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Gurkha Elite Box-Press Sampler


Everyone knows what Gurkha brings to the table by now. Unfortunately, due suggested retails, the brand is simply out of reach for most. But like a caped crusader, I'm here to save the day and put the kibosh on MSRPs once again. That's right, I've opened the floodgates on Gurkha's finest with retails slashed to the bone. You'll find the very best under the Gurkha umbrella, from the elusive Centurian to the fan-favorite Beauty (the crème de la crème is all here). Adding even more intrigue is the limited-edition box-press shape. Each cigar is crafted in a stoutly 6.25"x56 frame. With plenty of slow burning, big-time flavor in tow, I except the fan mail to come pouring in. Get some!

The Gurkha Elite Box-Press Sampler includes:
4 - Gurkha Centurian Sultan (6.25" x 56)
4 - Gurkha Warlord (6.25" x 56)
4 - Gurkha Beast (6.25" x 56)
4 - Gurkha Titan (6.25" x 56)
4 - Gurkha Beauty Sultan (6.25" x 56)