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Henry Clay Smokers Mints

These ultra-powerful mints are designed to counteract the taste and lingering smoke odors you have after a cigar.

About 80 mints per tin.
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CASE/24 TINS In Stock $49.99
1 TIN In Stock $2.25
Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Henry Clay Smokers Mints”

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4 out of 5
Reminiscent of another curiously strong mint, it does a good job of cleansing the palette after a hearty cigar!
4 out of 5
Henry Clay Smokers Mints
I believe they actually worked in masking the aftertaste as well as "smoke breath", I bought them for a cigar bar at my wedding and people were very appreciative!
Customer Testimonials
agree with PW - great mints - small but very powerful - and not a bunch of sugar to make them bigger - use them all the time
This little mint packs a punch.....if you're brave toss in 2! Does the job on some of them nasty after taste cigars you're buddy bought for ya!
A "GREAT MINT" I bought 5, should've bought 10!
These do an excellent job of removing any lingering aftertastes after smoking a cigar. The mints are very potent so the 200ct in a single tin will go a long way!
Very strong little mints (open the container carefully). They provide a strong esssence of mint which was (hopefully) meant to keep the wife at bay by smoking those "stinky" cigars. Gets the job done for that, now I just need to carry a little can of Febreze for my clothes. If your too cheap, just brush your teeth.
Great little mints that pack a punch.
Even my non-smoking friends appreciate these little powerhouse mints!
These mints do a great job. I always chomp on two after I smoke, and the bad breath and lingering smoke taste disappear.
Works very well to get rid of the smoke aftertaste, I usually take 1-2 mints.
I was kind of wondering about these mints to compound my cigar breath, but to my surprise these little mints have a nice punch to mask the smell and taste of cigar.
These little things are addictive!!!!! Great for getting rid of the cigar after taste. I find myself sucking on these mints even when I'm not having a cigar!!!!
Powerful little mints! Masks the cigar smell and taste pretty well. My girlfriend truly appreciates them!
I really like the mints. As others have said, these are small, but packed with a lot of great mint flavor. Great at getting rid of aftertaste from cigars, and not a lot extra sugar to boost the size of individual mints. Probably help some with the breath, too. Also excellent for cleansing the palette between cigars. Highly recommended!
These things make Altoids seem like Tic Tacs. Woo! Strong, but good.
Very strong, and great for covering up that smell of your last cigar. Good items for any smoker to have.
Powerful little mints that really get the job done.