lighting my new one the following day. Simple smoke for a simple guy!!!! thumbs up”
M G of Bethlehem PA on 7/18/2010
TU-7250 - “ehhhhh!!!!!”
L G of Bushkill PA on 7/18/2010
ZF-544 - “Good small cigar that packs a punch!”
C R of Walnutport PA on 7/15/2010
XD-4549 - “Enjoyed it very much. Would definitely fill my humidor with this blend.”
L D of NJ on 7/15/2010
TL-650 - “Mild cigar decent draw. Good everyday cigar”
L G of Bushkill PA on 7/12/2010
YP-5754 - “Full body. Good draw Not for those who can't handle a full strength cigar. But definitely worth a try!”
L G of Bushkill PA on 7/11/2010
UL-554 - “UL-554 Connecticut Wrapper Robusto: well packed/solid construction/decent weight in hand, near flawless wrapper, soft semi-sweet pre-light aroma. Creamy,toasty, a little nut (maybe walnuts) with a hint of spice upon lighting. Easy draw/decent plumbs of white smoke. Salt/pepper ash held on for 2 inches before dropping. Midway to finish: less cream, a more oak/wood taste is present. Also, the smoke takes on a silky aspect on the palate. A really nice mild yet flavorful cigar. My Rating: 87”
M C of PA on 7/11/2010
UM-750 - “Mild, peppery cigar. Good for an everyday smoke. Burn not very good. Draw not bad.”
L G of Bushkill PA on 7/11/2010
WC-554 - “I enjoyed this cigar. The wrap held up extremly well till the end, as well as the flavor.”
M H of stoudsburg PA on 7/5/2010
ZT-550 - “Very plesant smoke, lots of pepper and spice nice draw held ash very well. Slight burn issue, but nothing to get bent about. Great aroma; wish I'd bought more.”
S H of Fayetteville NC on 7/4/2010
TO-554 - “great cigar”
A P of easton PA on 7/3/2010
YD-556 - “Overall good construction and appearance, but a bit too firm of a draw for me, and I actually had to re-light about halfway through. Good med-full body, but there are others, i.e. Oliva V in the same price range, with consistantly strong and dependable performance.”
M C of Clinton Township NJ on 7/2/2010
YT-650 - “If you like a mild smoke this is it. It mellows into a hint of pepper. The draw and burn are perfect., not a single re-light. It was a little pricy at $8 a stick, but I did enjoy it. I'd like to thank Joe for turning me on this gem.”
M V of Felton PA on 7/2/2010
UL-554 - “Great smoke! Consistent flavor throughout. Definitely willbe a repeat purchase.”
B F of Washington NJ on 6/30/2010
WC-554 - “Rough wrapper.Good construction.Good burn.Firm draw Nica cameroon flavor.Strong finish”
S R of farmingdale NJ on 6/28/2010
XD-4549 - “would not recommend this one.”
D L of Bethlehem PA on 6/27/2010
TO-554 - “Great taste. Great smoke. Very nice wrapper and feel. Smoke thick and smooth with a nice bite. Burn slightly off but by no means affects the experience. Count me in :) love the lab!!!!”
M B of Saylorsburg PA on 6/27/2010
YP-5754 - “If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was smoking an Oliva V. I loved it, but reserve a rating of 10 for a Gurkha Titan like cigar. I have made 2 visits to CI in the last 2 years and have been waited on and helped by Brock both times. He treated us great, took very good care of us and made the experience very pleasant. We plan on making the trip twice a year from now on. Brock gave us a tour of the Blend Lab, which was the cherry on top. Can't wait to come back.”
J S of Gales Ferry CT on 6/24/2010
XD-4549 - “I asked for a spicy, rich, full bodied stick, and that is exactly what I got. After toasting the foot I could smell a floral aroma. From the first toke to the last it was a fantastic blend of coffee with hints of dark leather. It was a great smoke! Burned evenly with no draw problems. Very full bodied, would pair well with coffee. I wish it was in a larger ring size. I would like to know what maker made this masterpiece. Highly recommended!!!!”
