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Jetline Slim Jim Lighter Sale

Light into a Slim Jim!

Jetline lighters are affordable, reliable, and highly functional. In fact, when it comes to price, few can compete with Jetline’s impressive lineup. Packing all the necessities, and a few frills too, these trustworthy lighters provide everything you need at wallet-friendly price.

Sorry no Macho Man Randy Savage endorsement here, but the good news is the Jetline Slim Jim is a slender and powerful lighter that fits almost anywhere. The Slim Jim is easy to hold, and slides in and out of your pocket with ease. Its single-flame jet works exceptionally well, thanks to the easy to operate thumb ignition. For added convenience the Slim Jim has a fold out punch cutter located in the base.

note:black features a rubberized body
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MSRP: $19.99 $9.79 In Stock
Jetline Slim Jim Lighter - Red
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Great lighter
What a nice compact lighter. Works well on first strike.
2 out of 5
no title
lighter is nice design nice in hand feel..and cutter is nice but i think something is not right i need to fill the lighter oftenalmost 48 -60 hours or lrss and also lighter wont keep flame it is very thin and sadly will just go out
5 out of 5
Customer Testimonials
Great little lighter. In it's price range it's the best lighter I've had. It's been dependable and it saved my butt when I left the house without a guillotine cutter. I nearly forgot that it had the punch cutter because it's very inconspicuous placement on the bottom of the lighter. The one thing that comes with its' small size is its' need for fuel every half dozen or so lights.
Received a few weeks ago. Ran out of fluid. Bought some and refilled the lighter. Now it will not light or stay lit when it does fire up. No instructions came with the lighter for guidance use. Not real happy with the lighter.
Excellent lighter for the price. lights every time and it might be a little inexpensive but its a good bargin