The Cigar: From Soil to Soul Book

Nowadays, it's hard to find a good informative cigar book, let alone a great one. The looks I've seen people get at retail book stores are priceless. But now, thanks to Didier Houvenaghel and his book From Soil to Soul, you'll feel super learned in tobacco and cigars in no time. The fellow behind the brand Nicarao, Didier is quite the tobacco guru. Each page has loads of information, spanning every facet, from a tiny tobacco seed to a finished cigar. And it's all broken down nice and simple too. Plus if reading starts to hurts your brain, there's plenty of cool pictures. 

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Customer Reviews of “The Cigar: From Soil to Soul Book”
“This book is more like reading a high school science textbook. While there is a plenty of information, it's almost too detailed at times to be enjoyable.”
AM of Centennial, CO