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Xikar Executive Lighter Sale

Luxury that doesn't break the bank.

By now, most of you should be quite familiar with the various top of the line cutters Xikar has to offer. If not, I strongly suggest looking into them because you’re missing out. The company has extended their talents of top-notch, luxury cigar accessories into the realm of wind-proof, butane torch lighters. A series of inexpensive lighters to give you a quick and easy light every time.

The Executive was built with the following in mind: quality, functionality, sophistication and affordability. The sleek body of the Executive places the ignition button on the side for a more comfortable feel. The single action ignition opens the lid to reveal a dependable wind-proof flame.

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Xikar Executive - Black
BLACK Out of Stock $29.99 $12.49    
BLUE In Stock $24.99 $12.49
RED In Stock $24.99 $12.49

Customer Reviews of “Xikar Executive Lighter”

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Purchased mine at Cigar Fest 2011 and like a couple other reviewers I am disappointed with its performance. I am not a big fan of single flame, but for $19.99 I figured I would give it a try. Long before the foot of a cigar is properly toasted the flame peters out like the lighter is vapor locked. It takes several clicks to get it re-lit which really crimps on the joy of toasting up your favorite stick.
This lighter has really been a pleasure, by far the most reliable butane torch I've ever had. The finish has held up well, and as long as you bleed it now and then it lights everytime. Great torch for a great price.
Just threw mine away after 2yrs. Never was satisfied. The flame was sporatic. Company is great. Replaced one very quick. Just not happy with the ignition and flame. Lotus in comparison is fantastic.
dont be fooled, the brand may be xikar but this is not the high quality you expect from xikar, quality control may have been on vacation the week they made these lighters..its pure garbage..usually takes about 5 or 6 clicks to get it to feels cheap too, not solid like expected..luckily xikar has a great warranty so i will be exercising that feature very often with this lighter..take my advice and spend the extra $10 and get the perdomo thundra torch lighter..what i should have done and will do in a week
I bought my Xikar Executive almost two years ago and has been very dependable. It goes everywhere I go. I don't get one of the previous comments about having the lighter for two years and throwing it away because dependability or other issues. TWO years, hello!!, $19.95 plus it has a lifetime warranty. Well to each his own. Only drawback is that it has a small tank, but it is also a small lighter and fits very well in a herf-a-dor or pocket.
I have 6 of these lighters; one for each humidor and one as a carry lighter. They are excellent lighters. Bang for the buck...unbeatable. I did have one that blew a seal along the filler orific; XiKar replaced it without any questions.