C S of Whitehall PA on 6/24/2010
YD-556 - “This is my first from the blend lab, and I must say WOW!!! A pleasant surprise. Since I was a super store locker holder and some of the unmentionable horrors that were given to me to rate. But this cigar would be on my repeat list . I may order a wheel of this but I purchased several other ciagrs from the blend lab and now can't to try the rest of them...”
J L of Gaithersburg MD on 6/21/2010
WC-554 - “Overall a slight uneaven start up burn but very smooth with rich smoke to boot.”
D S of Easton PA on 6/21/2010
YT-650 - “Great cigar. Went from good to better tasting while smoking.”
J D of newton NJ on 6/20/2010
XD-4549 - “pre-light draw was smooth with peppery taste. Strong, almost bitey, throught the first half. much tastier in the last half, but not a complex blend, very little overall flavor. slightly uneven burn, but held ash well. love full bodied smokes, but will not do this one again.”
P B of Hellertown PA on 6/20/2010
XD-4549 - “The construction on this cigar was good, no burn issues and it produced lots of smoke. The flavor was sweet with some woody notes and a little pepper. My issue was that the flavor was that the sweetness overpowered the rest of the flavors, it was a bit unbalanced for my tastes.”
R F of Havertown PA on 6/20/2010
WC-554 - “Great Construction, Durable wrapper.”
J M of Saylorsburg PA on 6/20/2010
TO-554 - “Great cigar. The first half was perfect but the second half went out repeatedly. Two seperate smokers both having the same issue.”
J D of newton NJ on 6/20/2010
TO-554 - “Great taste. Went out several times after half way down.”
N D of Sparta NJ on 6/20/2010
ZK-660 - “If the 1st half of this cigar measured up to the 2nd it would have been a top quality, buy again cigar for me. Reminded me of a Rocky Patel The Edge big ring in appearance but i was seriously let down by the dry 30 minute first half. It did recover on the 1 hr 2nd half but not enough for me to buy it again at $8.50 ,from the same store anyway... Bethlehem PA. I dont think it was stored properly or they sold me one that had just got out of transport. Poor humidification, i think, spoiled it.”
S M of Chesterfield VA on 6/18/2010
WC-554 - “This is the best cameroon I have smoked since Perdomo's Edicion de Silvio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
T S of Aluta PA on 6/15/2010
ZF-544 - “Great tasting cigar. Easy, pleasant smoke with even burn and great balance. This one is a winner!! Recommended by sales staff. Those guys really know what they're talking about!”
V B of Intercourse PA on 6/14/2010
YH-456 - “Starts off slighltly rough. A salty, spicy flavor is around a woody core. Tastes like the tobacco needs some more fermenting time. Getting into the stick, things smooth out and get a little richer. Pairs well with a med/full coffee. Draw is a hair tight overall. Overall...the cigar just taste a bit young. Not bad, but not there yet.”
W E of Barren Wastelands of NJ NJ on 6/11/2010
ZK-6754 - “a great looking and drawing smoke; too bad it has no taste at all.”
G T of bath PA on 6/9/2010
YD-556 - “big maduro started awesome then hit "knot" at 1/3 point where i got a blast of mexican spice. it mellowed very slightly then another enormous blast of spice to the nub. had to take a nap after that one....”
G T of bath PA on 6/9/2010
ZF-544 - “This cigar was very tasty upon spark up which lasted only for the 1st quarter inch then the flaver dropped off some and put out just a straight tobacco flavor. The cigar smoked well, draw was good but I just thought it was average.”
E C of Pennsburg PA on 6/7/2010
XD-4549 - “I would like to see how this pefecto tastes in a larger offering. Overall had very rich deep flavors like expresso pepper smoke great smell. construction loved the oily wrapper. not enough for the money.”
