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Rockwell Sonic Torch Lighter

This lightweight, reliable lighter is wind-resistant and will certainly become your go to fire source with its powerful single-flame jet. It sports a durable full-metal casing with side ignition trigger and oversized flame adjustment wheel.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Sonic Torch Lighter - Black
BLACK LIGHTER In Stock $40.00 $19.99
Sonic Torch Lighter - Gun Metal
GUN METAL LIGHTER In Stock $40.00 $19.99
Overall Rating 2.83 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rockwell Sonic Torch Lighter”

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1 out of 5
Won't Ignite
Nice to look at and nice size but it wouldn't ignite. A bit disappointing. I would like to try one that works and I can bring more feedback to the review. No fault to CI, they've been great in my book!
5 out of 5
Great quality and service
CI always does a great job providing quality cigars and delivering them to my door promptly.
4 out of 5
Great lighter when it is free.
Can't beat the deal with Sancho Panza cigars. You get a free one with every box. I have about 9 of them now since I usually buy the little matadors and a box of La Mancha maduros for my real cigars. The lighters do take a bit of adjustment once in awhile since the knob is so big at the bottom, it turns easily. If the flame is not adjusted just right, it doesn't light properly, but a simple adjustment solves the problem. The best lighter I have gotten was the Bugatti triple torch lighter, also for free. They also had a Moretti quad torch lighter for free for awhile which was also excellent. Overall, for free you can't beat these things. All you need is some decent butane and they last long enough and work well enough. I don't think I would buy one though.
1 out of 5
Very low quality. Barely works when I try it. It was quite inexpensive, though.. Guess I just gave away a couple bucks to learn a lesson I already know. Ya get what ya pay for!
5 out of 5
This is the best cigar website!! Hands down!
1 out of 5
no good
Cheap lighter, worse than a disposable to light
Customer Testimonials
Nice lighter. I plan to get another.
Works great!
So far this lighter has been absolutely flawless. I got a deal on a black one from MMAO and Im thinking about shooting for a couple more to have around the house. I like that it won't ignite when held upside down(ensuring that you don't burn yourself) and it has a slightly broader flame than most lighters in its price range($15-20).
I got one of these as a gift for spending over $99 and liked it so well I bought a second one. So far it's as good as if not better than more expensive lighters I've purchased in the past.
The lighter has a nice feel; but I am all about function, and it simply is substandard. I had trouble with it from the beginning.
This was a freebie for ordering over $100 worth of stuff (like that's hard to do here). It has quickly become my favorite lighter. It lights the first time, and it stays lit, and it emits a strong, broad flame. Plus there's a coil above the flame nozzle that provides light to the area you're lighting. I actually logged on just to buy a couple more...which of course means I'll end up buying $200 worth of cigars I hadn't intended to buy....
This is a great lighter, a great feel in your hand, lights first time every time. Great buy for the price.