What is MMAO?
Strength: Medium
Wrapper:Ecuador Connecticut
Origin:Dominican Republic

Augusto Reyes Gold Series Gordo

Gordo (6.0"x58)


When Augusto Reyes Gold Series first arrived on the dock, the consensus was unanimous. Thumbs up all around. But when we tried to be proactive and re-order, we were met with ignored phone calls, emails, and text messages. Rather than wasting any more time, we decided to just discount the snot out of this once-potential-filled brand and move on to better things like office dice games, pre-noon boozing, and debating whether cheddar or Velveeta truly rules the world of mac n' cheese. Either way, you get to reap the benefits, because the whole lot has been handsomely discounted! Crafted by combining a silky Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper with aged Dominican Cuban-seed long-fillers, you're left with a flavorful medium-bodied profile. The wrapper is a deep chestnut brown and oily in texture, offering a nice creamy, almost buttery note to complement the cigar’s smooth core of cedar, toasted wood, and leather. The smoke is deep in flavor, but refined and balanced, giving you a tasty treat to please the senses. Our feelings will heal....in time. But if I were you I would strike while the iron is hot!
Status: While supplies last
MSRP: $170.00