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Csonka Ozone Air Purifier

High-quality, low-maintenance air purifiers.

The Csonka line of Smoker Cloaker ozone air purifiers are guaranteed to eliminate smoke odors. These are not smoke filters or simple ionizers. Instead the Csonka is an ozone purifier. It automatically produces ozone and will continuously purify the air. This means there is no maintenance ever - no chemical components, nothing to clean, no filters to change, no liquids to add, nothing. Just plug it in, turn it on, select a setting and you can let it run all year. It will also neutralize other airborne odors and contaminants, including pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, and other impurities.

Original: built to purify a 500+ square foot area.

Super: built to purify a 1,000+ square foot area. Our best seller!

Pro: adjustable to purify an area between 200 up to 3,000+ square feet. Variable output of ozone ionization. Virtually silent and compact in size (7" x 5" x 2").

Smoker Cloaker: designed to purify inside of a vehicle. Includes automotive A/C adapter.

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
  Csonka Automotive Smoker Cloaker PURIFIER Out of Stock $49.95 $29.99    
  Csonka Ozone Air Purifier - Original PURIFIER Out of Stock $300.00 $159.99    
  Csonka Ozone Air Purifier - Pro PURIFIER Out of Stock $450.00 $299.99    
Csonka Ozone Air Purifier - Super PURIFIER Out of Stock $400.00 $219.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Csonka Ozone Air Purifier”
So far I'm pretty happy with this thing. Granted, the room I'm using it in is about 150 sq. feet and it's rated for 500, and I've got window fans proving good exhaust to get all the smoke out. Nevertheless, I would say this thing gets rid of about 95% of that "burned cigar" smell after I leave it on overnight. Honestly, I don't care for the smell of ozone, but it goes away pretty quickly after shutting the unit off and airing the room, and it doesn't go back to smelling like a burned cigar in the room, which, to me, means this thing actually does neutralize the smell instead of just masking it.
JK of Orlando, FL
This works okay. It takes some of the potency of the cigar smoke away, but not a lot. I would pay $50 for it, but not $227. I'm returning it.
KN of Atlanta, GA