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Xikar Scribe Lighter

Xikar Scribe - the 'write' light.

Xikar has been designing top-notch cigar accessories built to last since 1997. With innovation, style and reliability crafted into every product, Xikar has become a household name synonymous with quality. Now, Xikar has extended their talents into the world of pipe lighters. Lighters designed to provide an effective and reliable light every time.

Resembling a pen, the Xikar Scribe is a slim and sleek pipe lighter designed to fit into your pocket. The Scribe features pull apart action - a term that sounds confusing - but trust me it's easy. Simply pull from either direction until you feel the distinct pop, this allows the butane to flow from the storage tank to the reliable flint ignition system. When you're done, push it back into place. This nifty feature will save your pockets from gas leakage and accidental ignition. Complete with pocket clip, and angled soft-flame, this pen look-a-like is surprisingly effective.
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Xikar Scribe Pipe Lighter - Burlwood

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