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Moretti Churchill Quad-Flame Lighter

The Moretti Churchill Lighter features a scorching hot quad-flame that will light hordes of cigars without blinking an eye. An oversized tank holds a massive amount of fuel, which can be seen through the large viewing windows. This thing is nearly impossible to drop with the rubberized coating, and if you forget your cutter, it has a flip out punch to get the job done.

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Moretti Churchill Quad-Flame Lighter BLACK RUBBERIZED In Stock $50.00 $24.50
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Customer Reviews of “Moretti Churchill Quad-Flame Lighter”
Lighter works great and I like the hidden punch on the bottom.
JS of Joliet, IL
Got this as part of a bundle. The lighter feels nice in your hand and I like the built in punch on the base. My only complaint is that the punch folds out at a 45 degree angle which makes punching a stick sort of awkward, but it's still very handy. Unfortunately, within a few uses, the lighter stopped cutting off the fuel feed after igniting. It didn't leak fuel, but even if I closed the lid after lighting it it would continue to feed fuel until empty. Luckily CI already has a replacement in the mail and was very nice about it. Stuff happens.
DM of Rohnert Park, CA
Hands down this is my favorite cigar lighter, yes I said cigar lighter. Most torch lighters might be good for cigarette smokers, but this lighter lights my cigar with ease and it lights the whole cigar. I hardly have to rotate my cigar when lighting my 50, 52, 54 ring cigars and it even lights my 60 ring cigars with no problems. It's the best lighter that I've used for the price. It holds enough fuel that I don't have to refill right away, and I always know how much fuel I have in the lighter. Guys this one's a good one.
Love it.
This lighter was full of surprises. I got it with the Christmas deal. It works every time. And it also has a cigar punch on the bottom. Brilliant.
DH of La Crosse, WI
Good quality lighter for a modest price. The super powerful quad torch is great for large ring gauge cigars, but a bit overkill for smaller ones. It does hold a lot of fuel, but I still top it off about every 2 - 4 lights because I prefer to toast my cigars. The punch cutter is a nice convenience, but I don't use it much. Overall I would recommend this lighter.
JG of Mount Royal, NJ