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Gurkha BKXL Tactical Field Knife Sale

Blade of glory.

This thing is bad ass all around. And as soon as you hold this tactical knife in your hand, you'll know exactly what I'm talkin' about too. This ain't your average pocket knife with toothpick, this uber-sharp heavy-duty knife is the king of folding blades. Use it hunting, fishing, hiking, or when you're in a Martha Stewart kind of mood in the kitchen, it can do it all. Hands down one of my favorite knives, you'll no doubt fancy it as much as I do.

As a side note please use caution when opening the knife, it is spring loaded.

-Half serrated 3.75" blade
-Heavy-duty hand-formed handle w/ clip
-Spring loaded action with finger release
-Durable nylon case w/ belt loop
-Glass breaker on bottom of handle
-Seatbelt cutter
-100% steel construction

MSRP: $200
Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
LARGE KNIFE In Stock $200.00 $19.99
Overall Rating 4.75 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha BKXL Tactical Field Knife”

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4 out of 5
Not Bad
It's a bit large and the opening switch is on the opposite side of the clip, so when you take it out of your pocket to open it, you have to flip it around. Other than that, it's nice construction, weight, etc.
5 out of 5
Great that tells it all
Great that tells it all
5 out of 5
Came fast and it's a
Came fast and it's a great knife
4 out of 5
Impressed so far
The knife feels very good and is impressive! The real test will come this next month when I field dress a deer! I have used it on 2 turkeys n 6 ducks but that is not a deer! More to follow! Don't know how well it will hold up? I hope it does! If so I will get a couple more if not, I'm not out that much!
5 out of 5
Gurkha BKXL Tactical Field Knife
great knife for the price and great addition to the car console box with built in cord/seat belt and window punch Got one for the kid too
5 out of 5
Another CI Homerun
The Gurhka BKXL Tactical Field Knife is a must for any go kit or even your tool box. Exceptionally sharp blade plus a serrated blade in one. It even comes with a a case to wear on your belt or just to keep it clean. I've paid 5 times as much for similar knives which makes this one a steal. Get it while you can.
5 out of 5
great knife
great knife
4 out of 5
Surprisingly nice
Heavy, very good quality knife. I was pleasantly surprised by this knife, and how well it holds a sharp blade
5 out of 5
Gurka Tactical Knife
Very nice piece of hardware, very pleased. Wished you still carried Rockwell knife which is also great
5 out of 5
Field Knife
Great piece of equipment.
5 out of 5
great selections, unbeatable prices. Been a fan for years.
5 out of 5
Nice knife!
Customer Testimonials
Great knife for the price. I bought one and my son got custody. Slow action that can be worked on. I may buy another one. For $19 bucks it's a deal.
Very cool!!
This is a pretty solid knife for the price. I decided to get one about a month ago when shopping for some tasty smokes. This knife is heavy. It's constructed of all-metal parts. Since it's so solidly built I decided to use it as my work knife (I work for a tree service company and our main contract is maintaining power line right-of-ways. I follow the trimmer and feed limbs into a chipper all day). We get in some pretty wild and woolly places, so a good pocket knife comes in handy to cut vines, small limbs, etc. I thought this knife would last for a little while and then conk out on me--like my previous knives, some upwards of $60 and well-known brands. Naturally, I thought a "cigar label" knife would last maybe a couple weeks. No! This thing is still going strong. I've even used it to cut down a 2-inch diameter pine tree (chopping with it like a machete). The serrations work very well as a small saw. I couldn't find any markings or descriptions to determine what sort of steel the blade is made of, but it sharpens with a normal amount of effort and holds an edge extremely well. The only problem I have with it is the screws that hold the sides on. Why in the world are they Torx heads? This wouldn't really be a problem if they didn't work loose from time to time...which they do. If you have a very very small Allen wrench, you can sort of wedge it in there enough to tighten them. A very narrow flathead screwdriver also works. The screws holding the clip/glass breaker on fell out the first week after I got it and the clip disappeared forever. Luckily I had it stuck in my pocket and not clipped on (I've had enough knives snatched out of my pockets by wayward limbs to learn not to rely on the clip!). All in all I'd say this is an excellent knife. Not just for the price, but an excellent knife period! Don't waste your money on a brand name. Get this one.
I bought 2 so I could put one in each of my cars. My primary concern was I had no glass breaker in either car. Once I saw what a beautiful multi-purpose knife this is, I really need a few more for the rest of my family. I'm not sure what the slot in the middle of the knife does as well as the hole in the base of the blade. I'm sure I'll figure it out with time. And I whole-heartedly believe what you said about this knife being badass...I would certainly not want to be on the receiving end of this blade. Thanks for a very very good bargain!
It's a 20 dollar knife. The blade is inexpensive steel arrived unable the shave the hair from my arm.... I liked the fact that is has a glass breaker and belt cutter, but after seeing the quality of the blade it concerns me whether I should rely on the belt cutter or not.... The nylon case I like, it has a hard plastic insert to help hold its shape. However, you will always have to be careful unsnapping it because button snap is small and difficult to undo. You can tell by feel that it will eventually pull through if you are not careful.
Looks nice. Good weight. Spring mechanism works well (is this legal in all states?) But, it was missing a screw...
Awesome. Only $20 with very high quality build.
This is without a doubt the best knife ever for $20.
This knife is awesome. Was really surprised on the quality on a knife I had paid only $20 for on sale. I also have the smaller one which I use for deer hunting.
I was surprised on the quality of this knife.
This is a knife that is very well built and solid. I am impressed at the quality this knife offers and very sharp out of the box. Awesome sale on it to got the knife for only 30 bucks (reg 200 bucks).
This knife is a great looking, sturdy, sharp piece of hardware. It has a great weight and grip which makes for easy use. I am finding uses for it because such a great piece of steel shouldn't just sit around collecting dust. And the price? I dare you to find a comparable knife at the same price. An excellent edition to my extensive blade collection. I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself.
This knife is absolutely gorgeous! After purchasing 1 for my brother’s birthday, I got so jealous I had to buy 1 for myself. It’s not an infomercial knife, but the real deal and it’s price of 50 bolas is a steal. The construction is for real and can take a lickin’. I try not to leave home without it. This knife will not let you down.
So, just got this in the mail today as a birthday gift from my parents. I'm a big knife enthusiast and I have to say, they're not kidding when they say this thing is heavy duty. It's got a decent weight to it. The spring-assist on the one I received is a little slow, but I'm pretty sure that's just because of the preservative in the action yet. It's fairly balanced with a tight grip. There's a slot in the middle of the handle on either side that I'm not quite sure what the purpose is. The belt cutter is in a nice place. I've had other knives where it stuck out too much and you had to use caution when clipping it on your belt or into your pocket. Speaking of which, the belt clip is sturdy enough to where it shouldn't bend for a while with repeated use, however, the included nylon sheath would be a better bet for those that wear belts. Overall, an excellent addition to my collection and a much appreciated gift!