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Rockwell Black Case


Rockwell is one of those brands I would give a big high-five to if I could, quickly followed by a slap on the back. Hell, I would probably buy it a beer, and here’s why. Rockwell is slowly but steadily becoming the shining star of the cigar industry. By providing top-notch cigar accessories at reasonable prices, Rockwell is here, and here to stay. But if you’re lookin’ for mammoth tusk and diamond crusted frills, keep on walkin’. Quality products built to last, that's Rockwell.

This cigar case rocks, quite literally. That’s not a clever play on words. Crafted with top-grain, super-soft leather, this attractive, well-constructed travel case from Rockwell will comfortably hold up to three 60-ring cigars. All for a low, highly enjoyable everyday price.