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Colibri Nascar Tread Lighter

With its rubberized 'tread' casing, fuel viewing window, locking lid, lanyard clip, and powerful single-flame torch, the Colibri NASCAR Tread lighter features all the necessary bells and whistles. It works like a champ, is compact and lightweight, and looks good too.

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Colibri Nascar Tread Lighter - Black BLACK Sale In Stock $19.95 $7.88
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Nascar Tread Lighter”
How is it that this cheap thing is the best and most reliable lighter I've ever used? I have a drawer full of fancy lighters and I always reach for this one.
DW of West Jordan, UT
Probably the best designed lighter on the market, easy fill, works in cool weather, and gives a perfect flame for cigars.
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
Hands down the best lighter I have ever used. The diffuser in the lighting chamber disperses the flame to the whole end of the cigar at once, resulting in a easy and quick light every time. Ordered 2, one is on the patio and the other is in my golf bag.
Can't get this lighter to produce a flame. Using Colibri Premium Butane but no flame. Attractive, light, easy to hold BUT NO FLAME!
This lighter works great, consistent light, windproof single-torch flame. Makes easy work of toasting the foot completely to get a nice even burn on my cigars. Works just as well as my expensive Bugatti triple flame and uses less fuel. Anyone having trouble getting yours to light, turn the flame adjustment up until you get a consistent light, then adjust down to the torch height you desire. Mine doesn't like to light at the minimum setting, but lights every time at about halfway adjustment. Also, for refilling, check out the Cigar 101 tutorial on torch lighter refilling and maintenance, be sure to purge completely before refilling, this may solve any problems you may be having with this or any other torch lighter. And as the fuel level gets lower you will need to turn the adjustment up. I have not had any problem completely burning through the fuel load before refilling is required. Good luck, this lighter definitely gets a buy recommendation from me, especially for the price.
CP of Edmonds, WA
This lighter is windproof, rainproof, and impact resistant. It's great for use while hiking, fishing, and most other outdoor activities. Try it, you'll like it.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
Really no reason to spend a lot of money on a lighter with this one available especially when on sale. Rugged, works great and the strap is actually very handy.
DO of jefferson city, MO
First one didn't work at all, CI sent me another and its worked great. Thanks CI!
JC of Goddard, KS
Great lighter. Highly recommend it. No fuss no hassle, pump in the fluid and your set. Cheers!
SC of Concord, ON
I have seen this lighter advertised many times, and I wish I had bought one earlier. Most of the lighters have been freebies with a cigar combo, or for buying a certain total. I got one of these for a heck of a price, along with another Nascar branded lighter for a buddy of mine. This is one AMAZING lighter. It fits well in my banged up hands, does not slip if my hands are damp or cold, and has a fantastic flame. For me, it's the best lighter I have ever had. Most cigar snobs will pass it up because of it's look, but looks don't light my cigars. I am definitely going to buy more of these for my own use and to give to friends. I just won't let them know the price I paid at CI !!
Works quite well. Good solid flame.
JB of Gainesville, VA
excellent little lighter. Works great for me, and fits my needs as a truck driver who likes to light up in the cab of my truck. Wind is no issue with this lighter.