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Jetline C-45 Lighter

A 'C' horse.

Jetline lighters are affordable, reliable, and highly functional. In fact, when it comes to price, few can compete with Jetline’s impressive lineup. Packing all the necessities, and a few frills too, these trustworthy lighters provide everything you need at a wallet-friendly prices.

The C-45 has been the talk of the office, and the consensus is that it looks like a....seahorse. Sounds kinda wimpy, I know, but the design is actually highly efficient. Equipped with a dual-flame wind-resistant jet, the C-45 angles its flame so that you can see as you toast your cigar, making lighting a breeze. The Jetline C-45 also comes with a snazzy carrying case.
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Jetline C-45 Dual-Flame Lighter - Black
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