What is MMAO?
Strength: Full
Wrapper:Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Man O' War Side Project Phalanx

Gordo (6.5"x56)


Some cigars invigorate the enthusiast, but are merely a daily task inside the factory. Man O’ War cigarsenlivens the Esteli-based fortress of which it was spawned, inspiring the very hands crafting it to work beyond perfection. To exceed one’s talents and stimulate creativity. This internal drive has generated a new breed of Man O’ War cigars known to the factory as Man O’ War Side Projects. A brash refusal to become complacent; an exclusive series of unique shapes and sizes and modified blends to produce an unrivaled cigar experience. A new breed of Man O’ War cigars for the exploratory enthusiast.

Man O’ War Side Project: Phalanx
- A chunky, 6.5"x56 Toro Gordo
- Jet-black Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrappers
- Medium-bodied, but extremely rich
- Notes of cocoa, pepper, coffee, and cedar
Status: Offer ended
MSRP: $45.00