E C of Pennsburg PA on 6/7/2010
XJ-4554 - “Excellent smoke, great taste from start to finish, No harsh after tones even to the end, easy draw and even burn, just a little pricey for its size”
R M of Orwigsburg PA on 6/4/2010
YP-5754 - “This was a pretty solid cigar. One of the very knowledgeable employees helped me pick it out. I am not going to bore you with all kinds of tasting notes, but I will say this, the cigar was delicious. I enjoyed this stick with a nice glass of port. It brought out a nutty flavor. I did not put it out until it was burning my finger tips. I would buy this again.”
J M of Reading PW on 5/31/2010
TO-554 - “Did not like this at all. Burn was not even and had to relight it 2 times. Too much work”
D M of Medford NJ on 5/31/2010
WC-554 - “This cigar was consistent from start to end: no warmup period. Draw was almost too easy. Smoke was light and had a really interesting smell, that made me think of plums or the nose of a fruity Port. Not much aftertaste. Beautiful white ash that got past the half-way point from muzzle to breech before breaking off. The flavor was not overly complex, it could have used another note or two. Perhaps a little spice or butter, but some direction. Over all, very nice.”
G B of Cranbury NJ on 5/29/2010
TO-554 - “Smoked two of these. The first tunneled so badly that it was unsmokeable, but I tried. The second was also under filled, you could see it in the ash. At times the wrapper would completely stop burning while the filler kept going. Now as for the flavor of the second it was great! A little bit of spice at first, with some sweetness underlined with leather. Toward the end the sweetness left leaving only spice and leather. In order to go into production the burn/filler issue must be fixed!”
M S of Bethlehem PA on 5/29/2010
XL-6560 - “A durable, quality wrapper with a consistent mild flavor and a decent lengthy burn.”
N S of Wernersville PA on 5/27/2010
UN-654 - “Rough finish”
B S of Wernersville PA on 5/27/2010
WH-660 - “Lovely! Great cigar, good flavor, nice body and a good looking cigar too. I want more, many more.”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/24/2010
ZB-652 - “Great Smoke!!!!!!!!!! I would easily pay $7.00 for this cigar.”
M B of blue ball PA on 5/23/2010
YH-6544 - “Mild to medium, a touch harsh on occasion, not too complex with some damp flavors.”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/23/2010
YT-650 - “A lovely looking cigar, very attractive. The draw was a bit tight and the burn had some uneven moments. Mild to medium in body with a creamy smoke, the flavor was consistent but not very rich. Good with a morning coffee.”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/21/2010
YT-650 - “This cigar had a nice even burn and a long lasting smoke.”
J G of Piscataway NJ on 5/21/2010
YD-556 - “A mellow cigar with some interesting notes to it. Very relaxing smoke.”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/20/2010
XJ-654 - “Despite a touch of an uneven burn this is an excellent cigar with lots of hearty flavors. It is a beautifully crafted cigar with a lot of character. The smoke is generous and rich, I hope to see more of this one!”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/19/2010
YP-5754 - “A very nice smoke with lots of good flavor! This one would easily become a favorite purchase.”
D G of Saylorsburg PA on 5/18/2010
WC-554 - “Smooth smoke. Love your new area.”
J B of Lititz PA on 5/17/2010
WH-660 - “Not nearly as full as advertised. Maybe the big ring gauge knocked it down. I thought it was just medium body. Still a good smoke for a $6-7 cigar.”
V B of Brooklyn NY on 5/16/2010
YT-752 - “A great morning cigar. Nice ring gauge, hearty, mild-med. strength. Slightly complex, not boring at all. CI hits another Home-Run!”
J F of Tower City PA on 5/13/2010
XD-4549 - “Full/Full! (Eat Something before smoking) Long Finish, I really like the perfecto shape. Reminds me of something Nestor Plasencia Jr. put togethernot too long ago.”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 5/9/2010
ZD-4554 - “First quater inch is spice and pepper, the pepper coating my mouth. Then it mellows out with a touch of sweetness and spice fighting for position. Then halfway through they blend together into nirvana. The sweetness yields to the spice in the final third, but does not go away all together. Had perfect draw and good burn, however the wrapper split on me on the two of them. Complex flavor on the fuller side of medium body. Wrapper aside, the cigar was phenomenal. I absolutely loved it. A must buy”
M S of Bethlehem PA on 5/8/2010
YP-5754 - “I love the PA wrapper!! Rich, balanced and lots of smoke. Great size, too!”
