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Xikar Inpress Lighter

Fire, at the push of a button!

By now, most of you should be quite familiar with the various top of the line cutters Xikar has to offer. If not, I strongly suggest looking into them because you’re missing out. The company has extended their talents of top-notch, luxury cigar accessories into the realm of wind-proof, butane torch lighters. A series of inexpensive lighters to give you a quick and easy light every time.

The Xikar Inpress Lighter features a unique design - just push the large side button to reveal a powerful single-flame torch. It seems simply designed, with no frills, but therein lies it's beauty. Well-made, durable, and extremely reliable.
Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Xikar CI Inpress Lighter - Silver
SILVER Out of Stock $39.99 $25.00    
Xikar CI Smiley Inpress Lighter - Black
BLACK In Stock $39.99 $25.00
Xikar CI Smiley Inpress Lighter - Gun Metal
GUN METAL In Stock $39.99 $25.00
Xikar Inpress Lighter - Black
BLACK Out of Stock $39.99 $32.50    
Xikar Inpress Lighter - Gun Metal
GUN METAL In Stock $39.99 $32.50
Xikar Inpress Lighter - Silver
SILVER Out of Stock $39.99 $32.50    
Overall Rating 2.66666666666667 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Xikar Inpress Lighter”

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1 out of 5
Did not purchase an Xikar Lighter
The Xikar inpress lighter was returned for services as it stopped working. The guarantee was great....I received a new lighter...but it was not a Xikar, it was a Bugatti, which I love!
2 out of 5
only works half the time in absolutely no wind.
5 out of 5
xikar in press lighter
Got one as a package deal and it never worked right, was sent another free of charge which I think is great service. 2nd lighter worked better than the first for about a week...I threw both of them away as they were never dependable
Customer Testimonials
Got the lighter for free with one of the cigar deals. Filled it up with butane and it won't even hold a flame. I would recommend getting something else.
What a pleasant surprise. THE "Xikar Impress" lighter does impress. It has a nice single flame torch and it's windproof. A nice grip also helps but my favorite feature is my thumb doesn't get burned. The front and center ignition switch makes sure of that. Good deal. Oh yeah, if that's not has a lifetime guarantee. Later.
misfires alot, even used xikar butane but still misfires. sorry.
I've bought a Inpress XIKAR Lighter one year ago, it's a fantastic lighter. please keep on making such beautiful and strong lighter !!! You are the best.
I purchased one of these from another site and had some of the same issues with it that others have described: it misfired a lot. I even had issues with it not lighting at all. I drained it completely, though, and refilled it and figured out this little trick: turn the flame up a bit higher than you maybe would normally and it works like a charm. I did purchase a different lighter recently from here, and that one works wonderfully as well, but this is a great lighter, you just have to tweak with the flame level a bit for it to work properly. I recommend it as a great, inexpensive lighter from a great company.
Got this lighter at a reduced price with one of the cigar deals and it will not even light. Great for a paperweight. I recommend not buying this one.
Got this one for free and had some problems as described by others. Drained all fuel, blew off jet with air pressure, refilled with fuel, set flame to my preference, and guess what? I love this lighter! Thank You CI!
I bought the grab bag deal and recieved the lighter. I watched the video on how to fill all butane lighters on "you tube" and it worked perfect along with the other lighters in the bag. I would suggest that you watch it and make sure you are doing it right. Thank you CI
My favorite lighter of the 4 that I got in a CI grab bag. The way you are able to comfortably hold and point the flame towards the foot of the cigar with this light, and SEE what you're doing, make it superior.
Be sure you LOOK at this lighter before you press the button. It's easy to have it turned around so that the flame is pointing directly at your palm, especially in low light. I almost found this out the hard way.
Got this for free with an order. Like other reviews have said, it is finicky. It took some playing with the flame adjustment, but I did get it lighting consistently.
Got one of these and it would not light. Repeatedly tried the proper filling sequence using triple refined butane - but no luck. CI did issue a refund and I purchased a different lighter.
I got this lighter with a deal package. It worked great for a while then stopped. I took it apart and found the gas lever needed to be bent back some towards the push button and it has been firing on the first push everytime love this little lighter, want to get one that's in a black color. Thanks CI!
Got this lighter in a package deal, just like the rest of the reviews it hardly functioned. Clean the jet orifice with a q tip. Empty the fuel I had just put in, refill it. Runs like a champ every time. She just needed a tune up. Nice lighter!
I got this lighter for free with one of my orders, when I got it it wouldn't light at all, spark but no butane. Took it apart and found that the valve lifter was not where it was supposed to be, put it back on the valve and bent the lever and presto lights every time. While you shouldn't have to fix a lighter like that brand new It was free and now that it works I LOVE it and will be using it instead of my old stand by that cost me $70+.
This must be a hit and miss product. Like many others I received mine for spending enough money on an order to receive the lighter for free. Unlike many of the other reviews, mine works great. Fires 9/10 times and works wonderfully. Was worried initially after reading many negative reviews, but this lighter works great!
I would like to add to my previous review of this lighter to say that this is of no reflection on CI at guys are off the hook, as is your customer service
Great lighter and one of the best lighters I've had in years. I have 2 and they both work great and one of the comments below that said some bad things about it I suggest adjusting the flame and then you will love it.
I've had this lighter for a year now and it works great!
Not a bad lighter...if you don't mind giving it a little TLC when you get it in. Just blow it out with some can air, fill it with some butane, and PRESTO!! it works fine.
Cranky! Works great for 3 months, then stops working for two months, then works again for 3 months. I had four - threw two away. Due to that unreliability, and the varying size of the flame, a frustrating lighter that I cannot recommend.