J B of Dushore PA on 5/8/2010
YH-456 - “Great construction with minimal veins and a nicely applied cap. The cigar is rock solid and features some heft, though the draw was perfect and the YH-456 booms out the smoke. The cigar burned evenly and the ash held on like a champ. The flavors are that of earth, peat, and a heavy leather note. Later on, the same flavors linger about, only now they're accompanied by just a hint of spice. It would definitely be a great cigar at a lower price. But for $8.50, there are better cigars.”
A W of South Williamsport PA on 5/5/2010
YH-542 - “Cigar starts off what I would describe as woody, and stays that way throughout most of the cigar. Towards the halfway point a very light spice comes and goes for a few short puffs. Some leather begins to blend in from the halfway point on. The finish is short, clean, and woody on the palate. The draw throughout had the perfect amount of resistance, but I had to touch up the burn a few times. A Mild cigar with not much complexity. It didn't really suit my profile so I would not buy again.”
M S of Bethlehem PA on 5/5/2010
ZD-4554 - “Whoever picked this blend should be rewarded!!!!!!! This was spicy up front and then blended into a great med-full flavorful and balanced cigar.”
J B of Ypsilanti MI on 5/3/2010
YH-456 - “Prelit Smell=Barnyard Prelit Draw=Slightly Sweet First Light=Strong, Nutty Spice in the Sinuses,Slight Sweetness Great Fermentation Line Excellent to the End ”
J D of bethlehem PA on 5/3/2010
YP-5754 - “Has that Fernandez Cubanese Taste, The Shape is identical to the Resposado. This cigar needs to be on the self with the rest of his great cigars! I'm going back to the Super Store & pick up a few more!”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 5/3/2010
YH-542 - “This is a great little cigar that comes in a corona size. Its very complex yet well-balanced. Burn and draw were perfect. A steal for only $4.50!”
A H of Barto PA on 5/3/2010
WA-6552 - “No Prelit Smell or Taste Great Start, Favor from the Gate Mild, Slight Sweetness on the finish Short Finish, Great Aroma Smooth Smoke, Tight draw that cut back on Smoke Slightly Sour Towards the End”
J D of Bethlehem PA on 5/3/2010
TO-554 - “I got this cigar Thursday night during the CAO event. It had a dark mocha colored wrapper and look very oily and just a little veiny which was why I gave it a 9 for construction. Upon lighting it had a blast of pepper that stayed for about the first third and then mellowed out the rest of the way. I had a little trouble keeping it lit, some of that was me,given that I was talking with quite a few people. Overall a very enjoyable smoke and one I would like to have again.”
G G of Merrillville IN on 5/3/2010
XJ-654 - “Beautiful cigar that didn't burn very well in the beginning but when it did it provided a ton of rich, sweet flavor.”
M B of bethlehem PA on 5/1/2010
YP-5754 - “This cigar is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!”
J B of Nazareth PA on 4/29/2010
XD-4549 - “This cigar starts off very mild and woody. The flavor and body build up to a very strong finish. Good cigar, unique size.”
J K of Dallas TX on 4/29/2010
UM-750 - “This is another great idea by CI!”
A H of Barto PA on 4/29/2010
YH-456 - “This cigar is spectacular!”
J K of Easton PA on 4/28/2010
ZT-550 - “I love these cigars!!!!”
M B of Bethlehem PA on 4/16/2010
SD-5555 - “it good smoke and smell like oak but little hard to draw. in the future would like to have box to purshace or 5 pack will be great”
K V of burlington KY on 12/21/2009
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